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Danger in the Shadows
Format: Paperback|Change
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on December 4, 2012
This is my favourite book series of all time. This is the prequel which I read after all the others. I've read this series a few times and have them all. I'll never give them up. There is drama, humour, romance - everything. You become so attached to these characters that they are like friends or family.
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on May 12, 2017
Great story, great author. She draws you in and keeps you entertained. Great lesson on trusting the Lord in all things
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on July 27, 2017
Le livre est en très bon état et il a été livré dans les dates.
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on December 4, 2017
Enjoyed it also
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on July 18, 2017
Suspenceful! Great story.
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on March 27, 2012
Dee Henderson is a favourite author in our house & we really enjoy her O'Malley Series, of which this is the prequel.

25 years ago Sara Richman was kidnapped along with her twin sister Kim & held for ransom. 9 days later they were found, Sara alive, Kim dead. One of the kidnappers was found & jailed. The other has been stalking Sara ever since. Her older brother Dave has trained as a FBI Special Agent & is lead on her protection detail. A life of anonymity is one Sara has to lead to stay secure. So getting interested in a famous football player is not a good idea.

A chance meeting in a lift that stops because of a power cut, Adam is interested in this beautiful woman with a haunted past. She pushes away hard, but Adam wants to know her & help her through whatever is bothering her. As the enormity of what Sara has to deal with comes to light, Adam is determined to be there for her despite the difficulties. Sara has had to give up so much; he doesn't want her to give up her dream for love.

This audio book version of "Danger in the Shadows" has been abridged fairly well & Matilda Novak is a good narrator - a big plus for me where audio books are concerned! Also there is music in lots of places to give atmosphere; & sound effects - footsteps, dog barking, phone ringing, thunder clapping, to name a few - which help to bring the story alive. Whether you're resting due to ill health, doing household chores or travelling in the car; this fast-paced, faith & action filled audio book is enjoyable to listen to over & over again!
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on June 16, 2001
I'm officially a Dee Henderson fan, after just one book! Unlike some other reviewers, I found this to be a very quick read. It could have been shorter if some of the descriptive and introspective paragraphs were spliced out, but I personally wouldn't want them to be. Ms. Henderson uses description to enhance, rather than stifle, her story; and it's refreshing to read a novel this thick in which neither suspense nor romance is slighted by the other. She has a pleasing writing style (despite a slight tendency toward comma splices) that makes reading her stories feel like vacation, not work. In addition, both Adam and Sara are likable, decently developed characters that carry their story well. Sara's fear and flawed relationship with God actually strengthens her as a sympathetic heroine. I grew to love and understand Sara, and the two "parts" of her personality (Sara Walsh and H.Q. Victor) is a wonderfully haunting way to explain the impact the kidnapping had on her. And for those who complain that there is too much romance and not enough time developing the Bad Guy, please remember this is the Palisades Romance Series, not the Dangerous Shadows Series. Go into these books *expecting* romance, and when one of them (like this one) delivers so much more, you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised.
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on May 21, 2003
Sara has spent the last twenty five years of her life in fear of the man that kidnapped her and her twin sister, Kim, when they were six years old. Over the years she has changed her name countless times as well as her home for one of the kidnappers was never caught. She can never forge lasting friendships for the fear that she will put anyone else in danger. Then one night she meets Adam Black, a once famous football player and now a huge voice in the sports world.
Adam has never met anyone like Sara. When he finds out what her life is really like, all he wants to do is protect her. As time goes on and he realizes that they will never have a normal life, he turns to God for answers. What he finds in his heart is that he will do anything to stay apart of Sara's life.
The suspense in this book was very good and I really like the character of Dave. I have read books where there are references to God, but this was almost too much for me. There was zero sexual tension between the two characters, which I like reading in a romantic suspense. Their love was almost too pure if that's possible. Overall, I did enjoy it.
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on November 10, 2002
I was looking for Christian novels, and after reading some by Gansky, Alcorn and other top-notch writers, I came across the rave reviews for this book.
The bad: It was very low-brow. I feel it would appeal most to a young teenage girl. The characters were completely unbelievable, and the plot was beyond unbelievable.
The good: Why did I give it 3 stars? People who read romances would no doubt enjoy this book. The pace is fast and there is a great deal of suspense. It has a happy ending, which is a plus. It also apparently is like a prequel to the O'Malley series, which begins with the story of the brother introduced in this book. (I haven't read any of the O'Malley series, but it is evidently popular with the same people who liked this book.)
I don't like to write negative things in a review. My intent is not to discourage anyone who likes romances and extremely easy reading suspense stories from a 100% feminine point of view. I only want to mention that for someone looking for a serious Christian novel, and who is used to more sophistication than you'll find here, this book would be a disappointment.
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on June 27, 2000
As this is my first inspritational romance I have come to learn that Ms Henderson is sure to become the benchmark for all other authors to emulate. This offering is one of those books you can't put down and lingers with the reader well after the last page leaving a uplifting warmth absent in other romances . In the past inspirationals equalled a story rift with Christian messages, as if one could pack a romance around a sermon. However, this offering from Ms Henderson is what classic romance is all about: wonderful characters discovering a special love as a sinister element intent on destroying it looms ahead. They rely on their own personal strength with God and each other to pull them thru. There are no preachy messages here but a perfect example of a love of each other and their relationship with their maker. Dee Henderson is an author to watch as each of her next books are as special as this one, each with a romance which reveals not only love for each other but their God as well. BRAVA ! The best of romance in any subgenre!
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