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Guild Wars Trilogy with Guild War Factions, Nightfall plus Golem Hero

Platform : Windows Vista, Windows XP
3.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review

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  • Game / Platform:PC
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System Requirements

  • Platform:   Windows Vista / XP
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 19 x 0.6 cm ; 136 g
  • ASIN: B001DI6O6C
  • Release Date: May 19 2009
  • Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #719 in Software (See Top 100 in Software)
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Product Description

Step into Guild Wars, the award-winning fantasy online role-playing game enjoyed by millions of players. For the first time ever, Guild Wars Trilogy combines Guild Wars, Factions, and Nightfall into a single amazing experience. Begin in Guild Wars on the continent of Tyria where the human kingdoms are under attack by the vicious Charr. Journey on to the ancient continent of Cantha in Factions, a land torn apart by political strife, and threatened by the restless spirit of a long-dead traitor. Lastly, explore exotic Elona in Nightfall, where players must do battle against a god to save the land from descending into eternal night.

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All "three" games actually came on one cd, which was unexpected but a very nice touch.
It was as described - allways a good thing.
I personally did not find the game very fun.
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Amazon.com: HASH(0xa38a6f00) out of 5 stars 87 reviews
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HASH(0xa380581c) out of 5 stars Great collection Sept. 26 2008
By Scott Schimmel - Published on Amazon.com
This is the three main campaigns of Guild Wars (Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall) bundled together. It doesn't include the Eye of the North expansion.

It's a very nice price, especially since Guild Wars has no subscription fee. Each of these games features a pretty strong story, a lot of side quests, and extra endgame dungeons to explore once you've finished the main storyline. There's enough content here to keep you busy for a pretty long time.

There's also something for everyone:

Prophecies starts out slowly and features an extended tutorial and low degree of difficulty for quite a few hours, for those new to MMORPGs or to Guild Wars.

Factions starts out at a much higher difficulty level, and its rewards can bring a character to the level cap in just a couple of hours, for more experienced players.

Nightfall strikes a solid middle ground as far as difficulty and leveling speed go, and introduces the NPC "hero" allies, who are superior to the henchmen the other games feature.
24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa3805774) out of 5 stars I'm hooked! Nov. 2 2008
By Austintacious - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
This is an amazing game. I enjoy being able to play the majority of the game on my own, but there are times when you need to ask other "real people" to join your party. At first I was a little shy to do so, though I soon realized there are quite a few players that can teach you new tricks in getting around or ways of doing battle. Now I am hooked on the whole thing and look forward to playing whenever I can. I'm still on the first game (Prophecies) and know that I will enjoy playing Factions and Nightfall just as much. The graphics continue to amaze me and the storyline is awesome. I highly recommend this game to people who enjoy Sim type RPGs...you won't be disappointed. And you might make a few new friends along the way!
20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa345fa98) out of 5 stars Most advanced MMO of its time, and still up on top April 21 2011
By Jin Oh - Published on Amazon.com
I played Guild Wars before Factions was released, and just got back to the game last week with this Trilogy. After all these years, I'm still impressed. Guild Wars is in so many ways the least-irritating, most user-friendly MMORPG ever. Anyone who has ever had another favorite MMO has to admit that most MMORPGs, while sometimes more immersive and addicting than GW, are designed to keep you down and in the pits as a poor, lowly noob unless you spend 3+ years and hundreds or thousands of $$ on your character(s).

Other MMO: "Oh, you want to re-stat? You need a $10 cash item."
Guild Wars: Just go to town and press K.

Other MMO: "You want to travel faster? Take 4 months to level up to 50 first, then you can buy a horse - if you're rich."
Guild Wars: Just press M to teleport to any town you've previously been to.

Other MMO: "So you want to kill a boss, eh? Wait 12 hours for the next spawn."
Guild Wars: Every field/dungeon/mission is your own repeatable instance.

Other MMO: "So you want to PVP? Level up for 2 years first."
Guild Wars: Create PVP-only character, or teleport your PVE character to the arenas.

Other MMO: "Wanna farm? Share the spawn with that other party over there."
Guild Wars: Every field/dungeon/mission is your own repeatable instance.

Other MMO: "Need to learn how to PVP? Go elsewhere."
Guild Wars: Press B to observe guild battles, click any character to watch closely.

Other MMO: "Running out of health potions? Good luck farming for gold then."
Guild Wars: Take along a monk henchie or hero. Potions are unneeded and do not exist - health and mana regen completely if you don't fight for ~30 seconds. Yes, they regen while you run to the next spawn.

Other MMO: "Awwww, your character died? You just lost 5% of your level. Too bad."
Guild Wars: 15% temporary death penalty to stats.

Just so many good things to say about GW, as you see. My complaints about other MMOs stem from more than a decade of various games. GW's still not perfect - auction systems (Trader NPCs) do exist but I wish they had some for equipment as well, and an auto-loot option for days when my building internet lags. Overall, though, it feels so.... LOGICAL to be playing GW. :)
17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa3598a2c) out of 5 stars This game is fun and addicting! March 29 2011
By Raven - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
You don't pay a monthly fee for access to the game. You just pay for the game itself and that's it but don't buy a used game. Because once the access key has been used by a person, it's no longer valid. Each key is an account and you only get one account per key but you can have anywhere from 4 to 8 characters. Depending on how many expansion packs you have installed. But you can only play one character at a time. You cannot play one character on one computer and have someone play another character at the same time on another computer if both characters are from the same account.
If you and a housemate want to play the game at the same time together or even separately, you'll need two different accounts.

