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Conflict: Global Terror - PlayStation 2

Platform : PlayStation2
Rated: Mature

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  • For the PlayStation2
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Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation2
  • ESRB Rating: Mature Mature
  • Media: Video Game
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  • ASIN: B000ARJI92
  • Release Date: Oct. 8 2005
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  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #20,208 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes
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Product Description

Conflict Global Terror [PlayStation2] For the PlayStation2

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews on (beta) 4.4 out of 5 stars 16 reviews
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Good July 8 2006
By LER - Published on
Verified Purchase
I'd say that this game is a pretty good game overall. It could use some minor additions/changes, but it's otherwise solid.

I liked the "Contextual orders" you could give; meaning that if you move your cursor over an enemy's weapon you could order one of your squadmates to pick it up and other things like that.(plant C4, use a certain object, etc.) Also, the fact that you could save while in-mission was nice. That way you didn't have to repeat the whole mission over again if you screwed up one part. The game also was realistic in that you always had to use a fair amount of teamwork to accomplish the missions. That and once your health dropped to 0 you were "MIA" and your teammates had a small amount of time to heal you with a medkit and restore your health. If they didn't heal you, you'd die and the mission would fail. The fact that you could switch your control of individual teammates also helped. One minute I could be Bradley firing at the enemy and then I could switch to Jones and plant some C4 while the computer was then controlling Bradley. And the AI was pretty good too. Enemy took cover behind boxes, tried to outflank you and stuff like that.

The only thing I really didn't like was the fact that medals and stuff like that were dependent upon your grade at the end of the mission, which was only really dependent upon how many enemy you've killed. I could've never went MIA, shot a teammate and done everything right, but if I only killed 20 guys I'd get a "D" as my mission score. Of course, conversely, I could be going MIA every 5 minutes, but if I'd kill 100 guys I'd get an "A". That seemed a little out of touch with how I actually performed the mission. Also, I was annoyed that in 3rd person view my cursor would turn red(indicating I could shoot an enemy), but I would really be shooting into the box I was hiding behind. That was annoying, but it can be dealt with. Overall, it's a good game(especially for $20).
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Deserving Member of the `Conflict' Series Feb. 23 2007
By C. Chow - Published on
Verified Purchase
Our favorite Gulf War vets Bradley, Connors, Foley, and Jones are back to fight global terrorism in South America, Korea, and Eastern Europe. Most players will be well versed in the `Conflict' series and `Global Terror' is full of new challenges. If you are new to the `Conflict' series this should NOT be your first game. You may find it too challenging even on "easy" mode.

What `Conflict' fans really want to know is, how does the playability of `Global Terror' differ from the other games? The game makers continually enhance the playability of `Conflict'. Some of their new ideas work and others do not.

Different Distribution of Weapons and Ammo: Unlike the other `Conflict' games your characters are LIMITED in the number of weapons they can carry. They may ONLY carry 2 long barreled weapons and only one handgun. To make things more desperate they have a SMALL amount of ammo, grenades, and morphine. As a `Conflict' veteran I could get my boys through an entire mission with plenty of ammo to spare. With `Global Terror' no matter how efficiently you conserve your ammo you will run out about 1/3 through the mission. Your only hope for salvation is the fact that you can now RECOVER enemy weapons. Hence AK47s are plentiful.

Missions Are More Playable: At last the game makers have made the missions less complicated. `Global Terror' is more like the original `Desert Storm' the missions are very basic, get your boys from point A to point B in one piece. There are no silly missions involving hunting down some computer or hostage. Yes, `GT' has hostages but they are easy to keep alive. You'll also notice there is very little enemy armor, so you don't have to worry about being run over. There are only one or two tanks or APCs per mission.

Save At Any Point During Play: No more headaches of repeating uncompleted missions again and again. You can save at ANY point! Finally!

Advanced Weapons: The boys have new toys. The big one is infer red vision in addition to night vision. Infer red allows you to see heat. This is VERY useful is ANY mission. In the jungle or the city the enemy can't hide. You'll only need to turn it off in order to see detail like a door or window. In addition to the usual weapons, Bradley has new XM rifles, there are also Mac 10 submachine guns, and a drum fed shotgun. There are new pistols. Bradley has an HK Mark 23 .45 and Foley has a Berretta 93R 9mm set to a three round burst. Connors still has his Desert Eagle but try to ditch it for a superior enemy Glock 18 or FN 5.7mm.

Enhanced Graphics: Yes there is substantial improvement in detail and picture quality. Always nice.

No Auto Aim: This is a big change and a negative one in my opinion. Experienced solders would instinctively aim at enemy targets but now you must manually aim the crosshair over the target. This is very annoying as an enemy will be only 1 foot from you and you can't hit him. I takes awhile to get used to.

Grenades Are Useless: I have NO idea what they were thinking but you have far fewer grenades and those you do are as useful as firecrackers. Even Bradley's 40mm can't create an explosion. Your trusty smoke grenades are also useless. My car produces more smoke. (But as I said there is little armor so you have no need for them to C4 vehicles.)

