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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on May 8, 2004
Rutger Hauer has never been in a bad film as far as I know, at least not all bad. This is another good one. Here, he plays his usual character: tough, laconic, and always with one more surprise waiting.
It's a "save the universe" adventure with a mystical/magical accent. There's a baffled good guy - even his mother keeps him in the dark. There's a mysterious babe who recruits him into he knows not what. There are bad guys who pop up in surprising places, and this movie's places are more surprising than most. And there's Rutger. His presence is pretty much a guarantee of quality entertainment.
This film shows good workmanship throughout, good effects without going to excess, and good choreography in the bloodless fights. If you're looking for fine art or deep philosophy, you're looking for something this film never meant to give. This is an action movie, that's all. With Hauer, it's a very good action movie. Enjoy it accordingly.
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on December 14, 2002
Do not expect a 6 stars film . This is not a " Fifth Element " or "Total recall ". But how many sci-fi movies are ? If you don't expect too much - a solid 4 stars sci-fi film with a lot of very good visual affects and interesting twists with all kind of dementions mixed up on mother Earth . I did enjoy it and proud to admit it .
A high school kid didn't know that his father was warrior from a Kindom , ruling most of the dementions on Earth . The day came ...and he had to find out his real meaning in this world . And I don't think he was sorry ! If you a sci-fi fan - defenatly check it out .
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on November 22, 2001
For a B-movie, this was not bad over all. The story was engaging and not total hollywood shlok. While it was no Star trek or 5th element, it was one of the better low buget sci-fi movies. This was more of a B+ movie then just a B-movie. A little bigger buget and maybe this could have gone some where...who knows. Over all I think this is a fun film, and you should give it a try.
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on February 9, 2004
I have always been a fan of Rutger Hauer even though he has often wasted many opportunities by starring in films far beneath his abilities. Still, Hauer falls into that essential category of actors, along with the likes of Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman, James Garner, and several others, who consistently turn in excellent performances even in the worst of films. If you want to see Hauer hit a homerun in a role, check out his turn as a German police officer in the made for cable film "Fatherland." The part where he tells his young son the story about the watchmaker is one of the most moving, mesmerizing scenes ever filmed. If you wish to see Hauer slumming his way through a movie, but still doing a great job, check out the nifty, straight to video science fiction actioner "Crossworlds." I first saw this movie on HBO back in the late 1990s, and always liked it for some vague reason I could never put my finger on. When I had the opportunity to view it again recently after not seeing it for five years or so, I still found it immensely entertaining.
Josh Charles plays Joe Talbot, a down on his luck type of guy who never seems to get a break. He spends most of his time fretting about girls--not unusual for a guy in his early twenties--and dealing with his two raucous friends Steve and Stu (with Jack Black in the role of boisterous Steve). At a party thrown by mutual acquaintances, Talbot spots an intriguing blonde woman staring at him from across the room. She disappears soon after only to reappear later in Talbot's room in time to warn him about some sort of calamity about to occur. It turns out this woman, Laura (Andrea Roth), is an agent for some extra-dimensional rebel group out to stop a very evil man from gaining possession of a powerful object. Predictably, Joe has this object, a crystal, on a necklace he wears everywhere he goes. Why? The gem was a gift from his father, an explorer and adventurer who died mysteriously during an excursion to an Albanian castle many years ago. Well, the same guy who wants the crystal from Joe also killed the young man's father for the same reason. This man's name is Ferris, who is some sort of powerful wizard with a smart mouth and a touchy ego, and he wants the crystal because it will allow him and his armies to conquer multiple worlds in different dimensions.
Joe Talbot ends up fleeing through various weird worlds with Laura when Ferris sends his henchman after the hapless duo. The two heroes meet up with A.T. (Rutger Hauer), a one-time associate of Ferris who ultimately rebelled against the idea of conquering other worlds and joined the resistance. The three set out on a mission to stop Ferris and save the world(s). Lots of slightly corny hijinks occur, like sudden shifts into other dimensions, Hauer hamming it up as a cynical master type trying to instruct the kiddies on how to wage intergalactic war (which apparently involves drinking lots of coffee and tapping the desert floor with a stick while chanting like an Indian), and the amiable insults issuing from the mouths of the characters. Ferris, his toady Rebo (!), Joe, Laura, and A.T. all yuck it up on a regular basis. Director Krishna Rao spices up his film with some explosions and lots of gunfire. A few special effects even pop up from time to time, the best one being a scene in which Talbot, Laura, and A.T. find themselves in an elevator that suddenly falls apart into a bottomless chasm. It's all an illusion, of course, but listening to A.T. trying to convince Joe and Laura not to believe in it is amusing.
