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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on November 18, 2016
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on November 5, 2002
P>Disc One is live material. After the intro with its haunting gothic choir and symphonic number, Dani Filth and company launch into one of four songs from Midian, "Lord Abortion." Dani has fun with the Nottingham audience, whom he first addresses as "you horrible lot," and they seem to be enjoying their horrible selves. Some of his caustic remarks are worth noting. He comments on the tacky backdrop and thought he was playing at a Tahitan monastery. That bad, huh?
"Cthulhu Dawn"'s lends itself to more ferocity live, especially Adrian's thunderous drums. Ditto for "Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids," one of my personal favourite COF gems. Dani's bass and spoken monster voice is put into great effect here.
After a long droning guitar solo that stretches out "Her Ghost In The Fog," the band effectively segues into "Summer Dying Fast." The "Satanic Mantra" is included in the "Interlude-Creatures That Kissed In Cold Mirrors" track here.
The song distribution from album surprisingly favour the earlier albums and Midian, as follows below:
Dusk And Her Embrace--1
Cruelty And The Beast--1
From Cradle To Enslave--1
This is just as well, as it pays to have older material exposed more to people just getting into the group.
Disc Two features different mixes of previously released material, including a new songs, "Deleted Scenes Of A Snuff Princess" and "The Fire Still Burns." The former is a thumping metal techno instrumental number. Of the remixed older material, the distribution favours Bitter Suites To Succubi.
Dusk And Her Embrace--1
From Cradle To Enslave--1
Bitter Suites--3
For the most part, there are only subtle variations in the remixes. However, the Sisters Of No Mercy remix of "No Time To Cry" is harder in some places compared to the original. The Under Martial Rule Mix of "From Cradle To Enslave" plays with techno a lot more, except that it's harder driving in a Fear Factory or Static-X sort of way. There are some female vocals here as well. It's the best remix and song on both discs.
If a live album sounds like studio tracks with audience cheers mixed, what's the point, since there is bound to be variations between studio and live versions? In that, Live Bait succeeds admirably well. Overall, a worthy and necessary compilation.
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on July 17, 2003
Let me fist tell you guys that I'm a big fan of Live albums and the sound of live albums(So you know). This is a great peice of work form the best Black metal band that is out there right now. And they are one hell of a live band from what they sound like on this album. If you are going to Ozzfest 2003 pick this album up and you'll see what you are instore for at the show from these guys. The hole fist disc is from all the years of the band from The Principle of Evil Made Flesh to Lovecraft & Witch Hearts of there greatest hits of a band that delivers it all to a crowed. The only reason why I don't give this album 5 stars is that the second disc is not all that great, it is pretty bad. The second dics is a bunch of there songs but there not live there all mixes and to tell you the truth there pretty bad mixes. If I was in Cradle of Filth I would have made the second disc a continuation of the live album. But all in all it is still a great album from such a great band.My favorite songs on the record are Lord Abortion, Forest Whispers My Name, Ethulhu Pawn, Dusk and Her Embrace, Principal of Evil Made Flesh, Her Ghost in the Fog, Summer Dying Fast, From the Cradle to Enslave and the last song Queen of Winter, Throned. If you are out there and you are going to Ozzfest 2003 this is a must have, to show you what you are getting into on the second stage of the show. The album is worth the money and is a great album. Thanx for reading
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on February 6, 2003
If you like live CDs this is about as good as it comes, production is good and everything sounds great, with a pretty good track listing. My only complaint is it is exactly the same show recorded for the "Heavy Left Handed and Candid" DVD, after buying that DVD it made buying this CD kind of pointless. However, the second disc has lots of cool remixes and stuff on it. The remixed version of "No Time to Cry" is perfection, this CD is almost worth buying just for that song. If you are a diehard CoF fan like me, you probably already own this and if you are a newcomer buy one of their studio CDs or their DVD first, then once you BECOME a diehard fan you can buy this. Hail Filth.
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on September 22, 2002
This is an amazing CD that features their live show in England. It contains two CDs, first one contains the live show and the second contains 8 remixed tracks and a video for No More Tears (Sisters of Mercy Mix). The live show is amazing and is the same one from Left-Handed and Candid VHS/DVD. The remixes are very well done and very good quality. The video for No More Tears is really well done. If you had a choice between Lovecraft & Witch Hearts and Live Bait for the Dead I would say pick this one because it has a lot more stuff you haven't heard before along with an amazing review in the booklet.
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on December 28, 2002
I've always loved Cradle of Filth and now their first official live album has emerged. Dani's vocals are as great live as they are on the studio albums. I can't say too much on this album other than if you are a Cradle fan or just a fan of concert albums this gem is for you.
UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!!!!
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on January 5, 2003
First off, I would like to clarify something that Cradle fans and "Cradle haters" have been debating about for some time now. Cradle of Filth is not , and I repeat NOT, a black metal band. Even Cradle themselves have said in previous interviews that they do not feel that they play black metal. Although they do have certain elements in their music that resemble black metal, the music itself is a mixture of many styles. What is amusing to me really, is that most people who continue to criticize Cradle of Filth do so only because they have become wildly popular. This is sad because Cradle are an exciting band who, in my honest opinion, are extremely talented and deserve to be recognized as such
With that said, Let us examine the offering that is "Live Bait For the Dead". This is Cradle's first live disc, and as always, they have outdone themselves yet again with some rather exceptional cd packaging. The first disc is, as most people know already, a full live show, which was taken from the same show that is on the phenomenal live DVD " Heavy Left Handed And Candid". Dani Filth and Company blaze through an awesome collection of tracks from all of their previous albums. Overall, the production on the live tracks is quite good. The performance is very tight and should convince even the most hardened skeptic as to the talent and proficiency of this often maligned band.
The second disc is a collection of remixes , soundcheck recordings, a demo,a techno/industrial mix called "Selected Scenes of A Snuff Princess", and an awesome cover of Twisted Sister's The Fire Still Burns. Most will criticize the inclusion of yet another techno mix but I, for one, appreciate the variety in styles that keeps things fresh and interesting.Also included on the second disc is a mutimedia section where you can access the video for "No Time To Cry", and a cool screensaver and toolbar for Internet Explorer.
All in all, this another fine collection of Cradle that will please many, and of course, continue to irritate the rest.
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on April 20, 2003
the production is really good...i've listened to a lot of live cd's...and many of them sounded very bad..
all the tracks are very well interpretated....thats why Dani and CO. are recognized for their live performances....
but if you dont know the tracks...dont buy this cd....
the second cd is good too....the remixes are really good...i like the Second cd better than the live one....the unplugged version of Funeral in Carpathia...
its a good cd...but i think its better for fans only
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on February 24, 2004
this is a very awesome cd of cradle playing live. but really, ive seen them live and the show was a lot better. they should have given it more emotion since this was going to be a cd. the show back in November played better songs, dani gave more enthusiasm, and they sounded better. but this is a good buy anyway. highly recommended!!
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