Drums & Percussion

Percussion instruments are the most ancient instruments of all, and were present in the early tribal days of nearly every civilization. Drums today are an important part of human culture, not just because they speak to a variety of musical heritages, but because it’s said we all carry around a personal rhythm in our beating hearts. At Amazon.ca, we honor one of the world’s oldest traditions by offering drums and percussion accessories for every level of player. You’ll feel like a king when you sit at the throne of a new five-piece drum set. We even offer all the extra bells and whistles so you can start rocking away. Find all the drum accessories you need, from double bass pedals, cymbals, and triangles, to replacement drum heads, drum thrones, and stands. When you need more cowbell, or your intense, gut-busting, around-the-world drum fills break the heads off of your sticks, be sure to stock up on replacement sticks and other drum accessories. Drum up a little inspiration and vigor–and keep the beat going on–with all the drums and percussion instruments from Amazon.ca.

Just getting started? Visit our Drum Education Center.