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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on May 4, 2003
I get so annoyed with the people (mainly those who have not even read one page of the book) who solidly maintain that this diet is a "steak and eggs" diet and deprives you of vegetables. I'm eating more vegetables than I ate when I was a vegetarian, and keeping the protein in no more quantities than the average non-dieter!
I am not sure how eliminating appetite-stimulant foods like processed grains and sugar and upping your vegetable intake is supposed to make the protein (for me it's mainly fish) one eats suddenly more unhealthy than the protein one consumes with a giant plate of rice or potatoes, but, oh well.
I know, I am missing out on vitamin M, the Muffin and bagel vitamin, and vitamin P, the pasta vitamin (pasta is flour and water, with very little nutritional value), oh and vitamin S (sugar), can't forget that very essential vitamin... I guess my poor kidneys are going to fall out and I am going to get a heart attack :)
And yes, you can even eat fruit on the Atkins diet! After you've rid your body of the addiction to processed sugar and grains, you can eat lower glycemic fruits like blueberries, raspberries, etc.
I never experienced any of the symptoms people report on induction. I ate salad liberally, ignoring the two-three cup rule, so I was never really "on" induction, but increased my carbohydrates by adding berries, nuts, and more vegetables.
Oh, and I've lost 60 pounds, no longer have seizures, depression, or heartburn, and I can walk for miles at a time whereas before a block's journey would have me puffing and panting.
And by the way, one does not need to consume pork rinds and boatloads of butter to be on Atkins... I don't consume pork, and my primary fat source is from olive oil. I also don't care for sugar or artificial sweeteners, and am doing just great!
The main factor for me, aside from the symptoms I had clearing up, is that I am no longer hungry every half hour! Thus, I am less inclined to overeat. Now, combine all of the above, and this is healthy, people!
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on April 5, 2002
I gave this book one star so that, if you're like me and you list all the reviews by 'lowest rating', you'll be sure to get some TRUTH with the other low reviews. Simply, this diet works, and it works on more than one level. You will lose weight, and you will feel better!
The reviewers who mentioned they were in pain from low carb intake must be lying. I personally had no pain, and I don't know anyone who has tried this diet who has complained of any pain. Personally, I assume such reviews are phony and probably come from competitors in the 'diet market'.
I've been on this diet for 10 days and have lost 9 pounds. Both of my parents are on the diet and have lost about the same amount as I have. We all feel great! In the last week, I lost 3 pounds, which is less than the 6 pounds I lost the first week. However, you will lose water weight the first week, so don't be surprised if you slow down after the first week.
If you eat a lot of sugar, you will go through withdrawals just as you would from cessation of any other addiction (yes, sugar is addictive). You may feel tired for the first few days on this diet, then you're energy will come back stronger than ever!
Also, many people confuse ketoacidosis in diabetics, which can cause kidney damage, with the benign dietary ketosis that this diet will put you in. If you do not presently have kidney problems, and are not diabetic, you should have nothing to worry about. I am (was) mildy hypoglycemic, and have had no problems with this diet.
As for variety, I recommend getting the cookbook that Dr. Atkins puts out - it has about 200 recipes - including low carb breads you can make (2 gms carbs per slice). If you only eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, you will get bored... try to mix it up a little! Once you get beyond the first part of the diet, your choices grow.
The first part of the diet is the most restrictive. It limits you to 20 gms of carbs a day for a two-week period. If you can't do that, try 30 gms carbs/day... most people can go into benign dietary ketosis with under 40 gms carbs/day. I think Dr. Atkins uses 20 gms as a rule so that everyone will go into ketosis - even those who are metabolically resistant. Read the book through all the way before you go on the diet; do the research and find out how you can vary your diet.
As with any diet, if you are not healthy, consult your physician (however note: many physicians don't know the facts about benign dietary ketosis and will confuse this bdk with the ketoacidosis of diabetics).
I recommend adding exercise to your program after you experience the newfound energy of the diet and after you see the pounds coming off on their own. When all that happens, you WILL be highly motivate to GET YOUR BODY IN SHAPE.
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on October 6, 2009
1989 I, a white divorced male aged 29 at 6'1", 270 lbs and a 42" waist, went on the Induction phase of Atkins. 13 months later I was 175 lbs and had a 32" waist. Looked and felt sensational, like a teenager. I had a routine doctor's exam and was counseled that my Atkins diet could be hurting my health. Scared out of Atkins, I hired a nutritionist at $150 / hour who designed an eating plan for me that was balanced and included good carbs and fruits. looked and sounded sensible and well planned. A lot of lab work and I felt confident this was the best way to go. About three months and $3,000 later, I was up to a 36" waist and 205 lbs and my body fat went up. Nice, I fired the nutritionist and went thru two more plus a dietician and a naturopath. I tried the following diets on my own: The leptin diet, Mc Dougal plan, Ph Miracle, Raw foods, Vegeterianism, The Zone, The glycemic index diet, Low fat, etc..etc.. thousands of dollars in supplements, hours of exercising a day, and I finally managed to work my way up to 250 lbs and a 40" waist. Pretty much anything you may have tried, CLA, L-Carnitine, etc.. I tried but no effect, in fact just the opposite, kept getting fatter. Felt ok on the diets I tried, but nothing special and kept getting fatter. I have had enough!

