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2.5 out of 5 stars

on June 20, 2012
I bought a Kyros about a week ago for my mother, so that she would be able to browse for recipes in the kitchen without requiring a laptop or desktop. After using it for a while myself, I will be returning it tomorrow.

When I opened the box, I thought I caught a whiff of something that smelled vaguely like burning solder, although I wrote it off as a "factory smell". The unit worked well out of the box, charged quickly, and I was able to quickly download and install some apps. However, as I used the tablet over the course of a few days, the "burning electrical component" smell lingered.

Besides the overpowering odor, I noticed that the screen in my unit had a dead pixel, although I won't rip on Coby for that. Despite its obvious flaws, I found navigating the device's physical user interface very frustrating: for instance, the "home" button is not the big shiny button on the bottom of the display bezel (that's a "back" button) rather, it is located on a volume rocker-type button to the right of the screen. On the topic of the screen, the coating that Coby puts on their touchscreens is not very good. I found myself fumbling around awkwardly with my fingers, trying to press the right amount to make web pages scroll, but at the same time drag my finger across the sticky screen. After a while, the finger oils built up on the screen and make it difficult to perform gestures. For the same reason, the screen became distorted, and (especially) small text became increasingly difficult, if not impossible to read. Regardless, I found the device fit comfortably in my hands (for at least as long as I could bear to use it due to the smell), and the screen was adequately-sized. I am not a fan of Coby's decision to include a non-USB charger: the Kyros has a microUSB port, but the device can only be charged using the included AC wall charger, which plugs into a 2.5mm port beside the power button.

The application performance of the Kyros was not stellar, but that is to be expected for a sub-$200 tablet, in my opinion. Browsing via the stock Android web browser was not painful, but not phenomenal either: it seemed to handle pages like Facebook and Amazon fairly well, but stumbled over Flash content occasionally (again, to be expected). Youtube playback works as expected with the built-in app, and the device can stream 480p content without problems. I did not test HD video playback, but I suspect that it would put some definite strain on the Kyros' Cortex A8 processor. Access to apps is restricted to the "Appslib" market, but it is trivial to add in support for the official Android Market (use any of the guides for Coby tablets, they all work the same).

Overall, the Kyros MID-7022 is a reasonable product, but the defects of my unit and its passable performance net it a two-star review in my books. I would not consider buying this product again, nor would I purchase any other "commodity" Android tablet (lesson learned).
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on January 2, 2012
I purchased 3 Coby Kyros Mid7022 for my children for Christmas. The tablet itself is a good piece of equipment; however, the Appslib "market" is terrible. I attempted to download some app's and games onto each tablet before Christmas and never was able to obtain access. I called Coby on December 22nd to ask what was happening and I was told someone would call me back with in 2 business days and I've still not received a call back (today is January 2nd)
I assume if I could have accessed the Appslib application I may not have been so frustrated with this product. If Coby choices to offer only this application to access app's and games I can not recommend this product to anyone. If I had known how difficult and frustrating it would have been to access the Appslib application, then I must say I would have passed on this tablet and picked one that offers the android market instead.
If you don't need/want any games or app's then for the price this tablet is great - but the support and access to any extra area is lacking.
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