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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on September 11, 2013
After my Garmin 305 literally blew apart into many pieces while I was running I had to buy a new watch. My husband has a Timex and is happy with that but I have all my history on Garmin Connect so decided to go again with a Garmin. It was a tough choice as the features I wanted were found in the high priced items until I found the 310xt. I am so pleased with the quickness at which it picks up satellites and how long the battery length is. No worries if you don't charge every time. The 305 was waterproof too (until close to the end when it started going blank) but I still worried about taking it swimming. I haven't taken the 310xt swimming yet but I have that option. I don't worry about the weather anymore though. This weekend there is a tropical storm/hurricane coming just in time for a double race. Bring it on!

Pros: big face, easy to see; excellent vibration to mark kms or pace times; many options to customize; very quick on satellites and can pick up signals in trees; waterproof; solid feel; virtual partner; remote ant stick for quick uploading; like the Garmin Connect site for training history and connecting to fellow runners; the heart rate monitor picks up the signal quickly and doesn't drop it frequently like the 305 did

Cons: I have a small wrist so another watch that is huge on me; would like to have had a colour choice
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on September 9, 2011
I've now used the 310XT for two months - strapping it on while biking, swimming, running, hiking, boating, and just plain moving around. I'm pleased with its strengths, which are:
- waterproof. Nice to be able to swim with it.
- triathlon-compatible. It automatically records lap times for each of the three events, plus the transitions. I wish I could handle transitions this smoothly :-)
- easy to read. The display is large and crisp, and has a backlight for night use.
- good battery life. I can use it daily for almost 2 weeks before charging. The owners manual claims up to 20 hrs, which seems about right.

The weaknesses are:
- GPS filtering algorithm during swimming is poor. My track zig-zags around (by dozens of meters) and my speed therefore flies into impossible rates (e.g. 35 km/h). The watch knows I'm swimming (I tell it so), so it should filter the data to smooth out those impossible jumps. Note that I am referring to open-water swimming; inside in a pool it doesn't maintain much of a fix (nor would I expect it to).
- a menu structure that isn't always the easiest to remember how to navigate. Note however that the most-used functions are usually only a button-push away.

The GPS exercise monitor works well. The heart-rate monitor works well on land (you can wear it while swimming but it doesn't transmit to the watch, as expected). The GPS mapping feature is very plain, just a bread-crumb trail, but it will guide you back home if you need it to.

I find I go for more jogs and cycles now just for the fun of getting immediate feedback on my performance. The ability to compare to previous exercises helps in training.
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on May 9, 2014
I have used pulse monitor sports equipment, usually Polar, since the mid 80's. I was skeptical about the GPS based sports equipment. I did not think it track my activities accurately and I thought that the pulse monitor function would be disappointing. I pretty much wasn't fired up about my purchase.

When I received the package I found the unit intuitive and filled with possibilities. It seems solidly built and the buttons are not exposed. I have not swam with it yet but I expect it to live up to expectations and keep the water out. Cold does not seem to bother it either - I used it in -30 deg C (with wind chill several times already). Syncing to the internet based software was a breeze. Millage, distance, time and pace information while running are more than adequate for my needs. I started using the unit for all my activities - running, cycling and walking. All my activities are recorded automatically and I can view the data in many different ways.