2009; About four weeks ago, I bought a new copy of the Atkins diet and started. Feel better than on any other diet, more energy, more pleasant disposition, better mental and cognitive function. As it has always done for me and is now, the Atkins diet just works for me. Better than any other diet, weight and body fat are melting away just as before. At the age of 49 I am feeling better and better. Atkins works for me, it may not be for everyone, but considering all the things I have tried I will no longer allow anyone to shake my faith in it. How can you argue against positive results? Positive in every way, my blood work lab results prove it, my body shows it. Atkins is the way for me. I am getting thinner and healthier every week now. I have already dropped one pant size and just feel magnificent.
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on May 25, 2004
Contrary to what our astute Canadian says about research and reports done by the AMA concerning weight loss and a healthy diet, recent studies by Duke University and others have shown that not only do you GAIN weight on a high carbo diet, but that a diet low in fat isn't necessarily healthy because of needed fatty amino acids. The AMA has based its entire arguement that fat is the basis of high cholesterol levels on a little known paper published in 1929 which described one of two Eskimos as having an elevated cholesterol count due to high fat content in diet. What the AMA has failed to see is that people who do have high cholesterol and are overweight have a correspondingly high rate of sugar intake and processed carbohydrate products...cakes, cookies, chips, bread, pasta, etc. Before the introduction of processed sugar and flour goods in the early 1900's, heart disease, heart attacks and cirulatory system problems were almost non-existant. Since the modern diet has arrived, these diseases ane now very common. The AMA has contributed to the misinformation that cholesterol levels rise in people who go on the Atkins/low carb diet. This is a half truth. What they do not say is that in the initial stages of the diet, the first week or so, cholesterol does go up. But this cholesterol is *HDL*, or high density lipids, which are what doctors say are good for you and prevent heart disease. Overall cholesterol readings in people who are on the Atkins diet actually DROP to normal levels. So enough of this verbage by the people who subscribe blindly to the lies and misinformation. Think for yourself and READ the book. Atkins does not exclude all carbos and vegetables. There are ample lists within the book that give specific carbo counts so that Atkins dieters can eat these foods and have a balanced diet without all the carbs.
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on October 11, 2003
My review of this book/program is mixed. It did not work for me but it does seem to be an effective program for some individuals. I'll simply list the pros/cons I found in with this plan/book.
-Advocates drinking of water! Anyone who wants to lose weight needs to develop this habit.
- Yes, we all need fat in our diets! Fats are not evil. We can all argue about how much we need but even people on low-fat diets, need to make sure to include at least small quanities of fats (esp. nuts/peanut butter, fish oils, olive oil).
-Advocates eating unprocessed foods. We don't need the extra chemicals, trans fats, and hidden sugars found in many foods (even diet foods!). I do agree with Dr. Atkins that eating unprocessed food is a key to good health and a longer life.
-It keeps you full. All the protein and fats are great at leaving you satisfied and not as hungry as you may be with traditional diets.
-Overly restrictive induction. I never saw the point of doing an induction. To stop all cravings??? It didn't in me. I may have stuck with this plan if the induction period wasn't so harsh.
-Millions of people lose weight without being in ketosis. Is there really any reason that you have to be in this state???
-Doesn't seem to allow for any cheating. Yes, this may should strange but a 'good' lifestyle plan is going to have to allow for the fact that I will make mistakes.
-Side effects in some individuals. I had headaches, leg cramps, nausea, constipation (Yes, even with fiber supplements!!!!) and felt sick during the whole month I tried the plan. I took all sorts of vitamins but these symptoms didn't go away completely until I stopped the plan.
Some may agree, others may disagree but I just could not do this plan for life. I'm now on a more balanced diet but I do include a few of the tricks I learned from Atkins (i.e. having a veggie with a lean protein instead of potatos, watching out for the 'white' flours/sugars).
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on December 3, 2002
This book is terribly long-winded. Anyone wishing to lose weight wants to know how THEY can do it. They (most) are not interested in the author's life story, medical experience, or other (boring) details. It seems as if half of the book is about Dr. Atkins himself. *yawn*
Dr. Atkins says that this diet will work for 99 out of 100 people. I guess I am the 1 out of 100.
I do not wish to get into any ongoing debates with those who think the diet is great. I KNOW people who have had success with this. I, however, did not. I followed the diet to the letter and after three weeks, I had stomach pains, was lightheaded, nauseous, constipated (sorry if you didn't want to know that), irritable, and generally never felt worse. This would've been slightly worth it if I would've lost weight. However, in three weeks, I lost ONE POUND.
What has worked for me (before and since) is not pigging out and realizing that chocolate and butter are not food groups. *G* This diet has worked for some people, but just as different products work for different people, this diet will not work for everyone.
