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Quickbooks Premier 2013

Platform : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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  • Platform:   Windows 7 / 8 / XP / Vista
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Product Description

With QuickBooks Premier 2013, you can enjoy all of the features of QuickBooks Pro but with advanced reporting and tools for your specific industry. This software is simple to use and gives you an easy way to organize all of your accounting information all in one place. You can make better decisions with the business planning tools as you easily create invoices, track sale and expenses, and get complete and reliable records at tax time. QuickBooks Premier 2013 provides you with all of the important industry-specific information you need right at your fingertips.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews on (beta) HASH(0xa58dc690) out of 5 stars 102 reviews
109 of 110 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa5918294) out of 5 stars Not a good revamp at all Oct. 17 2012
By P.Clough - Published on
Format: Software Verified Purchase
I have been using QuickBooks Premier 2010 quite happily for a couple of years now (and previous versions for 15 years before that) but I need to upgrade to a three user license - I thought that since I have to buy two more licenses anyway and they all have to be the same version, this would be the time to upgrade - I ordered one copy of the newly released Premier 2013 to try out.
I am glad I only ordered one - This is awful!
I just returned it today under the 60 day satisfaction guarantee and ordered Premier 2012 which, hopefully, judging by my research online, does not suck so bad. If 2012 works out when I receive it, I will snag two more copies before they are fully superseded.
The deal killer in 2013 is the 'new' interface - Everything else seems to work just like my 2010 version only illegibly. In other words, 'upgrade' only if you think your current interface is too friendly.
The first major disaster in this version is the light-gray text and icons on a dark-gray background which make you have to squint and lean into the monitor to make out.
The second disaster is the size of the font and text spacing on the sub-pages is HUGE. I have a standard 1920x1200 monitor and i like to keep my reminders window to no more than a screen size tall - In other words, I like to see all my current information in one all-encompassing view. After converting to 2013, I have to page down TWICE to see the exact same information as in my pre-converted 2010 version.
Aside from those two points, there are a lot of smaller things - Gray forms that make the text on them hard to read, awkward ribbon navigation which could be entertaining if you like to play hide and seek with your icons.

One other interesting thing another reviewer pointed out - If you look at all the people that give this version five stars and check out what they have reviewed in the past, most of them have only ever reviewed Intuit Quickbooks products and given them five stars. Coincidence???? Unlikely!

I know double entry bookkeeping has not changed hardly at all since it was first codified in the 15th century and Intuit has to turn out a new version of their accounting software every year and this disconnect must inevitably lead to some creative thinking on Intuits part but this is too much. Could they not just say "Hey! we cannot think of anything new this year so we will skip 2013 and hopefully, we will have some more positive ideas of 2014 - Thanks for your support".

Update - I did replace the hideous 2013 with 2012 - Way better - Not a compelling upgrade from my old 2010 but no negatives as far as I can see.
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HASH(0xa59184e0) out of 5 stars i would love to be a fly on the wall at intuit... Oct. 31 2012
By Urby - Published on
I have held off upgrading my 2010 version for 2.5 years now because you simply cannot trust what is coming down the pike. It is also REMARKABLE how disconnected they are to the customer base at times. Like no other company i have seen. The swath of changes that comes with each version of windows irks me at first sometimes, but i typically fall in line and learn to like them, if not better than the old.

here ya go intuit:

how about working on a way to make pretty financial reports that doesn't cost $300 in the accountant edition?
how about a single button to quickly re-size report columns so the std reports don't look like there was a paper jam in the printer?
how about some general options to right align numbers in columns and make reports readable?
how about allowing excel to export the same report data to a preconfigured excel template each month to show management?
how about making the java based online banking, multi-transaction interface usable without having to expand 3 colums just to read anything?

i think the graphics people at intuit must be spatially challenged.

i finally switched to quicken for my personal finances because the data entry is so much faster and buidling financial statements by account (although no picnic) is at least POSSIBLE.

