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EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared Heater

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  • Product Dimensions: 47.6 x 32.7 x 43.8 cm ; 12 Kg
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  • Item model number: G3-1000
  • ASIN: B000MMK23Q
  • Date first available at Nov. 12 2009
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Product Description

Heats up to 1000 Square Feet. It Can Save up to 50% on your Heating Bill. This product comes with a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

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787 of 801 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9898821c) out of 5 stars Frigid_out_West Jan. 22 2008
By N. Cheser - Published on
We purchased the EdenPure 1000XL directly from the manufacture, BioTech Research (Canton, OH). It took twice as long as we were told to arrive and the remote did not work right out of the box. Within five days the unit started turning off and not coming back on despite waiting for hours and room temperture dropping to the point the propane furnace came on.

In order to get the unit to restart I had to turn the "power" button "off" and unplug the unit for anywhere from 5-20 minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on.

Only after our experience did I look further into online reviews of EdenPure products which are not favorable. I also checked into BioTech Research (Canton, OH) through the Ohio Better Business Bureau and saw that BioTech has had numerous complaints from customers with similar problems.
848 of 878 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x98988624) out of 5 stars Edenpure is a rip off per Consumer Reports Sept. 17 2008
By Investigator - Published on
Reported by: John Matarese

Viewers have been asking me about a space heater advertised in newspapers and on Paul Harvey's radio show the past few weeks.

It's the EdenPure space heater .... a heater so "advanced," it can supposedly cut your heating bill up to 50%.The cost: $400...four times the price of most heaters.

Our partners at Consumer Reports magazine have tested it and other heaters.

Is the EdenPure Amazing?

The results of the test of the heavily advertised EdenPure were not promising. The $400 EdenPure ended up at the bottom of the ratings. It was the worst performing of 20 space heaters tested.

Top Performing Heaters

Top rated: The Honeywell Electric heater HZ-519, for just $60. (It's sold by Home Depot and, among other stores, but it may be in short supply, due to Consumer Reports' review. Honeywell makes some similar models wtihout the digital display that you may want to consider.)

Also highly rated: The Holmes Quartz Tower, $60....and the DeLonghi SafeHeat Flat Panel, $80.
424 of 443 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x98c373c0) out of 5 stars No Better Than Other Space Heaters April 8 2007
By J. Ferrell - Published on
I purchased the edenpure 1000 and found that the main difference between it and other space heaters is price. I own several other space heaters including one 1500 watt unit with a fan and one 1500 watt oil filled radiator style heater. I can't tell any real difference in the heating ability of any of them except one thing...price. I purchased an oil filled radiant heater from Target for $28 which seems to do just as well as the edenpure which cost hundreds of dollars more. Not a good value.
610 of 648 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9898869c) out of 5 stars The EdenPURE Story: Fraud From Beginning To End Oct. 17 2010
By trapeze - Published on
Paul Harvey was a great man. He was a pioneer in radio broadcasting especially in regard to the talk radio genre. He was a decent person. One of the "good guys." In 2005, President George W. Bush awarded Mr. Harvey the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And recently he passed away.

But even great men have flaws. Paul Harvey had been quoted as saying, "I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where my mouth is." And therein, lies a conflict of interest.

Now, I have no way of knowing whether or not Mr. Harvey knowingly endorsed fraudulent products but it is utterly indisputable that he did endorse the main product of Suarez Corporation Industries.

You undoubtedly have never heard of SCI but if you were a regular or even semi-regular listener of Paul Harvey you would have heard him endorse the miraculous EdenPURE heater with its revolutionary "cured copper" heat exchanger.

SCI is a prime supplier to the multi-level marketing community. Some of the companies that make up SCI are:

- Biotech Research
- International Home Shopping
- Lindenwold Fine Jewelers
- U.S. Commemorative Gallery
- Biotech Medical, LLC
- Resource Partners

This list is a smorgasbord of overpriced, yet intensely crappy products. (Oh sure, they sell the Tempur-Pedic line of closed cell foam mattresses which are merely can pick up the exact same thing at Walmart for a fraction of their cost.) This company is a virtual feeding frenzy for multi-level marketing scammers.

But I am only going to focus on their most prominent scam product: The EdenPURE heater.

The EdenPURE heater is the most expensive 115-volt electric space heater money can buy, bar none, and it is marketed with, at best, half-truths and, at worst, blatant lies.

