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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on December 5, 2011
one of the best punk cd's ever made without a doubt...if you know anything about punk at all you know that this cd is by far one of the best, just like ever other lagwagon cd..i've been listening to lagwagon since 1994 and i still love them just as much as i did back then...there the reason i starting playing music myself years ago...this cd is fast, energetic and perfect for PIT...and anyone who hasn't seen lagwagon before should go see them right away cause you're missing out...i've seen them 6 times and every single time was a ridicoulous....if you come out of the concert cut up and sweating, you know you had a blast....LAGWAGON, is by far one of the best punk bands EVER in my opinion,, they never get old...cheers ps..if you ever hit up a show hook the caper up with a smoke he really appreciate that!!!
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on January 10, 2001
Ok, now this is the complete truth... this CD (even though, it's my second most favorite CD, next to Unwritten Law's self titled), is not Lagwagon's best! I love this CD like crazy, but and it is an awesome CD, but if you've never heard Lagwagon before buy "Let's Talk About Feelings" first. That one will get you hooked, then come back and buy this one. "Let's Talk About Feelings" will get you hooked, "Hoss" will keep you hooked.
Now, in everything made by Lagwagon, and you will notice this from the start, isn't like anything from any other band. The vocals are unmatched anywhere... just listen to his voice... have you ever heard a voice like that?! If you ever dreamed of the best of the best coming together and making one band, his voice would definitely be in there, or at least right next to the guy from Strung Out! The lyrics, just superb... easy to sing to, and never annoying... you could play the songs over and over and still want to keep playing them over and over. The drums, are not as mature as later albums, but still great in their prime (They're awesome here and definitely get better through time). The drums are never repetitive in this album or any of their others... that's what makes them so much more easier to get hooked on! The guitars... oh... just... well, you gotta hear em for yourself... only thing is, the best show of their mastery of guitars is in the song 'Sick'... i guess if you really want to hear it before you buy, try looking for a sample elsewhere, or just listen to the samples here and trust in the ratings of this CD... but believe me and everyone else in these reviews.
If you like these samples, you'll love the rest of the songs... besides, you'll never know unless you buy it, and with Lagwagon you can't go wrong!
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on August 5, 2003
This was my second lagwagon album after Trashed. (which I thought was excellent)At first I thought this cd was good, but not great and way different than Trashed and Duh. (I had downloaded a few songs off Duh before)After months of listening to Hoss every now and then, it really did get boring. I really always listened to the same songs every time. (Name Dropping,Razor Burn,Black eyes, the ending of violins and sleep.)It really is more melodic/poppier than lagwagons first two releases. I still like melodic punk but the melodic punk on this wasn't even that great. The music on DP,Feelings and leftovers that i had heard before, were more impresive than the majority of songs on Hoss. In my opinion the stuff on Trashed, Duh and DP is the best.
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on December 27, 2001
Hoss is by far the greatest punk album ever. I have played this cd for many people in my life and have never met anyone that disliked this music. Not even my dad. The Melodic Punk music that is Lagwagon emulates from Joey's amazing voice and creative yet poignant lyrics and continues through the fantastic guitars and bass of Chris, Leon and Jessie. The music flows from beginning to end, from song to song, and there is not one song that you will ever want to turn off before it is completed. If you like punk music and don't already know of Lagwagon or haven't yet heard this album, I promise you that purchasing this will change your life. I give this cd 10 stars and highly recommend it for any music fan!
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on August 11, 2002
Lagwagon can do no wrong!...well, so maybe the cover of "Mama Said Knock You Out" added as an extra track on Trashed wasn't so hot, but still... The band's third full-length is another great cd, and is a breath of fresh air thanks to all the critics who said they had that "NOFX sound" on their first two outtings. Some time off has led to a different sound than their past two albums. The real stand-outs here are "Violins", "Move the Car", "Sleep", "Sick", "Razor Burn"...I might as well name all the tracks, huh? Definitely worth your hard earned money.
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on June 15, 2000
Even if you are a crotchety old punk rock curmudgeon, you still hafta like this album. Lagwagon had been around awhile prior to this one and had some good releases, but this was when that "Epi-Fat" sound was really breaking out and thus all the more compelling. Very catchy tunes with surprisingly witty, insightful lyrics in a power-pop-punk package make it an irresistable recording. It's a shame that they would go on to change their sound and head toward a slicker, dumber Blink182 type sound. Get this one and remember pop-punk before the avalanche.
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on March 17, 2002
This is by far one of the best cd's i have ever heard along with big daddy multitude by mustard plug, it has all the energy of punk and you never get bored of it, it takes a few listens to get really into it though. I hope the punk mainstream soon stops and also hope people would'nt compare lagwagon to nofx for one it gives them a stupid amount of publicity due to nofx been so popular and for another they both sound different to each other, this album has some really good guitar on it aswell only Trashed is better for that.
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on July 19, 2003
I never really liked trashed so when this came out i was hoping Lagwagon wouldnt take the direction of trashed, they just went in a complete u turn and released one of the great punk albums around today all the songs are good on this album, lagwagon are still releaseing quality music today which is why they are one of the greatest punk bands to be around today in my opinion. There is a lack of Lagwagon guitar sols on this but the music rocks so who cares really..
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on November 9, 1998
Althought this album doesn't have a song to top the two most gr**ving beautiful distopic tunes on fear and loathing in Isla Vista, CA that we heard on 92's "DUH" ("Angry Days") and 94's "Trashed" ("Know It All" -- take that KCSB!), it is no doubt the Wagon's strongest overall offering to date.
Even that mythical beast -- the so-called "punk purist" -- has gotta get out and shake his butt to this one!
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on September 18, 2000
Lagwagon's "Hoss" was probably the easiest album to like. All the songs are catchy and melodic. The sound of the music is a little bit of pop, a little bit of hardcore, and a whole lot of punk. The best songs on "Hoss" are "Violins" and "Name Dropping", and then of course there is "Bro Independent", my new favorite song. Whether you like pop-punk or hardcore, you should still by this album.
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