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on March 22, 2002
I followed the conventional thinking of the 80's and 90's and ate my fill of carbs but counted every gram of fat that I let myself eat. The result was that I slowly gained 50 pounds in the 25 years after high school. A friend of mine, who is a retired professional (pedal) International Bike Racer told me about the Dr. Atkins diet two weeks ago; about how he had lost 12 pounds in only 14 days while on this medically sound, but unconventional low carb diet! What a crock I said, starve yourself of carbs and let your body fall into Ketosis so you body has to burn your own body fat -- Ridiculous! But with his continued insistance, I took his copy of "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution" and after reading the first 50 - 60 pages I decided to start the diet as described in the book.
Now, I have already lost 10 pounds in 9 days, only partway through the 14 day initial stage of the lifetime diet approach this book promotes. Well, I can honestly tell you I have not craved any foods, including my former daily addiction: chocolate. I have not gone hungry, or had any ill health. In fact, my mental sharpness has increased, especially my short term memory! Of note, I have the one of those nifty Tanita "Fat" Weight Scales that measures your weight and also your % of body fat. My lean body mass (weight - fat = lean body mass) has stayed within one pound of my before diet LBM, so the weight loss has all been fat! My weight and my % body fat have both decreased in direct proportion, so I am not losing water, nor am I scavaging muscle protein -- it's all been fat loss! The big bonus is that my muscle strength has increased, and my build looks more and more muscular as the fat disappears. Even the double chin that I inherited from my Mother's side of the family is getting smaller every day! (Now, if only my hair would stop receding and grow back...)
I understand that I am just starting this diet, and I also understand that it runs against the current tide of low fat / high carb diets out there, but THIS DIET WORKS FOR ME! I have effortlessly lost 10 pounds in 9 days, and reduced my weight down to what it was 4 years ago. No low fat, high carb diet has done anything like that for me in one or two months, let alone in just 9 days! I now have no doubt that I will be able to lose 30 more pounds and stabilize my weight down at 200 pounds, and keep it there in the years to come!
This diet is really worth trying, especially if you can't lose weight by restricting fats and replacing them with carbs. For many of us, "fat free" foods are not the answer, and Dr. Atkins explains why in this book. Honestly, for less than the cost of a good meal at a restaurant, what do you have to lose by buying this book and trying one more diet. I hope your success equals my own!
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on December 29, 2001
Low carb diets work period. BUT atkins is the worse low carb program there is. My doctor suggested to me a low carb diet, but NOT atkins. Atkins forbids fruit and grain products on his diet while telling us to take massive amounts of vitamins. Why? becuase his diet is so restrictive you lose vital nutrients that our bodies require. I was told to use protein power, and from reading the book I can see why. Atkins is so busy selling his vitamins which can be found at dollar stores under generic labels, and horrible tasting food products at horrific prices. protein power tells us how the diet works in a way anyone can understand. Protein Power is a much better program.
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on August 23, 2003
My husband and I decided to try this diet together. For the first couple of days, I felt okay, but starting on day 3, I was constipated, nauseous, weak and lightheaded. I waited for it to pass, but it didn't. I was drinking lots of water, taking vitamins, and psyllium as directed, but continued to feel sick. Finally, when I couldn't stand the symptoms any more, I stopped the diet. I am now eating well, have cut out the refined flour and sugar products, and am eating fruits, whole grains, veggies and meat. Despite what Dr. Atkins describes in his book, eating fresh fruits and whole grains did not make me tired or crave food, but I am now losing weight and feeling energetic.
My husband stayed on the diet longer than I did, but ended up with terrible side effects. Despite following all recommendations regarding vitamins, extra fibre, fluid intake, etc he developed a severe case of gout. For anyone who doesn't know what gout is - it is caused by a buildup of uric acid (which is a breakdown product of protein metabolism) in the blood. When the kidneys are unable to rid the body of the excess uric acid, it forms sharp crystals and deposits itself in the joints. This caused tremendous pain and near-total immobility. My husband had NEVER had gout before and does not have kidney problems. He immediately discontinued the diet, and with proper treatment has recovered. After watching what he went through, I would not recommend this diet to ANYONE. Please, don't take chances with your health.
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on August 10, 2003
Wow ! Just wanted to put this in the 1 star catagory as another side to this. Every review from this catagory has been filled with complete ignorance of the actual aktin's diet. Any of the people actually READ the book? I think they read the induction phase and think thats the whole diet, all you can eat for the rest of your life. Has not anyone read the recent scientific articles and research being done that back up these principles? Some people seem to think Aktin's diet is stuffing steak and lard in your face every hour. Good grief. I know this diet or lifestyle works. If done as intended. I've lost 120 lbs.on it and have maintained for 4 years,eating on the maintence plan. It's just typical human behaviour though to not get the correct facts and then subsistute rumour and gossip for a science backed formula. Old habits and old ways of thinking die a long slow death. My suggestion? READ the book front to back. If that's too long for some people to get through, or to many 25 cent words, give it up. And give up reviewing a book you havent read. As was once said " Shut your mouth, your ignorance is showing."
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