Compounding the problem is literally hundreds (if not thousands) of independent distributors, many of them not authorized resellers.

So lets get into the meat of the issue. Just what does SCI, through its Biotech Research subsidiary, claim that the EdenPURE can do? Here are some select pickings from their FAQ page:

Q. What is the EdenPURE Heater Quartz Infrared Heating System?
A. Our Heating System is a revolutionary zone furnace that safely and efficiently heats entire areas that need additional heat.

Translation: It's a portable electric space heater.

Q. How do the EdenPURE Quartz Infrared Portable Heaters Work?
A. With the advent of micro-electronic technology and the latest in infrared commercial quartz tubes, three solar copper furnaces inside the unit absorb the heat from these tubes much like a sponge absorbs water. The patent pending process of cured natural copper creates an innovative heat exchanger capable of absorbing heat like a solar sponge. It then safely exhales what is coined as "soft" environmentally friendly heat that is able to travel rapidly in relative humidity. The EdenPURE SOFT heat does not burn up the humidity; moreover, it employs the humidity as a vehicle to warm up large spaces quickly and efficiently.

EdenPURE heater has perfectly regulated heat that will not destroy life/energy that other dangerous portable heating devices destroy, but helps to maintain healthy humidity levels indoors.

Other heaters cause occupants to lose energy and force them to breathe dry uncomfortable air. The EdenPURE heater replicates the earth's sun process by electronically exhaling comfortable cost cutting heat without burning up your family's life sustaining oxygen in your indoor living space. The benefits of this natural solar process are revolutionizing the way we will heat our homes and help save large amounts of costly energy.

Translation: Let the BS begin. Taking it item-by-item:

- Micro-electronic technology. Translation: It has a digital thermostat.
- The latest in infrared commercial quartz tubes. Translation: Three 500-watt halogen light bulbs. Big woop.
- Three solar copper furnaces. Translation: Copper pipe cut to length that surround the light bulbs.
- Cured natural copper. Translation: Fairy dust & unicorn farts. There is no such thing as "cured" copper.
- It then safely exhales. Translation: It has a blower.
-"Soft" environmentally friendly heat. Translation: More fairy dust.
-Does not burn up humidity. Translation: Utter nonsense, heaters don't dehumidify.
-Will not destroy life/energy. Translation: Utter nonsense for the mentally challenged.
-Helps to maintain healthy humidity levels. Translation: Utter nonsense, totally impossible.
-Other heaters cause occupants to lose energy. Translation: We think you are stupid.
-Replicates the earth's sun process. Translation: We think you are really, really stupid.
-Electronically exhales. Translation: We are doubling down on the stupid thing.
-Without burning...oxygen. Translation: Just in case you are an absolute idiot we are tossing this one in out of sheer spite.
-Helps save large amounts of costly energy: Translation: Compared to what? Plutonium?

Now back to the FAQ's...

Q. What makes the EdenPURE Heater "Healthier" than other heaters?
A. For one... the EdenPURE heater does not produce positive ions like other blower (dryer) type heaters.

EdenPURE heater has perfectly regulated heat that will not destroy life/energy that other dangerous portable heating devices destroy, but helps to maintain healthy humidity levels indoors.

Since the early 1950s scientists have suspected that ions play an important role in how the body functions and, consequently, in how we feel. Research has shown that an abundance of negative ions in the air we breathe is highly beneficial.

Conversely, scientists have found that if the air is charged with too few negative ions and too many positives, we become anxious, fatigued and tense. Positive ion poisoning has, in fact, been linked to heart attacks, aggravated asthma, migraine headaches, insomnia, rheumatism, arthritis, hay fever, and most allergies.

Translation: Wow. This is industrial strength BS at its finest. To me, this is holistic, pseudo-science mumbo jumbo that is ridiculous and claiming that other heaters produce positive ions is utter rubbish thrown out there for the slow-witted.

Q. How does the comfort of the EdenPURE Heater System compare to other systems?
A. The EdenPURE Heater System is a state of the art system that provides the most comfortable form of heat. Unlike traditional systems, which may leave a differential of up to 18 degrees from floor to ceiling, the EdenPURE Heater System heated air, using infrared absorption, does not concentrate near the ceiling. Heat stays down and evenly dispersed in the area where you and your family live.

