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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on December 6, 2003
I really liked this book. I am an avid reader and would recommend adding this book to your must read list. Another book that really impressed me is Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life - Tools to Connect, by Tiffany Snow, pub. 2003. In this time of increasing awareness for the need to help our relationships, workplace, family, self and environment, these two books are at the forefront of giving us the tools to do so - not only by positive reinforcements, but in the case of "Psychic Gifts," showing we have a Divine birthright to access the supernatural in our lives, and how to tap into that. I encourage you to Keep Reading, apply what you learn, and be a force for good in your part of the world.
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on March 10, 2003
After being completely engrossed in these tapes for a whole day, I've realised what a great medium and teacher John Edwards really is. His tapes are very simple and take you step by step through the whole process of meditating and also connecting with angels and guides. The meditation tape raised my spiritual awareness to a completely different level. His sedating voice takes you all the way through the meditation from lowering your breathing to start with, to visualising your own psychic room and then bringing you back again. The psychic defense tape shows you how affirmative thoughts can effect your life. John Edwards gives you some very good tips and excersises to help you do this. There are six tapes within this programme and i feel that each tapes helps to enlighten you in a different way. John Edward explains about different psychic tools you can use e.g. psychometry, crystal gazing and rune casting to name a few. The last tape in this pack is advice on how to conduct a psychic session. This was very helpful to me because he raises lots of issues concerning how you give the information you are receiving to the sitter These tapes are now invaluable to me as part of my continuous training to become more spiritual and also in my quest to be a psychic medium. I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants to enhance their level of spiritual awareness.
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on December 26, 2002
I started by watching John while I was off of work for two weeks after having my tonsils out. My husband loves the SciFi channel and I was too lazy and in pain to get up to change the channel. At first I was a little skeptical - come on?! Some guy on the SciFi channel is really talking to deceased love ones? Sure. I'll believe that! *ahem* But soon after I started actually getting into it - he really knows his stuff.
If you have ever watched Crossing Over, and enjoyed the way John talks to the people he is reading - straight forward, sarcastic (but in a good, entertaining way)- that is the same way he explains things in this series. He tells you personal anticdotes and asks you to really think things over for yourself.
I recieved the CD version so I could just skip to the practical exercises. (My husband gave me it for Xmas!)First you hear some hokey music. I'm sorry; I'm glad that's all there was of that. Then John starts to talk on the topic of what the CD partains to. After he talks about the topic, he starts the exercises. I've only made it through the meditation and I skipped ahead and listened to him talk about all the topics first. It's easy to listen to; no chanting or ritualistic things that I would have to laugh out loud at.
The good part about the CDs is that you can just punch in the number track you need to get right to the exercises. Developing your ability takes time and lots of practice (like anything worth doing well) and John helps you with recommendations and helpful hints. I really liked this. It was a GREAT Xmas gift!
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on August 31, 2002
If you have ever had psychic experiences (I've had them constantly since I was a kid with no idea what was going on) and want to develop them further, look no further, these are the tapes for you. John does an excellent job of teaching you how to prepare your physical body to relax so that the inner workings of your mind or soul, can develop. I truly wish I would have gotten these tapes when he first made them available. How many other true mediums are willing to help others develop what we are starting to recognize? In educating us, John also answers numerous questions we all have, including things that religion teaches us is "taboo" simply because we don't understand what they really are, such as psychic tools. If it weren't for John, I wouldn't be inviting those back whom I turned away years ago (begging them to leave me alone, because I was scared) and didn't know what was happening to me. Now thanks to him and his tapes, I am educated on what's going on and what my choices are. Since you're probably wondering about the title of this rating, here's your answer: I get stressed alot, have a lot of responsibility with my job and my family and I know when I get really stressed out, instead of promising myself a rich dessert once I get through this or that, I look forward to rewarding myself with listening to one of my favorite tapes in this series, or if you will, my "dessert". I always fall asleep and when I wake up (hearing John count me back), I feel so good! I'm ready to go again. If you think you're going to purchase them then make yourself copies and put the originals on an auction site--think again, you won't want to let these tapes go, trust me! I highly recommend these tapes. Buy them, you will be glad you did. Take care everyone & be good to each other.
