Live Sound, Stage, & Studio

Every musician has a favorite place to play. Whether it’s the banquet hall at the local community center, or a 2,000 seat amphitheater, one thing matters most–the sound. Carefully choosing the right live sound equipment can turn any room into a great place to play a show, no matter how big or small. For practice and performance, a complete PA system will give you the most out of every snare hit, guitar riff, and high note and will cut through the mix with perfect clarity. For front-of-house mixing, the most important single piece of live sound equipment is a clean, reliable board. If you need a mixer with 2 channels, 32 channels, or more, you’ll find the right gear for your space at

Our product filters can help you find live sound equipment with the features you want. Just select the type of equipment you’re looking for and the brands you like, and we’ll show you products that meet your criteria. They say the classics never go out of style. When it comes to microphones and other integral pieces of live sound equipment, this couldn’t be truer. At, you’ll find industry standard vocal and instrument mics from Shure, Sennheiser, and more. Our selection of microphones and live sound equipment will have you singing the praises of live sound quality. Great live sound equipment helps audiences connect with the music they love. For prioritizing volume, clarity, or both, the right gear will make sure your room has the kind of sound that keeps bands–and crowds–coming back.