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Digimon World DS - Nintendo DS

Platform : Nintendo DS
1.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review

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  • Travel through the vast digital world of Digimon to collect over 250 Digimons, from 8 different species
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Game Information

  • Platform:   Nintendo DS
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product Details

  • ASIN: B000GA8U9W
  • Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 14 x 1.3 cm
  • Release Date: Nov. 8 2006
  • Average Customer Review: 1.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8,463 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
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Product Description

Digimon World 6 is the latest and advanced new game that gives you two screens' worth of Digimon adventure! Over 250 unique Digimons will be at the fans command -- build Digi-Farms to raise, evolve and communicate with your Digimons. You will also be able to exchange Digimons, engage in online battles and together create rare kinds of Digimon with your friends via Wi-Fi and local DS wireless connection. This is the evolution of Digimon games.

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Took a month to arrive. When it did the packaging looked printed. Such a waste of my time and money. I'm nothing short of pissed.
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Amazon.com: 4.2 out of 5 stars 47 reviews
58 of 61 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great for fans of the series, but may be a turn off for those who don't know the franchise.. Nov. 26 2006
By Lucifer Faust - Published on Amazon.com
Firstly, this isn't really a game called Digimon World 6. This game is Digimon Story, translated into Digimon World DS. Chronologically, in America, it would be Digimon World 5.

To start things off, this is a really fun game. The premise is that you are a human who is brought to the digital world to raise digital monsters, or digimon. Throughout the game you can raise your digimon from Baby to Mega levels, even degenerating to make them more powerful. Furthermore, there is a training area, called a digi farm, where you can put your digimon to grow while you are out battling.

The game is an RPG. You gain levels and stats increase, allowing you to digivolve once certain requirements are met. You can also equip swords, shields, and accessories.

Pluses -

You can own over 200 digimon, and choose to make your favorites as powerful as they can be.

If you are a fan of the show, it's great to see your favorite digimon show up in the wild, be it Gabumon, Angemon, or even Myotismon.

North America is introduced to Digimon Savers, the new series running in Japan. There are many character that appear in the game that are from the series.

Negatives -

The game can be a bit glitchy. Some things may not load right away, and I once experienced the top screen, which holds the digi farm, turn black. This was remedied by entering the digi farm and talking to one of my digimon.

Some of the evolutions of the digimon aren't the same as the television series. Angewomon doesn't evolve into Magnadramon, Impmon doesn't evolve through to Beelzemon...Matadormon doesn't become Grandracmon and so on. It's not a bad thing, just a tad dissappointing to the die hard fans such as I.

All in all, Digimon World DS is a great game. It follows the RPG genre very well, creating an enthralling world for players. One warning though, just because you may be a Pokemon lover doesn't mean you will like this game. The style and speed of gameplay in both games are very different.

You should purchase this game if you are a fan of the Digimon series, the RPG genre, or are just looking for a fun game to put 30 plus hours into.
20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The new world for your DS Dec 28 2006
A Kid's Review - Published on Amazon.com
Digimon is now based the fun, simplisticness of Pokemon RPGs. Much of the game is similar, including the battle premise and the 'get as many monsters as possible' theme. However, along with battling and gaining Digimon, there are tons of mini side quests, shopping to do, farm expanding, digivolving and much more.

One of the greatest things about this game is that, unlike in the TV show or Pokemon you acutally choose what your Digimon is/will be. For example: if you choose to start with Tanemon you can digivolve it into Palmon. Later on, you decide you want to evolve it into Raramon so (if you're at the right rank) you degenerate it back to Tanemon and digivolve the Tanemon into Raramon.

On top of that, unlike in Pokemon, each Digimon has its own type of experience points. Tokomon and Patamon have flying experience points while Renamon and Monzaemon have holy experience points and Tyranomon and Airdramon give out dragon experience points. Certain Digimon may need certain experience points to digivolve into a higher form. Therefore, after meeting level requirements you may need to search out a certain element of Digimon to get enough experience to Digivolve to the next level.

Apart from that there are sidequests that are almost always 'chain' premise. For example: your Koromon asks you to deliver so and so such and such item. Once you find them, they ask you to find so and so, and they want you to find such and such and so on.

Most of the sprites (pictures of characters) are similar to Pokemon Ranger (the way the Digimon follow you, not the actual sprites)and most of the Digimon sprites are very cute too.

Returning from Pokemon is nicknaming, but with a different (and nicer) twist. When your Digimon digivolve, you have the option to change their nicknames or keep them the same. This is good if you nicknamed your Patamon, say, Devil and when it digivolved to Angemon, you wanted its name to be Angelo, you could change it.

Also, the Digimon in a dungeon often change once you beat a boss in an 'unlock' sort of deal. Bosses may (sometimes) appear in that dungeon once you have beaten them, allowing you to add them to your arensal of Digimon parteners.

You're allowed to have up to six Digimon in your party. Three Digimon fight and three are back ups. When your in a dungeon and not in a battle, you may swap active and inactive Digimon. This is a great method for leveling up low-leveled Digimon so that they will be able to fight in later dungeons.

On the other hand, sometimes finding certain elements of Digimon to evolve your Digimon can be tedious. Most bosses are extremely hard to beat and most of best attacks take a LOT of MP to use.

Digimon also have level restrictions. This can be very annoying when 1) you can't evolve X Digimon and are having a tough time finding a Digimon of the element of experience needed to evolve, and enough of those Digimon at that.