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on August 24, 2002
I have read all of John Edwards books . Plus listen to his tapes . I have also read many other psychic help books. I like Johns way of talking and writing . He is plain and too the point . Which is what most of us want .The only reason I give this a 4 star rating is because of the set up of the tapes. They have a short first side then you fast forward to get to the end . To go to the second side .This is done because he talks mostly on the first side then takes you through lessons on the second side . He did it I am sure to make it easier for you to go straight to the working lesson if you like .But what it does do it break the flow of the tapes if you are trying to listen to it all in one sitting.John has a very smooth sounding voice when he is taking you through the meditation lessons. If you get nothing else from these tapes they are great for meditation.I think that he is so use to the psychic world and what happens . That he does forget a little about those of us who are beginning. He tends to forget the things that are so natural for him are unknown for others . For instance he does not tell you how to lower your mind levels to get in the basic psychic level to try out what you have learn except when you are in your meditation place. So say you are at work and you want to use your psychic being . You can not go to your basic meditation place. He forgot to tell you how to do a VERY easy open eyes psychic basic level.Say train yourself to count backwards from 5 to put your mind in the state. Then count back up to get out.That is just an example. I am not saying that works. But if you have every watch John on t.v. you notice before he starts on the readings . He will always rub his hands together and be still for a few seconds . And usually he does this with his left leg forward. I don't think that is part of his going to basic the leg or the hands. But his body always does it so it is a signal that his easy basic state has been reach . Then he drops his hands steps forward and starts reading a person. If he is sitting he does it a different way with his body but always the same. So his body it tune to that state .But the question is left for us what does he do in those few minutes to get to his psychic self the short easy way.
In over all the tapes are good .
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on January 14, 2002
I have read three of John's books. I must explain a bit of back ground before I give a review. I have walked on, lets say, a different path for 10 years now. I am always one to be skeptical when someone claims to have such abilities and is in the public eye. I have watched John's show and was, quite frankly, suprised. His accuracy was great. I decided to buy his book, One last time, in it I found some of his early experiences to be close to my own and was flabbergasted. It is the first time I had ever read opinions and experiences that seemed to hit the mark as they did.I would love to meet John, not for a reading, but to learn some things from him. I would suggest his books and audio tapes to anyone who has shared like experiences or is trying to recover from the loss of a loved one. These books are not just about life after death, they're about being able to bring out your own abilities to do the same as he can. I would find it a great honor to sit and talk to the man about his talents, and you would too if you read these books. I have never disputed the idea of "life after death" or the college of higher learning as I like to call it, for those who do question it, read the books and look inside yourself to see if your opinions have changed. Thank you John for being brave enough to stand up and show the world that these things DO happen!!
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on November 28, 2001
I'm disappointed in John Edward in "Developing Your Own Psychic Powers." He flirts with deep thinking, but gets caught in the net of commercial psychic tripe. Edward has great television charisma, and here, presents his ideas as smoothly as a MLM seminar leader, but none of this lends true credibility to his thoughts on psychic powers.
He sounds just a step away from chasing comets and space ships in a pair of Nikes. Cynical am I? You betcha. I was expecting a more serious, scientific look at mystical psychic powers, when instead I experienced something closer to meaningless drabble.
His discussion of auras and psychics powers, and how we can use them to protect us and help us is not only unfounded, but refutable in every aspect.
Edward here is appealing to the gut instinct we all have for spirituality. We want to know the depths of the mind, especially as it relates to a diety, whether internal or external. That gut instinct is where he makes his sale, akin to snake oil. We want the spiritual cure for our broken souls, and will drink anything articulately declared to be that cure.
