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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this Columbo set. My only problem was that, by 1990, the series was a little stale or predictable. That said, there's a ton of pure Columbo to enjoy here, and the stories are still well-written enough to enjoy on their own. So while this isn't my favorite Columbo set, it is still heads and shoulders above most of the other mystery shows out there. It contains:

* Columbo Cries Wolf

One of my favorite, whereby Columbo uses some serious deception to capture his killer.

* Agenda for Murder

I read that Peter Falk for the inspiration for this one after a trip to his dentist's office. It's a fun episode starring the Columbo-staple Patrick McGoohan who returns as a villain once again.

* Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo

This one is a little predictable in terms of plot, but I found the writing was very well done. Almost an "alternate reality" Columbo that I enjoyed for all the little details it revealed about Mrs. Columbo.

* Uneasy Lies the Crown

This one, like the last episode (Columbo goes to college), has Columbo struggling to adapt to modern technology, but in the end, he gets the job done as he nabs the killer dentist. Knowing the trivia tidbit above, it's funny that an episode with its plot inspiration by his dentist was followed by an episode with a killer dentist!

* Murder in Malibu

This reminds me of a better episode where a wife goes missing, only to return alive, then dead again. Entertaining in spots, this is actually one of the weaker episodes as Columbo doesn't seem to break much of a sweat cracking this case.

* Columbo Goes to College

Columbo is up against a couple of tech-saavy frat boys in this episode. The plot is a little far-fetched, as is the killers complete disregard of Columbo. I guess frat boys can be dumb, but laughing outside a window at Columbo is such a bad idea even the dumbest college student should realize it. Columbo is at his best in terms of acting, but the writing on this episode was relatively weak compared to the other episodes, or earlier Columbo episodes.

So there you have it. It wouldn't get my nod for the best Columbo set ever, but it certainly is six episodes of good-great mystery TV that tops most of what's out there today.
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"Columbo" is a murder mystery television series, starring Peter Falk (1927 to 2011) as Lieutenant Columbo, a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department.

This series popularized the inverted detective story format or "HowdHeCatchem" format where in almost every episode began by showing the commission of a murder by a killer. There is no "WhoDunIt" element.

The plot mainly revolves around the killer or killers, whose identity is already known to the audience, and how he, she, or they will be caught and exposed.

Columbo is a friendly, verbose, dishevelled-looking detective (his trademark attire is a rumpled raincoat over a suit and tie) of Italian decent who is consistently underestimated by his suspects. He has increasingly irritating, pestering behaviour with those he thinks committed the crime. Columbo has certain unforgettable catchphrases (one which titles this review).

The episodes were broadcast from (1968 to 1978) and from (1989 to 2003). There were 69 (45 + 24) episodes in total.

This collection contains the six episodes that were televised in the year 1990. Some of these episodes vary from the format indicated above. The titles of these episodes and my brief impression of them are given below:

(1) Columbo Cries Wolf: good
(2) Agenda for Murder: the best of the six in my opinion

(3) Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo: interesting but unrealistic
(4) Uneasy lies the Crown: good

(5) Murder in Malibu: not very good, seems too scattered
(6) Columbo goes to College: good

The first five episodes had a thirty-second preview before a particular episode began. I personally did not like this preview and thought it was great that it was finally eliminated by the sixth episode.

In each episode, the screen goes black for a second or two between scenes.

The menu system on this collection can be frustrating. I've found that the fastest way to get back to the main menu after you've played a particular episode is to begin playing an episode and then press "top menu" on your remote.

Finally, there are no extras with this collection (that was released in 2009).

In conclusion, this collection gives you a chance to see the legendary Peter Falk play the equally legendary trench coat-wearing Lieutenant Columbo. Oh! "Just one more thing." (I'm kidding! This is another Columbo catchphrase.)

(1990; 9.5 hr; 6 episodes; 1 hr, 35 min per episode; 3 discs; 2 episodes per disc; full screen)

<<Stephen Pletko, London, Ontario, Canada>>

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on April 25, 2010
My mother and I both enjoy watching the Columbo mysteries and are quite happy to own seasons 1-7 on DVD. We where looking forward to owning the episodes from 1990, which in our opinion, include some of the best episodes in the Columbo series. Unfortunately, we have so far been unable to enjoy the 1990 Movie Collection as the DVDs have had flaws in them that cause the movies to stall in playback.

At first we assumed that we simply got a dud, but we have since tried three more sets and all have been defective with flaws and scratches seen on the disks that where in factory-sealed packaging. Perhaps it was a bad batch, but on the other hand, the DVDs where purchased from three different stores.

Another thing that potential buyers may wish to consider is that there is no on-screen option to go back to the main menu from the episode menus. We own a LG DVD player/recorder and it took us some time to figure out which button to press in order to switch to the main screen as the screen could not be changed by pressing the Menu button, and even hitting the stop button twice would not work to reset the menu screens. Our remote includes a "Title" button that is grouped with recording options, but it does work to return to the main menu. I am not sure if other machines will have a similar function.

Hopefully our experience will help other Columbo fans.
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on January 7, 2013
Can't wait to get the rest of Columbo in his TV series or other movie collections. If you've seen Peter Fallk in this role, you don't need to read my review to know he fascinates each and every time. Here the mystery is not "whodunit"? But "How's he gonna prove it"? I can watch his devious little ploys to get his man, over and over again.
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on June 14, 2013
Peter folk he goes to the crime scene to see what happen to people that killed and he finds out the truth how kill the person. and he funny because all his fan laugh a lot. You need to see all his T.V. shows 7 season. He past away he will be miss be his fans. Will love you Peter folk fan Francine
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on June 1, 2014
Just love it, all of the movies in all of the collection are just what I was looking for, loved Peter Falk in all of is movies and I also have all of the seasons from 1 to 7
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on July 16, 2016
Columbo is the classic detective series that all the other shows need to try and live up to.
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on August 12, 2014
Good quality, great price, delivered promptly. All you could ask for.
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on September 7, 2015
I think the new episodes are better than the old ones.
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on August 9, 2015
If you like Colombo,this is a good movie collection!
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