seriously though, my gripes are somewhat subjective. i wonder what happens when the stuff hits the fan at Intuit each fall when they roll out a winner like the new color-scheme. are there mass firings? is the creative director dragged through the hallways!?!? LOL! i am so curious. obviously, the strategic direction does not change very much!! keep up the good work guys. there's no other real option out there. so i will continue to be a begrudging customer every few years. what a wonderful client relationship!
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HASH(0xa5918798) out of 5 stars They Fixed the Color Scheme, See my Update, Where Else are You Going to Go? Nov. 11 2012
By Bob Feeser - Published on
Format: Software Vine Customer Review of Free Product
Many reviews comment on the color scheme. At first I was skeptical about what they meant, but after using the program; yes it is a problem. I am going to cover that as well as several other points important to know.

Back up your company files right before loading the new version 2013. It only takes a second, and makes your test drive easily reversible.

You have a choice of jumping off of the diving board by loading the new version of QB 2013 by overwriting the old version, and then converting your existing company files but unconverting them, and restoring them is a major hassle. So the following is important to know.

You can run both versions of QuickBooks (in my case 2010 and 2013) concurrently/at the same time. So you are keeping your old version of QuickBooks intact while you try out the new one. (They currently have a 60 day return policy so take it for a test drive) This is important. When installing it asks you, "Do you want to overwrite your old version?" If you want to test it out and not go through the rigamarole of reconverting, or restoring your old version in case you want to send the new version back, say NO by choosing the option above it in order to write it to a new location. They already have a folder designated to do that when you choose that option and it is called "QuickBooks 2013". Don't worry about choosing your industry edition; you can always change it later from within QuickBooks. Note: If you install it on more than one computer you must install the same industry edition. This way you can try QuickBooks without over writing your existing version, OR converting your current company files over to the 2013 version either. So play with the sample file, or do as I did if you are creating a new company in addition to the old one. So with both version running and open, if I have an order from a customer from one company I can process it without having to open and close companies to access it. In plain words I have one click access to both companies. So both Qbooks versions are open, and both companies are open at the same time. That is something you cannot do if you only have one version of QuickBooks. You can however have two companies open if you install QB into a laptop also. (They allow you one other install but only if you use the same industry edition. So for example if you have a manufacturing company and a retail business they have different industry editions)

So now onto the three pound monster; the color schemes. In 2012 you had the option of choosing an assortment of color schemes. You don't have that option in 2013. That wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that they chose colors that create headaches; well at least in some people. I love the way 2010 looks. It is reminiscent of Outlook 2007 with its soft blues and grays. It is pleasant to look at and easy to read. 2013 has the same icons and choices (how are they going to improve on something in any major way that has been through a zillion years of tweaking to make it Intuit-ive?) BUT they changed it slightly with the biggest problem as I see it (no pun intended) is they included black backgrounds with reversed out white letters. Our eyes get adjusted to that, and then on the same page they have these super soft letters on a bright background which is a seismic shift. I can see what they mean that this could give you a headache after awhile. So I thought I would convert it some by minimizing the left side navigation pane, which is easy to do with one click of the mouse, but the problem is that when you use any one of the features such as invoicing, credit memos, estimates etc up comes those screens with the same black header reversed out and you can't change that. On a cerebral-vision basis it is not conducive to reducing the workload, but rather increasing it. Your eyes and vision set have to constantly readjust depending on which part of the page you are focusing on. As soon as you open the program and spend a few minutes with it, you immediate feeling will be how do I change the black headers only to find out you can't. The headers also give you a feeling of the old DOS days; it is real basic and the level of graphics is Neanderthal. The rest of the work area is fine. I don't have any problem with soft lettering, or the nicely colored icons; just change the headers, and/or include some color scheme changes.
What else is there?

I have been using Intuit products since the DOS days in the 80's. Easy to use, intuitive, and great for small businesses. There is no way they are not going to fix this. There are too many people complaining about it. It will have a devastating effect on sales. Intuit is the best and I am sure they will be updating by re-creating the color scheme choice like they had in 2012, or at the very least go back to the pleasant default color scheme in some earlier versions. If they don't hold onto your 2012 version because they are going to become more and more valuable especially if Intuit stops making the 2012 version.