In an age dismissing traditional religions, Edward comes along feeding oil to those who need nutrition.
I applaud Edward for pursuing the supernatural psychic realm, but I think he is teasing his audience into thinking he is delivering facts and meat. He has categorically rejected the deep meditative spirituality, for example, of the Middle Ages Christian thought. He seems to be close minded about other religions.
I do not recommend "Developing Your Own Psychic Powers."
Save some money and, for the open-minded, buy something by Thomas a' Kempis, or Oswald Chambers.
Anthony Trendl
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on November 23, 2001
It's like John Edward has turned the light on for me.
Prior to having the tapes, I was not aware of my spirit. I never took time for myself. I never rested my physical body. I never took the time to be quiet.... and just listen.
I let the outside world decide what kind of a day I would have. Not anymore.
I can't put into words how wonderful the tapes are. They touched me in a place where words simply don't matter. It goes beyond that. I have found out that there is more to me than just my physical self. Much more and I have only begun on the journey that John Edward has shared on these tapes. Much of what I have gained is intangible, yet it is definitely there. No words can give them the justice they deserve.
I feel awake. Protected. Safe.
I highly recommend that you get them. Treasure them.
What is so wonderful is that when you listen to them once, you can go back and gleam something new again. Each time you listen, you are in a different place, so you hear the words on a different level. Again, these words don't express what I really want to say. Get the tapes. You will see what I mean.
Thank you John for sharing these with us.
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on September 19, 2001
These tapes have been wonderful. They have helped to relax and de-stress my everyday life. I have lost both of my parents within 10 months of each other. I am dealing with my step-father's loss of my mother. He is extremely depressed and thank God seeking counseling but I still am trying to help him cope with the loss. This in turns doesn't give me time to cope with my loss. My job as a domestic violence advocate is stressful. Life has just gotten too stress full. These tapes have helped to give my life some balancing time. To de-stress and focus on my healing. I also have been opening the door more on my own ability to the messages that are being sent through my dream "visits" with my crossed over family. I have had these visits long before it was o.k. to talk about them. I am able to understand and focus when these occur. Thank you for the guides and God bless you in your work.
Six Month update: I have been listening to the tapes for 6 months now. I am very thankful to have these extra tools in my life to help with the destressing process. I will always give God His credit but He has given me a way to also help myself. I am very thankful. I have had the wonderful gift of validating messages that I have been given in the last several months. John Edward has helped to educate through his own work and I thank him for this. Please always remember that negative review only carry weight if you let them. The positive always rises above. God bless.
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on April 29, 2001
I'll make this simple for those who are thinking about buying this.
IF you believe in such things it will be a wonderful and empowering experience, if you do not, you might as well not waste your money. If your not sure but are opened to the idea, then this may or may not be a good buy.
No amount of training can teach someone to be "psychic" or anything else if they are against the idea to begin with. IF they are not against the idea and if in fact they have a desire to learn about such things, this tape set can provide a powerful experience.
Let me explain. I for one believe in psychic powers. I got the tapes. I had a powerful experience on the first and third tapes (and those are the only one's I've listened to so far, as I try to listen to one a day and have only had the set for three days). The first meditational experience I saw a bright light flash. I may have just been imaging it, but for me it was one of those things that made me go WOW!!
The third tape had me in tears by the end of the second exercise on the back. I won't give away what exactly happened, because it was a very personal experience, but I will say it was powerful for me. I am a guy and I was crying. Call me weak, call me vulnerable, call me what you want, but as a student, and I do stress student as I'm not a professional anything, of psychology I can tell you I believe more now then what I ever did.
I've NEVER wrote a review before and I don't plan on writing many more, but John Edward, fake or not, has made me feel 100% better and more alive in 3 days then anyone else ever has. I will probably listen to these tapes over and over and continue to do the meditation exercises night after night on the tapes.
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