The one thing I did not find impressive was the quality of the belt for the Heart Rate Monitor. Very cheap. It was the reason I lost HR data on several runs. Finally I swapped out the belt with the one I had for a polar RS200 monitor. The Garmin dongle fit the belt and works fine. I have been using this system for several months now with no problems and I use it every day.
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on September 29, 2014
The watch looks bulky, but it is not that heavy and it quite comfortable to wear. It has four programmable screens so that the user can decide what to display. I compared it to my Iphone 4. They show the same precision. On a 19km walk in the hills they measured 80m difference. The watch has a much more battery life than the Iphone 4. The heart rate monitor is quite useful. It takes some experimentation to find a right position on the chest, but once you determine it, it works very well. I mostly tested the watch by running around the outer edge of a track around a football field. I run total of 9 laps which is approximately 4km. It is interesting that the watch shows a difference in distance if I run clock wise or counter clock wise. The difference is about 80m over 9 laps. The watch identifies laps by position, but the lap is recorded 5-10m after I pass the start position. Sometimes, it dos not record the correct start position, but later it follows the track. When I looked at the map, the lines I supposedly run were to the south east of the actual track. It may be that the map is off, or that the GPS is off. The precision of the GPS usually shows +-4m in the open field and +- 5-6m on the street (low rise houses and trees). The measuring of the speed is pretty good. The watch tends to overshoot by a few meters when I change the direction, but not by much. It seems to be more precise with lower speeds. The watch has map preview, it can zoom the map, but guess what, it cannot move the map up and down and left and right, so that map preview is useless.
The online software is decent but far from great. One of the biggest problems is that you cannot view your older runs with maps and statistics unless you have your watch connected. Yes, it is that stupid. You cannot go to your friend's house, log on on the Garmin web site and show your runs if you do not have your watch , Ant Stick and software installed.
Bottom line. I find the watch useful and much more convenient than Iphone I wear around my wrist. It has more features than RunKeeper for Iphone, but Garmin web site is inferior to Runkeeper. The watch is definitely worth $200 I paid for it. Those on a tight budget, will do well enough with a smart phone wrapped around the wrist or upper arm.
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on February 3, 2014
Bought it on special price, Amazon did a great delivery service, order on Friday, received on Tuesday without additional charge.
For the heart rate monitor, it is the 2nd one I have, the first one I got (other brand) did not read my heart rate, so I was sort of worry if this one will be same, but this one is great, quick detection of the heart rate sensor & satellite signal; if you want to get the most of the function, you really need to download the manual from Garmin.
Since it has the ANT stick for Garmin Connect web page, it pushes me to beat my own record, it even shorten my exercise time (run 10K quicker).
Great product (just a little too big for me)!
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on June 18, 2014
I only use this for running. The ability to upload your data and analyze it on Garmin's website is very useful. Nice to have a record of your runs, times, etc--with details like weather conditions being supplied automatically. The GPS can sometimes take a long time to get a location (like, minutes), but to me this isn't a big deal. This watch has lots of options for what data to display, and can also be easily configured for custom workouts, such as run/walk routines. Heart rate monitor works well and adds more useful info to help you train smarter.
This watch is HUGE. It is thick, with an enormous square face. It feels ridiculous having it on your wrist--upper arm would be more to scale, if less convenient.
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on May 14, 2014
I've been using this watch for about a month now and I really like it. It looks big and bulky but it is a very comfortable watch to wear. I really like the multisport feature on the 310xt which is one of the main reasons I bought it. The GPS is very accurate and the battery life is also very good. The only thing I'm not 100% happy with is the ANT+ connectivity to my PC. Garmin express does not work at all so you have to upload with the ANT+ agent which doesn't always see my device. I have to either restart ANT+ agent or unplug and plug in the USB stick. It would have been nice if the charging USB cable could download the data but alas I have to deal with the finicky wireless upload. Overall, the pros significantly outweigh the cons, great watch for a great price!
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on September 22, 2011
Watch is great. I previously had another Garmin watch but the battery life was not long enough for some of the trail runs that I do. The heart rate monitor with this watch is also more comfortable than that associated with some of the other Garmin watches.
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on August 7, 2014
I bought this because my beloved Garmin 305 just died after about 4.5 years of use. So far (after about 2 weeks plus) I love it and use it with Garmin Connect to make workouts and record my training. The battery definitely lasts a lot longer on this one, It went one week before my first recharge. It also captures and holds the satellite a lot better than the 305. No regrets on this purchase so far.
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on November 3, 2014
Although this watch picks up satellites quickly, is waterproof, and has a longer battery life than the Garmin Forerunner 305 I'm really not very happy with it. The 305 has TWO separate data pages whereas this one has only one data page that can show four different windows of data. The 310XT comes with a little ANT plug in so that you can (supposedly) upload your data wirelessly to the computer BUT this feature is totally unreliable. Syncing stops unexpectantly or it's not available at all. With my previous GPS watch (the Garmin 305) I never had a problem uploading my data using a USP cable but this 310XT is not recognized by Garmin Training Center, the software that I used for my Garmin Forerunner 305. I am very disappointed with this product and had I known what a pain it would prove to be to get all the data onto my computer I never would have purchased this watch. I would have selected another brand.
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