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4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 15, 2002
This is a wonderful book that is full of not just great ideas but how to uses what you have. More important is, knowing how it works.
First the down side, the book seems geared mainly at the higher end Clie's. With add-on's most Clie's will do the same thing. What's that foreign object on page 158? (Palm V). The book reads like a big advertisement for top-end Clie's.
Now the good stuff:
This book covers:
• Learn about the different Clie models and choose the right one for you
• Connect your Clie to a PC to synchronize
• Enter text and numbers with the Graffiti handwriting system
• Manage your appointments with the built-in Date Book
• Use the Address Book to maintain a comprehensive contact list
• Take detailed notes and export them to Microsoft Word And Other applications
• Master Clie security and search feature
• Assemble the ultimate road-warrior survival kit for your Clie
• Connect your Clie to a cell Phone or modem for e-mail and Web access
• Turn your Clie into a mobile office and leave the laptop behind
• Exchange documents between your Clie and Windows applications such as Word and Excel
• Learn about X-Master and other valuable Clie utilities
• Track your Stocks, expenses, and billable hours
• Discover different and better ways to enter data into your Clie
• Capture and view digital photos and movies
• User your handheld as a TV guide and universal remote
• Download and play great games
• Find and read e-books on your Clie
• Learn about working with Memory stick media
• Expand and enhance your Clie with keyboards, cases, and other accessories
Chapter 22 on the memory stick was worth the book alone. Several places have valuable web addresses.
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on December 15, 2002
I bought my first Palm device, a Sony Clie, a few months ago and have been using it with limited success since that time.
I purchased the above book several days ago and have found it to be very helpful to me in learning about Palm devices, and the Sony Clie, in particular.
I have the following comments:
1. The book covers all of the Sony Clie line of PDAs that have been released up to Sept 2002.
2. It concentrates on version 4.1 of the Palm OS.
3. It covers all of the major Palm programs. I found that, although I have been using my Clie for a few months now, that the book had many new and helpful hints on each and every program. For example, I learned a few tricks to make graffiti writing easier. It also pointed out new uses for the PDA, which hadn't occurred to me before.
4. There is good coverage on many extra programs that the Clie can handle. I had been interested in getiing some information on how to use the Clie for reading E-books. It covers that topic very nicely. The book also provides a lot of information on Games, hacks, utilities,other add-on programs, the use of memory sticks, and on many other topics. It is written in an easy to understand style, and is very helpful to me, a near-novice.
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on June 6, 2003
I purchased this book when I bought the Sony Clie T-655. Even though this book is mostly about the NR70v it helped me understand how my clie funtioned tips, websites, suppliers it has it all. I have upgraded to NX70v and It is just as helpful if not more then before. There is nothing that this book does not cover and I even mean the dumb mistakes beginners make and what the Clie book doesnt have in it. So if you own a sony clie it is worth every penny for all the info is used in every aspect of your clie. Now I hope they come up with a newer version for the OS.5. thanks Guys for a great book. would be lost without it.!! Dr.
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on February 15, 2004
For the Clie' owner this is a must have reference. It not only expounds on what is in your Sony manual but has loads of practical advice and tips for Clie' use, references to sites for inexpensive hardware/software, and 3rd party software that you can purchase knowing that it will work with your Clie'.
The book is well written and frequently humorous (think Siscal and Ebert...or Roper). The authors do not make the assumption that you already know all the basics of PDA's. The basics are there to read if you need them. This book pays for itself!
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on January 17, 2003
Incredibly lightweight list of things to do with the clie. In most cases the book barely scratches the surface. For example. to browse the internet with your clie and a cell phone, we are told you need a cable. You apparently need to construct the cable from two commonly available cables. The authors provide a half page on sources for the two commonly available cables, but no instructions on what to do with cables or clie once you have acquired them. A few useful ideas, so it gets three stars, but basically a waste of time and money.
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on February 2, 2004
Some people had given bad reviwer to this book, but to make honor to the true, this book give you what it offer. Ofcourse it does not give you everything about your PDA, that's imposible for el printed material in the computer field. other than that the writer maked a very ease to follow and joyful book to read, if your an expert PDA user or have had a lot of expirense with your PDA you do not need ANY book to teach you or guide you on how to use it. otherwise this is a most have book. I give it a buy it! Review
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on March 27, 2003
I bought my first PDA, a Sony Clie SJ-20 on Amazon a few months ago and saw where someone recommended buying this book along with it, which I opted to do. This turned out to be a great decision! This book is great for a novice PDA user. It does a great job of covering the basics, which the Sony Clie instructions really don't, as well as tons of advanced (and well explained) suggestions and additions of other software and hacks that you can add on to make your Clie using experience even better.
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on March 20, 2003
This book is another of a great series on the PDA. The authors have covered just about everything there is to say about the CLIE. I found the material well written and easy to understand, as I did with their previous books. Questions are answered before you even think to ask them. I give this book a "heads up" and recommend it to anyone who is either comtemplating or has purchased the CLIE.
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on December 31, 2002
I bought these guys other book about mp3 and loved it, so I was glad to find one about my new Clie! In fact I'm writing this on it, which I learned to do in the book. There is tons of great stuff in here that I never would have figured out on my own. Plus it's very funny in places. Write more tech books, guys!!
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on November 28, 2003
I am an experienced Clie user and I did not find this book very useful at all. If you are a NEW PDA user, then this book might be for you. All others, leave it at the bookstore!
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