Characters Are More Agile: At last, now you can peek around corners. This is a huge improvement! You can now also climb over boxes or through windows. Climbing is neither a plus nor a minus. If the game makers wanted to create an entrance they could simply have created a door.

As I've been playing `Global Terror' for 48 hour, yes it's a lot of fun. Overall more playable for the `Conflict' series once you get used to the changes. After the disaster that was `Conflict: Vietnam' where the Three Stooges goof off in the jungle I was pessimistic about he future of the `Conflict' genre but `Global Terror' is days of fun.

A Few Tips: As there is a new distribution of weapons and ammo, it's better to have one weapon and lots of ammo than two weapons low on ammo. Your ammo will run out no matter how careful you are. Have each character use just one gun until it is empty then switch to another. This way you're not over burdened by a weapon low on ammo. AK47s and Uzis are plentiful so start building up a back up supply from beginning. Give Bradley and Jones Uzis, and Connors and Foley AK47s. If you come across any machine guns or RPGs give to Connors. Don't divide them up like you used to. Do not try to give everyone the same type of weapon. Consolidate so you have more ammo. Ditch all sniper rifles right from the start, unlike `Desert Storm' there are NO long range targets so there is NO use for a sniper rifle no matter how good it is.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Conflict series game yet. Jan. 15 2006
By andrew - Published on
This is easily the best Conflict series game yet. Bradley, connors, jones and foley are back with their same main skills, and some added weapons/technology. Notably foley's automatic handgun is great as he can now be useful in close quarters.

There are several notable additions to the gameplay but my favorite is the thermal/IR vision, its especially handy when theres a lone sniper thats difficult to locate or a room full of enemies. This game has a ton of enemies, the ai is better, still not perfect but definitely better. Its not unlikely to have that endless enemy scenario where if you sit in a room the enemies will keep coming in for 30 minutes but if you leave the room there aren't any around. Makes for good target practice and makes you play more aggressively.

The first mission has the enemies all saying 'are you the man por favor?!" which is ridiculously entertaining. They seem to have put a lot of effort into differentiating the enemies based on the location of the mission.. which as you may have guessed, travels the globe.

The weapons are definitely improved, laser sights at first seems cool but I have yet to find a good use for them. Its easy to pick up your dead enemies weapons and if you do you'll end up with one weapon at least with a ton of ammo.. which is at times necessary because your teammates are rather trigger happy if you dont tell them to stand down. .. there are various types of grenades and you get more weapons to start with than the previous conflict games.

Fans of the series will be pleased, apparently socom fans dont like it too much!? whatever, its a good game, my favorite since desert storm 2. (didnt like conflict vietnam very much).

My only gripe with the game is that the enemies all seem to have bulletproof skin, you can shoot a guy five times in the head at times just to have him lob a grenade at you. Tricky at first but after awhile you not only get used to it but make up for it by improving your stealth and crossfire techniques.

There is an online feature which allows you to play the missions with an online teammate, however it seems to be limited to the missions. I would like to see a team vs. mode in the future.

The replay value of this game makes it well worth the price.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Greatest co-op shooter ever!!! Jan. 2 2008
By Michael Davis - Published on
If you are looking for a great coop shooter look no further. the new conflict game is awesome and is one of my favorite games. you play as four characters (squad leader, machine gunner, demoltions expert, and sniper) and can switch between all of them. they all have different weapons and skills and you need all of them to complete your mission. you can give orders to any squad mate to follow, stand still, fire at will, hold fire, pick up weapon, climb things, plant c4, move to specific location, protect squad mate or ally, heal squad mate, kill target and many others. you can get thermal and night vision to help you and you have lazer sights. the most fun is the co-op mode where you each control two of the squad members. improvements from later games include healing w/o switching to med packs, granade quick throw, ability to cook grenades, more sofisticated commands, thermal vision, and much more. Not to mention foaly goes missing in the begining and is replaced with a girl with a much better secondary weapon (not that i don't miss foaly). overall a great game and i recomend all of the other conflict games as well
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The best of the Conflict series by far. Aug. 18 2006
By Julian A. Tascon - Published on
Conflict: Global Terror has to be by far the best of the Conflict games for a few reasons. First, the extra touches that have been added to the game are very useful and make the game much more focused on getting your mission done. This game has removed the entire need for going in your menu, selecting a medkit and healing your team. Instead, you can just walk up to them and heal them while keeping your weapon at the ready. Also, you can point to ammo left by the enemy or in found weapon caches and command your team mate to pick it up. This option works in other various ways like guarding someone or mounting a machine gun emplacement. These subtle things make it much easier to make your way through the game. Also, the auto aim feature has been completely removed, some people may see that as a bad thing, but manually aiming at the enemy is not as hard as in the previous Conflict games and adds a sense of realism. Graphically, this game is slightly better than the previous Conflict games as to be expected. I recommend playing this game with 1-3 other friends.

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