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Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial supplies are used to clean and maintain work and home environments. Commercial cleaning supplies and supplies used by homeowners include general cleaning supplies, equipment & fixtures, personal care items, and waste receptacles & liners. Janitorial supply products commonly include business essentials that are routinely re-stocked, such as all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, and disposal wipes. Janitor-housekeeping carts can have various material types, shelving, handle types, capacity, dimensions, colors, and the ability to hold trash bags or other waste-collection containers. Janitorial supply products include personal care items, such as facial tissues, hand soap, paper towels, sanitizers, and toilet paper. Janitorial supplies also include equipment & fixtures, such as baby-changing tables, carpet sweepers, floor polishers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, soap & lotion dispensers, toilet bowls, toilet paper dispensers, toilet seat dispensers, and urinals. Personal care items, such as facial tissues, hand soap, paper towels, sanitizers, and toilet paper are commonly used janitorial supplies. Janitorial supply products also include maintenance products, such as waste receptacles & liners. A trash can, recycling container, rollout trash can, and commercial trash bin are commonly used Rubbermaid Commercial Products. These Rubbermaid Commercial Products come in a variety of capacities, shapes, dimensions, materials, and colors. Smoking receptacles include an array of products used to contain cigarette waste. Smoking receptacles come in many capacities, types, dimensions, and material types. Janitorial supplies, used by professionals and in private applications, are necessary to maintain and clean work areas and provide personal care.