I've never played an online game before and never thought I'd get into any. I didn't know this was an online game when I purchased it but it installed and I soon found out that I was in a world where other, real live people were too. (towns and outposts without inviting them into your party formation)
Everyone talks to each other through a chat window on the bottom of the screen. You can turn it off and just have private conversations with just the people in your party or you can pm or whisper anyone for a totally private conversation.
And then they have Guilds. Guilds are where a group of people are on the same team together. They get their own capes and in some cases they have their own outpost or town where they can hang out and they can have the Guild's alliances to that team come and visit also. These Guilds play against other Guilds in PvP (player against player) challenges. And they'll also help you more readily on quests and missions you may want to do.

You can play against computer animated monsters (PvE) in the explorable areas or you can play against other players through PvP.

I was a little shy when first starting the game. Being use to playing games on my own so I kept to myself. In some of the quests, you really need other people to help you. If you're too shy to ask someone to help you then they have henchmen who are computer animated characters who you can choose inside the town or outpost to go out and help you. Each henchman has a different skill. You choose which skills are most necessary for the adventure you'll be going on. The characters or henchmen are about the same level as you but no more or less than five levels away from you...I don't think. I'm pretty sure how it works itself out but there is a way to be on a level way higher than they are but I don't think you can do the opposite of being on a very low level and the henchmen being on a very high level.

I played with my henchies for most of my character leveling up. You can only level up to 20. I'm not too crazy about that but they have a reason for that to make it fair when you go to play the PvP challenges. You earn or buy skills for your chosen profession and second profession.

By buying, I mean, in game gold coin buying. You're not actually paying any money for the new skills. Your character makes game money or coins through fighting monsters and going on quests and missions. With that money you can upgrade your armor, weapons ( I wouldn't recommend because monsters drop a lot of the weapons they have for sale )
or buy other stuff that will help you break down stuff monsters drop (salvaging kits) and you pick up into materials you can use to make armor or other rarer materials that you can also use for armor or to trade for coins or to collect to better your weapon or upgrade your armor. You can also buy runes to upgrade your armor and attributes.

There are regular skills and then there are elite skills that you steal from bosses with a skill that allows you to capture any bosses skill of the same profession or second profession you are and some of these skills are elite skills. They're better skills than the ones you can buy from the skill merchant.

It came to a point where I was leveled way higher than the henchies at the outposts I had access to but I still wasn't able to fight off certain monsters in the explorable areas. I had to jump in and ask for help. I got a response from someone I never met before, they joined my party and they went out and helped me finish my quest. It was fun because they could "talk" to me as we were walking and they were much different to play with than the henches because the henches just basically follow you around and follow your lead but with other real live people working the characters, interesting things can happen and you learn stuff from them.
Most people are nice, some are rude. Sometimes you get a response for a help request, other times you get crickets chirping. It's also nice to offer your help to anyone who may need it. I like going to places that I've already been to and done all the quests and missions and ask anyone if they need any help.

I enjoy this game because if I want to play alone, I can play alone with my henches or heroes. Heroes are characters who you can have on your team that are not henchmen. You unlock them through doing quests. But you have to upgrade their armor, take care of their skills, decide which ones they're going to use, get new skills for them through merchants who will give them to you if the hero has enough skill points to spend, if not than you'll have to buy them for them. And you also have to get them weapons if you don't want their default weapons, which usually aren't very good ones. You can choose their second profession for them also and change their second profession on a whim in any outpost or town.
I can also play this game with other people. People I don't know or people who I do know. I got my niece the game and we can meet in an outpost or town (as our characters) and we go off and fight monsters together.

I like this game and would recommend it to someone who's never played an online game before. I was a die hard do it yourselfer when it came to my games. In my own little world, living out my pixel fantasies. But this adds something more to the game. It's cool to have someone in an outpost or town set off fireworks or to come up to you and start dancing or start a conversation with you out of nowhere. Some people, every once in awhile, will just follow you around for no reason.

There are towns/outposts and there are explorable areas. You don't "see" anyone you haven't invited in the explorable areas. It's your own game there. You have to invite or be invited into a party to have other live people play with you in your party formation.
And then there's the PvP section where two team fight against each other in battles. I haven't' really gotten into that area yet. I'm still a little unsure of my skills to be playing against other live players even though I've leveled up to 20. It's not something I have to do but it's there if I want to try it. It has it's own set of benefits like unlocking skills, getting tons of money and recognition. But like I said, I don't spend too much time in that area, hardly any time at all, so I really can't go into that and explain it to you like others could who do the PvP all the time.
22 of 24 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa34391b0) out of 5 stars Simply Amazing...and no monthly fee!! Oct. 23 2008
By Horia - Published on Amazon.com
I'll speak for the millions of fans that play and love this game when I say that buying this GW Trilogy set should be a no brainer. All three of these games overlap and allow your characters to explore huge continents of amazingly rendered and artistically jaw dropping environments. The journey of building your character from a mere citizen of Tyria to a powerful, skilled hero, along with the welcoming online community of players that make up the denizens of the Guild Wars universe makes this one of the richest game experiences out there. Bundle it all up for under $49 dollars, not to mention the fact that this is a fully fledged MMORPG with no monthly payment, and you've got a hands down must have for you or anybody on your gift list :)

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