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4.4 out of 5 stars
The Burning
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on May 22, 2004
i just got done reading this book i read all 3 they were sad but it was good now i'm reading the new fear it's good i'm just at the end of it then i have to read the next chapter The house Of whispers one thing i don't get in that book is that Angelica Fier is in it and she died in that fire did she like come back from the dead and even in that one book the daughters of silence both Simon and Angelica fier are in it. Did their souls like come back from the dead. they did do dark magic. i like reading these R.L Stine books i have almost everyone of them. they're good some are sad and some are funny too. hehehe :-D
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on August 23, 2001
It was began just a fire. Not just an ordinary fire. A fire that killed an innocent woman. It began with with 2 families: the Goode and the Fier. Susannah Goode was burned at stake with her mother. The 2 innocent women died because of fault accusation of being a witch, doing magic. Then the father of Susannah Goode, George, never forgave for what the Fier did. They took everything from him, money, his wife, his daughter. He set the curse on the Fier family. Jonathan Fier thought if a Goode and a Fier could be together the curse will break. He was wrong. Very wrong! Simon Fier thought if he change the last name Fier to Fear would end the curse. He was deadly wrong! Simon wants the beautiful Angelica Pierce than anything else in the world. He would do anything for her. Then the curse back again when a Goode appear. Nora know the family history. Can she stops the curse before it too late?
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on April 20, 1999
The Fear Street Saga: The Burning was the best part of the books of all! Especially about Simon Fear how he had escaped the curse for a little while by changing his spelling of his last name. It didn't work when his two daughter were at each other! And then when Daniel came to visit that his Granfather Simon and Grandmother Angelice went out of their minds. I like the romance when Nora and Daniel decided to hook-up. That was awesome. I like that the best, and when they sneak out to get marry, but then what was really sad was that Daniel had plemish with his grandparents in the fire! I hate that!
This book was absoutely great! I suggesty this book to all Fear Street lover who like different combinations of events. Go out and buy or borrow! This book is TIGHT!
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on July 17, 1999
I think this is the best out of the three. The end was so good. The story was well written. I felt I was in the book. There has to be a movie of this book. I loved the blood. I loved how a dude's head was crushed in the paddleboat. That was so cool. Read it. Love it. Buy it.
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on November 17, 1997
Nora's story drws to a close, as she tells the final, and scariest chapter in the Fear Street Saga. Here is where the Fear family meets it's firey end, and where the curse may have ended, but the terror just got started.
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on September 3, 1998
The best saga I've ever read. I felt like I was actually there. It's really nice to know the history of Fear Street. And I thought it was just a coincidence that weird things happened there!!!
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on November 12, 2016
I would recommend to people who likes The Author R. L. Stine. As I'm an adult that didn't read as a child. It's exciting to read, the suspense is awesome.
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on May 13, 1997
This one was the best out of all the sagas. I like finding out about the past of Fear Stree
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