The game has its ups and downs, but is pretty good for Digimon fans who have Nintendo DS's.
11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars They Should Have Called This Something Else Aug. 1 2008
By There's No Stopping Space Vikings T. Edwards! - Published on Amazon.com
Every now and again you'll have a game come along which associates itself with otherwise dull material and you'll pass it up for years based on that premise. Digimon World is one of those games. I wholeheartedly dismissed this game on the basis of it being a Digimon game because the anime I find to be lackluster and previous Digimon games had been pretty bad.

Upon starting up this game you'd probably be pretty skeptical because the writing and story are apparently laughably bad and the graphics really aren't anything to get in to a nerd fervor over. Fast forward an hour to a point when you've circumnavigated the mindless RPG introduction drivel ("This is how you do turn based combat" "This is your health points"...) and you'll slowly but surely fall in love with one of the most original and well done monster collection games I've set my hands on since the original Pokémon games.

You start by selecting from 3 starting critters which will probably be familiar to fans of the series. From there you embark on various tasks in the digital world in an effort to become the greatest trainer. This all sounds generic but that's really where most of the similarities to other games end.

As opposed to having to catch or entice monsters like you would in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker or Pokémon Pearl Digimon has you slowly collecting a monster's data as you fight them. Some faster than others but you're still effectively always "catching" monsters as you fight. This removes nearly all of the randomness I found to be annoying in the aforementioned titles, you simply have to fight a monster enough times to get 100% of its data and then you may "digiconvert" it in to existence.

Once you've materialized your monster you then develop the monster along an evolution tree similar to the demon system in Castlevania Curse of Darkness. Some evolutions are harder to achieve than others which leaves you revisiting old monsters and spawning new monsters of old varieties.

Still not convinced? Here's the grand slam for the game in my opinion. A large portion of the game is devoted to a monster farm system the game has implemented. With these farms you can leave it to the computer to effectively raise monsters you aren't using. You can have several farms, you can put equipment on these farms to alter the growth of your monsters, you can go in and manually train your monsters, and several other features. With the farm system you're effectively getting two games in one and furthermore you always feel like you're making progress and there's always something to do whether it be battling with your party or managing your farms and reserve monsters.

If I had to come up with any faults of this game it's that with the constant activity of the farm you sometimes can get tied up on the farm rather than progressing through the game. For me this isn't really a negative but others will undoubtedly dislike the sometimes nagging feeling the game gives you.

All things considered it's a darn shame I let this game slip under my radar. I'm thoroughly enjoying it thus far and I'd highly recommend this game to RPG fans and monster collecting game fans.
10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Definelty best in series Jan. 29 2007
By S. Parzych - Published on Amazon.com
This game is different than the others because its kinda like a 1st person point of view through all the battles. Its roaming around until you get to objectives like the other games but i think its much funner than the others. I spent around 80 hours to 100% complete and get everything in the game and it was a fun 80 hours let me tell you that. The only reason that i rated it 4 stars for fun was because a lot in the game you fight a boss or more in every level and usually you have to train a lot to beat them. So that gets a little annoying just walking around and battling and training for hours but once you can beat the boss its worth it.

I really liked the new gameplay style in this digimon world and there are over 200 digimon that you can get which makes it very tough to just get them all. The bad thing about that is that you can only store up to 40 digimon in your "Digimon Farm" but you can have as many digimon's "Scan Data" as you want. So overall i would buy this game because i dont regret spending $27.00 on a great game like this.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars fun even for a newbie fan Feb. 23 2009
By Tirsden Frozenrayn - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
I'm new to the Digimon thing as back when it started on TV I was a Pokemon fan and managed to see only a very few episodes of Digimon and marked it off as a Pokemon clone. Plus, I think I saw an episode with Etemon in it which totally turned me off of the series... too bad it wasn't an episode with Myotismon instead. Mmmm bishie.

*ahem* Anyways, I'm actually learning the names of the many, many evolutions of Digimon with this game and that makes watching the series more fun (yes, I'm finally actually watching it now, in order, boy does that help!). The game plays a bit like Pokemon Diamond although the "world" is a lot smaller and it is different to have so many evolution choices with a single Digimon.

I recommend getting the Digimon team you think you are going to play the most to 99 aptitude as soon as possible (that means their level cap is maxed out at 99). You do this by evolving and devolving a bunch of times. It's quite frustrating to realize you've got to devolve a few more times to get it maxed when your Digimon are already level 60+. On the flip side, Digimon of that level are useful for beating the main storyline, and thus for unlocking areas with higher xp so that grinding through evolutions is easier. Still, keep it in mind. A little grinding ahead of time will come in handy later. (I stopped to grind a *lot* and thus the first time I "died" was all the way at the second version of the end boss.)

Also, watch the back equipment store (once you unlock it) for the level 70 weapons and armor for your ultimate Digimon team. The variety of what is for sale changes over time, so everything won't be available every time you show up there. In fact, it may take quite a while to collect a full set if you have varied Digimon types in your team.

To sum up, I've spent roughly 45 hours on the game so far, am currently grinding my uberteam to level 99, and I'm 31 years old. The game is fun, addictive, a little tedious when one decides to do a lot of grinding or training on the digifarms, but eh... good waste of time. And I haven't even played wireless yet.

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