"Crossworlds" is definitely a low budget flick. Some of the special effects look slightly cheesy, the dialogue isn't always top notch, and using a red lens to portray a desert as another dimension--with the never explained ability to make Charles's character violently ill, no less--is unintentionally funny. But the performances, especially from Josh Charles and Rutger Hauer, are solid. Jack Black does his usual over the top shtick a few years before he made it big, making a small mark on the film even though he only appears for a few minutes. The script regrettably relegates Andrea Roth's Laura character to the role of eye candy, requiring her to run around in a little skirt and essentially act as an intermediary between the verbal sparrings of Hauer and Charles. Sure, the movie tends to confuse the first time you watch it, but subsequent viewings will clear up things a little bit. Obviously, there are plot holes here, some the size of Montana, but who cares? "Crossworlds" still manages to entertain for ninety minutes, and that's enough for me.
The DVD edition lacks any substantive extras outside of the obligatory trailer and a fullscreen or widescreen option. "Crossworlds" isn't Rutger Hauer's best film role, not by a long shot, but even when he sleepwalks through his role--and let's be fair, he does sleepwalk here--he still runs rings around everyone else. I have seen numerous online critics viciously attack this movie as unwatchable low-grade schlock. Well, they are wrong. "Crossworlds" is definitely worth a rental and will probably surprise more often than it disappoints. Enjoy!
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on June 21, 2015
I regard "Crossworlds" as a pleasant surprise, when it comes to fantasy/action movies. This wasn't a big budget film, and it may have a look of a "Made for TV" movie, but, the movie is quite enjoyable. Afterall, it stars Ruger Hauer (one of my all-time favorite actors) the main reason I bought the movie. But all the performances are good and, more importantly, it is not a boring movie. I mean, even Jack Black is in it (just a few scenes, which is enough for me). Another "Hidden Gem" of a movie for me. Never heard of this movie, but, it sounded interesting (and Ruger was in it) so I decided to take a chance and purchase it. Good choice.
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on October 12, 1999
I bought the DVD on the basis of the reviews herein. Unfortunately, the nice idea was spoiled by poor execution. The fights have the worst telegraphed and pulled punches I have seen, and the plot is full of holes you could drive a very large thing through. I think I understood why the central character was involved, but lost the plot when the prize (the staff and the crystal) were lost but the fighting still carried on. This wasn't helped by the loss of lipsynch about 2/3rds of the way through on my Sony 725. My first mistake on DVD
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on May 17, 2004
This is a film you can enjoy watching more than once...
There are visual twists to the story that are interesting and I found myself thinking about aspects of the film months after first viewing it...
Rutger Hauer does an excellent job, and the action just keeps rolling.
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on May 27, 1999
This movie was a little surprising to me. I didn't actually think I would like it as much as I did but once it started, it kept me captivated til the end. Rutger Haur and Josh Charles do well in this movie but what really kept me into this movie was the talented Andrea Roth. Not only is she beautiful but I feel she will be very recognizable for her acting really soon. A fresh, new and up-and-coming star! Check out this Sci-Fi flick! Very highly recommended.
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on September 16, 2001
ok yes it was on the low buget side but that doesnt make it any less great!! the preformences were very good and it didnt have bad speacial effects for a "low buget " flickthe plot was interesting and kepts a persons attetion beside "joe" adorble and great actor... "AT" lol funny great guy :) and "laura" can i have the boots??
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on November 9, 1999
I thought this movie was terrible. Low-budget is no excuse for a poor script and acting. I can't believe they got Rutger Hauer to be in this turkey, must have spent the whole budget on his salary.
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