Temperature difference from floor to ceiling is minimal. In addition, the EdenPURE Heater System does not remove humidity from the air. It actually helps maintain humidity levels. The even heating and higher humidity permit lower heat settings with more comfort, less condensation on windows and less static electricity. Furthermore, the EdenPURE Heater System does not use flame, fuel or any form of combustion. Therefore, the heat from the EdenPURE Heater is safe and clean - free of any other type of pollution and does not use up the oxygen in the air.

Translation: Okay, well this is more crap served up with a very large spoon...maybe even with a funnel and a hose.

The EdenPURE is, despite claims to the contrary, a forced air electric space heater. There is nothing magical about what it does. Room temperature air comes in one end and higher temperature air comes out the other end. That's it.

Warm air rises due to a property in air called "convection." To minimize the natural process of convection the air in a room may be circulated. Ceiling fans do this quite nicely.

There is no heater made that removes humidity from air. It is a physical impossibility. Period. To remove humidity from air one must lower the air temperature below its dew point. This is called condensation. Think of the "sweat" that occurs on a glass of ice water. If water condenses on the inside of your windows it is because there is a source of excess humidity in the house...someone left the shower running...and the glass is below the dew point. The EdenPURE heater is totally incapable of maintaining ANY level of humidity. Winter air is dry. Go to NOAA and look it up.

Any properly installed heating system will not use up the oxygen of the occupied space. Again, nothing magical here.

Q. Economically, how does the EdenPURE Heater System compare to other systems?
A. The EdenPURE Heater System is the most economical way to heat. In Midwestern Utility field tests for heating seasons, the EdenPURE Heater used an average of 35% less energy than conventional electric furnace/baseboard systems. Comparable results were found during comparisons with fuel based heating systems. Individual results, of course, depend on insulation values, local climate, and other conditions.

Translation: This is a pure lie. The most economical way to heat using electricity is with a heat pump. So, yeah, individual results depend on "other conditions." These (along with that old favorite, "individual results may vary") are what are called "weasel words."

Q. How much area does a EdenPURE Heater System Heat?
A. The EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Heater is a 1483 watt Heating System, is an excellent source of primary heat for up to 400 square feet and a superb source of secondary heat for up to 1000 square feet of well insulated space. The EdenPURE GEN3 Model 500 Heater 900 watt Heating System, is an excellent source of primary heat for up to 200 square feet and a superb source of secondary heat for up to 300 square feet of well insulated space.

Translation: More nonsense. Heat loss for any given room in a house depends on a host of variables: Outside wall area, floor area, ceiling area, window area, door area and local climate conditions to name but a few. Matching a heating appliance without taking heat loss into account is incompetent.

Q. Why does the EdenPURE Heater System cost more than a space heater?
It is a furnace in every respect. A space heater only has the capacity to heat a small space (i.e. under a desk). The EdenPURE Heater System, like a central heating system, will heat an entire area evenly and efficiently. This allows the unit to be a supplemental source of heat. Furthermore, the EdenPURE Heater System is safe. It will not start a fire or burn if you touch it. Because of the reduced energy consumption, and the unit's high level of safety and comfort, EdenPURE Heater System users agree that it is the best value available.

Translation: The EdenPURE is a space heater in every respect. It isn't a furnace. A furnace is designed to heat an entire home. The EdenPURE is not. Properly installed and maintained furnaces are safe, too. Duh. Too many EdenPURE owners are way too embarrassed by what they paid for it to say anything other than what a great value it is.

Q. Why is the EdenPURE Heater System safe?
A. The EdenPURE Heater System has no flame or fumes. Its safe, clean infrared heating elements provide the energy. Extensive testing at CUL (Canada) and UL (United States) has verified the safety of the EdenPURE Heater System. Due to its safe operating temperature, the EdenPURE Heater may be placed next to flammable materials with minimal safety clearance needed.

Translation: All appliances sold in the USA, including space heaters and furnaces, are listed with Underwriters Laboratories. Big Deal.

Q. What kind of Satisfaction Guarantee does it have?
A. We have a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Return Policy: You can return or exchange any purchase within 60 days for any reason. NOTE: Items must be returned in the same box & packaging received by you with everything that was included in the original shipment.

Translation: Wow. Sixty days. So, when you discover that it doesn't save you a dime you are totally screwed. Nice policy.