UPDATE: Okay I am going to have to tip my hat because Intuit did "correct" the problem. Why do I put quotes around correct? I don't want to nit pick but I have to be critical. What they did with R6 free update (R9 is out now) is "Company File Color Scheme" option is introduced in the "Desktop View" preference to allow users to change the color of the title bar and the border of QuickBooks windows for a particular company file, which will help users to differentiate between multiple company files. This preference will be replacing the "Company Color Flag" preference introduced in R4 release. We are offering 14 different "Company File Color Scheme" options to apply on various company files. This is a user level preference, which essentially means that various users connected to the same company file can select different colors. (R6)

That was a copy and paste from Intuit of the improvement. What it means is that the title bars have been made adjustable into some really nice colors. My main concern was how the large black background area with white text was creating an eye set, if I can use that expression which was pretty bold, and then you had to re-adjust your eyes in order to see the fine print in lighted out gray in the forms etc. So it was a headache waiting to happen. At first I dismissed others comments but then saw exactly what they were saying, and had to agree with them. So what did Intuit do? They did not get rid of the large black background to the main menu on the left, BUT you can minimize that so it is a small border on the left side of the screen. Then they gave you this option to change the title bar color options with some beautiful colors, while at the same time changing the title bar titles themselves into all caps to help balance the visibility out. All in all it is very useable now.

In all fairness in my 2010 version the invoices for example have black backgrounds with white letters in the inner title bars but the black bars are a lot thinner. 2013 has large black bars still. BUT with the other changes it is very manageable, and I would now have to say that I give the whole program a triple thumbs up and 5 stars. I also must admit that the left main menu is easier to read with a black background and white letters, rather than a lesser contrast option so they did good. The fact that you can minimize that whole window, and then you are working almost exclusively in your color choice (and the ones they give you are beautiful) makes this a top drawer program. I am once again in love with Quickbooks, yes even the 2013 version.
27 of 28 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa5918b28) out of 5 stars 2012 is much better...don't waste your money Dec 11 2012
By MHR - Published on
I have a paid subscription where I'm mailed the new version automatically every year. I think the ease of use in 2013 has deteriorated with this new version. The color schemes that were available in 2012 and earlier that allowed you to color the desktop of different companies have been virtually eliminated. The desktop colors basically became a glaring black and off-white color that is very hard on your eyes. With the masses of negative feedback Intuit released an R4 update that allowed users to change only the black background color of the top icon bar and also added this little tiny (about a quarter inch wide) flag that shows up at the very top of the screen that, in my opinion is ineffective as a quick visual aid to differentiate between companies. It is a graded color (getting darker as it goes down) so it blends in with the black color that you can't change.

The font size is a disaster as well. They have increased the size and kept the window size the same as before, so you see much less data. They've even reduced the sizes of some field like the memo line when receiving payments to as little as 15 characters. You end up with masses of unused/unutilized desktop space which adds up to a lot of lost time scrolling through data or having to hover over fields and waiting the second or two for the data to show.

I would suggest if you need to upgrade, don't go higher than version 2012. What little improvements they made are way outweighed by the negative changes in the desktop and entry forms.
26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa59182dc) out of 5 stars Worst upgrade ever for Intuit Oct. 24 2012
By DaniB - Published on
I'm not going to rehash everyone's comments but I will confirm them. I have the Enterprise version and have been using a form of Quickbooks since 1989. This is the worst upgrade to a program I've ever seen. I have ADD and color coding and larger icons are very useful to me. The grey tones just don't work for me. The fact that my shortcuts are now hidden inside one of 5 tabs makes them no longer short cuts. Text is too large for sure. I have two monitors so I can work with two company files at a time and this version defeats that purpose because I cannot see everything on a screen that I need to. My screen is set at 1980x? - whatever is the largest setting I can get. I'm considering going back to 2012 version. I'll give it one day of use. Sorry I'm commenting on Premier, but it looks like my problems are the same as everyone else's, so read their comments too.

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