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Freedom's Ransom
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This saga is set in the future and earth is dominated by a race of Catteni who are under the direction of the Eosi, a high race however not a better race. Kris is a wonderful heroine who gets redeposited on an alien planet with a few hundred of other humans and aliens and Zainal, who beomes the unlikely hero of these series. You find yourself in love with Zainal, once he realizes how wonderful the human race really is. Its a wonderful read as it has something for everyone. I'm myself have re-read this four book series four times already.
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on July 4, 2016
Fantastic book couldn't put it down and had to immediately buy the rest of the series. Great condition and fast delivery
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on March 27, 2013
I read the first one in the series years ago and was so happy to see that the story continued. I have always enjoyed Anna McCaffrey's novels and this series was really interesting for me. Sci-Fi.
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on August 25, 2014
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on September 4, 2002
Anne McCaffrey has become quite a good writer. If you look at the awkward writing in one of her early books, like "Dragonflight," and compare it with the superior writing in, say, "All the Weyrs," you can see the development. Ms. McCaffrey has always brought new ideas to her readers. But much of the pleasure for old fans has been seeing the level of writing improve.
Until now. The "Freedom" series has been interesting, but the ideas in it were not particularly new. It's plowed ground. Even the late L. Ron Hubbard has written a "defeat the evil alien invaders" book, although he didn't have the heroine sleeping with the enemy. Ms. McCaffrey brought her own style to the first three books, with some new twists and a sparer, more polished style than we had seen in earlier books. But in "Freedom's Ransom," the fourth book in the series, she seems to have run out of steam and skipped one or two rewrites. Not the least of her problems is that the series really concluded emotionally in the third book; this novel feels like an afterthought...
As other reviewers have noted, there is some sloppy research, and as an economics lesson, it's not going to cause Alan Greenspan any sleepless nights. And speaking of sleepless nights, there might be a few too many references to coffee in the course of the book.
Rumor has it her next book returns us to Pern. I'll look forward to it, and count this as an aberration.
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on June 20, 2002
When Catten's mercenaries who were controlled by their Esoi masters invaded Earth, the people of Terra put up a brave fight but were ultimately defeated. Dissidents by the thousands were dropped on the planet Botony and were expected to colonize that world. That they succeeded was due in large part to Zainal, a highborn Catteni who was accidentally dropped and wanted to stay.

It was Zainal's plan that led to the destruction of the Esoi and the liberation of Earth. Now, the once mighty planet must rebuild their shattered world and Zainal, along with his mate, former Denver resident, Kris Bjornsen, intends to see that this happens. He leads an expedition to Earth where they pick up some coffee and dental supplies and then heads off for the trade planet Barevi where stolen Terran goods are rotting away in greedy merchants' warehouses.

It has been almost four years since the last Freedom book was published but it was well worth the wait. FREEDOM'S RANSOM reintroduces the audience to some old and beloved characters and shows what has been happening in their lives since they were last scene. There is plenty of action especially daring feats to keep fans of space opera thrillers very happy.

Harriet Klausner
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on July 4, 2003
I'm only half-way through this book, and I'm only continuing because I hate to quit a book once I've started it. I would never have thought I would write a luke-warm review for an Anne McCaffrey book; she's my favorite fantasy author. But this book is so mediocore. I was really happy to see her continue this series, as I enjoyed the original three books. But what happened? I agree with one reviewer that it doesn't even seem like McCaffrey's writing. Since I haven't reached the end of the book, I don't know how it ends. But I hope it ENDS. I don't want to finish this and be left holding on for more.
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on July 15, 2002
I don't know if maybe Anne McCaffrey was on medication when she wrote this book, but it is far beneath her usual standard. The characters are paper thin, the internal and external dialogue are trivial to distraction, and the plot is practically non-exist. I had to force myself to turn the page...but kept hoping it would get better. I love Anne McCaffrey's work and usually just her name is enough to recommend a book, but frankly, if this was an amateur's manuscript, it would have never been published. I kept looking at the cover to see whether the author's name had magically changed.
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on September 4, 2002
I have really enjoyed reading the series but number 4 is a disappointment. There are so many other ascepts of this series that need to be explored that reading about the principal characters going out on a trading expedition for several hundred pages was not enjoyable. Hopefully number 5 and beyond will deal with things like conquered races, humans included, dropped on other Catteni worlds, are all the Eosi really gone and who are the Farmers?
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on July 1, 2002
I am a huge Anne McCaffrey fan starting with the first three Dragonriders of Pern books in junior high. I have marveled at her ability to create strong characters, particularly female characters. Since I am a fast reader, I re-read the Freedom books prior to Ransom's release. I felt that the story line was weak compared to others in the series. I did not feel it furthered the series arc, characters or the evolution of the Botany colony. While admittedly not a coffee drinker, I grew tired of the continual rhapsodizing about the beverage. While I understand what it is like to regain a favorite item after times without ( I was stationed in Korea where many items are rationed or not available) it seemed the continual references to coffee served as filler for the story.
Another thing that bothered me, rocksquats. They are referred to as being like chicken or avians. I even re-read their description from the first book. They seemed to be a cross between squirrels and hamsters, just furless. They squat on rocks and don't move much. This does not seem like a bird. I called my mother and that was how she remembered them too. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but instead of the joy I normally experience when reading her works I felt dissatisfied.
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