The hundreds of other scam artists that peddle this device go even further with the "cured copper" BS by creating their own little urban legend about its "discovery." Here is the story that they peddle:

"'This advanced heating element was discovered accidentally by a man named John Jones. He had a large old farmhouse that was impossible to heat. Jones had a coal furnace in his basement. Jones placed a sheet of cured copper near the furnace to store it. Cured copper is a type of copper that goes through an extensive heating process to give it special properties. ''After the fire went out in the coal furnace, Jones noticed that the sheet of copper was heating his entire basement evenly, even though the furnace was no longer putting out heat. He also was amazed as to how long the heat stayed in the copper and continued to warm the room. ''Jones was so taken back by this that he started to experiment. He formed a company to develop a heating source out of this cured copper. But Jones had a number of children and he did not want a heating source that would cause a fire or create other hazardous situations like creating carbon monoxide or radiation. He also did not want his children to get burned. To make a long story short, through a great deal of research and development, Jones developed a heating source that utilized commercial infrared quartz tubes. John Jones designed his heating source around the three most important consumer benefits: economy, comfort, and safety. The final development of this infrared quartz heat source cannot be matched by any other heating system in the world."

Translation: Pure and utter BS from start to finish. There is no such thing as "cured copper." It has no "special properties" other than to separate you from several hundred bucks. Take a little stroll over to copper.o r g and try your hardest to find a reference to it. It does not exist except in the minds of simpletons.

The final nail in this smelly little coffin comes from Consumer Reports:

"The unit was the second-lowest-scoring space heater we tested, earning only a 24 on our 100-point scale. According to the folks in our Tech department who tested space heaters, the EdenPure provided lackluster temperature control and was not particularly easy to use, What's more, it was pricey and lacked an overheat-protection feature (key for safety). The GEN3 models do have this important safety feature, according to BioTech Research."

Bottom Line:

If you insist on spending up to $400 for an electric space heater that's your business. But you can get the exact same result for around $30 at your local hardware store. 1500 watts of heat is 1500 watts of heat regardless of how it's packaged and how much it costs.

And don't ever buy anything that multi-level (or network) marketers are selling, especially their "system."
107 of 113 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x98988a20) out of 5 stars Ineffecient and expensive, but offers quality heat and is safe Nov. 20 2008
By CM - Published on
The Edenpure is inefficient in its heating capacities and more expensive than it claims to be, but it is good quality heat and safe for children.

I bought the EdenPure Gen3 1000, which claims to heat 1,000 square feet, covering all areas of the space evenly, which is definitely a stretch of the truth. I use the EdenPure primarily as a supplemental heat source (in addition to our woodstove and oil furnace) to heat our bedroom at night, which is 144 square feet, and it just about heats that. For example, after having the EdenPure facing into the bedroom at highest temperature for 5 hours of the night, the temperature of the room in the morning (on a cold winter day) was only 64 degrees. If it were to heat 1,000 square feet, then the majority of our 1,400 square foot home should be warm, but that is not the case. I am confident other space heaters could keep a small room similarly warm for under $100 (compared to $397 for EdenPure).

I am troubled by EdenPure's claims of the expense of it only costing as much as a cup of coffee per day, that is, unless if coffee is expensive to heat! EdenPure Gen3 1000 operates at 1.236 killowatt-hours, which equates to 18 cents per hour where I live in Upstate New York. Use it 10 hours per day and expect to pay an extra 2 dollars per day in electricity. Expect to tack on 30 to 60 dollars to your electricity bill each month if you use it in the aforementioned manner.

As to the EdenPure's claim that the heat does not take the oxygen and humidity out of the air, there appears to be truth to this claim. As a sinus sufferer, I do not notice great improvement in my sinuses from using the EdenPure given its limited heat it emits, but the air does seem more moist.

However, I do believe one claim EdenPure makes that is appropriate, which is that it is safe, unlike many other space heaters. This is the primary reason I plan to keep my EdenPure Gen3 1000, despite its costs. I have three young children, all under age 4, and this heater does not get hot - ever. The grill part of the heater gets warm, but the heater as a whole does not get hot. It is not a safety risk to your home nor to your children, so that is the primary advantage of this heater, in my opinion.

Christopher Martin, Author of Having Nasal Surgery? Don't You Become An Empty Nose Victim!

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