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Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven - Nintendo 3DS

Platform : Nintendo 3DS
Rated: Teen
4.7 out of 5 stars 3 customer reviews

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  • Seven Heroines, Seven StoriesEach of the seven heroines who come to inhabit the inn have their own stories to tell, and building relationships with them will unlock new, specialized attacks to aid in combat when they join the battle party.
  • Strategic Combat Makes Every Turn CountA unique battle system places emphasis on "bowling" over as many enemies with a single strike, challenging players to line up melee, ranged and magical attacks so they can knock frontline enemies into others
  • Craft Your Way to New SkillsIn addition to unlocking new abilities while progressing through the story, participating in Free Battles and registering for StreetPass can provide rare crafting items for use in creating new skills.
  • Adjustable Difficulty Levels and MorePlayers can toggle among Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties, use the Fast Forward feature to speed up combat as desired, or relive fond memories via in-game movie and art galleries.
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Game Information

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • ESRB Rating: Teen Teen
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 2.2 x 12.8 cm
  • Release Date: May 26 2015
  • Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 3 customer reviews
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,986 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
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Product Description

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is a brand new strategy RPG adventure set on a colorful island in the tropics. Bestowed with a mysterious bracelet called the Lachryma, Luchs is fated to trade in his days of peaceful innkeeping for chaotic combat as he reunites seven compelling heroines and pieces together their mysterious pasts. The unique strategy battle system encourages players to line up their attacks in order to bowl over the frontline enemies into others, causing collateral damage.

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My girlfriend played this for 2 weeks straight, I don't know if she even bathed so must be a good game
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Verified Purchase
The 3DS needs more fan-service SRPG's like this. I greatly enjoyed each of the side stories you experience with the various heroines. The West needs more games with harem-esque story-lines to liven things up.
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he loves it
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Amazon.com: HASH(0xb6ca6480) out of 5 stars 28 reviews
29 of 32 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa0d9eb1c) out of 5 stars A bland and tedious saccharin non-adventure awaits you. July 15 2015
By Shayla Koerber - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
In my ~25 years of game-playing experience, this is the worst game I've ever played all the way through. I primarily played this while captive on long-haul trains and international flights where no alternatives were available.

I would recommend this as an introductory RPG for very young children, were it not for an inexplicably adult-oriented scene about 75% through this game that makes me question the teen rating (one still image and one video showing each showing fully nude bodies with no genitals/nipples drawn, and the video also includes breast groping.)

The combat in this game involves slowly whittling away at an enemy's health (in early battles, an enemy takes 1-4 turns for your full party to kill on normal difficulty. In latter battles, the enemies take 5-20 turns each.) The mandatory main character is typically a healer/support, and the girls (up to three in your party, when available) primarily do damage. Your main character's healing spell is extremely powerful, and negates the chance of dying in any normal encounter (there are a few bosses that can one-hit kill which is the only source of difficulty in the entire game.) The gameplay is similar to older turn-based strategy/tactics games, only the high ratio of HP to damage and limitless healing eliminate the "every turn matters" feel of those games (Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, Vandal Hearts.) In short, every battle becomes a slog.

The characters in this game seem as if they would be interesting, but despite the length of dialogue, there is simply not much story development in the game (collect the girls - fight the big bad - game over) and thus too few opportunities are given for character development. The failed remedy to cure this was "heart events" - three available one-on-one scenes between the main character and the girl of choice. Unfortunately, most of these scenes regurgitate the same one-liners used for the main story "I believe we can do it!" and don't actually address any underlying emotions and/or thoughts between the characters. The developed "connection" also does not resurface in any way through any future interactions or the main story (outside of subsequent heart events.) Additionally, about half of the girls cannot even obtain their third heart event scene in one playthrough, a fact which is never explained.

Exceptionally well-illustrated character portraits
Voice acting quality typical of other Yoshifumi Hashimoto games (scarce, but good)
Character personalities are diverse

Dialogue is (predictably) saccharin, but also extremely repetitive, childish, and long-winded
Combat system is boring, slow, and repetitive
Difficulty scaling only affects enemy HP, meaning fights simply take far longer but offer no additional challenge aside from player endurance
Late-game characters have very little dialogue and require multiple play-throughs to see their third (of three) individual scenes
Plot and villains are lackluster and nonsensical. Enigma created for the sake of enigma, with no emotional connection to reveals.
In-game enemy design of extremely low quality and variety
Variety and scarcity of money+items and unpredictable "trading" system render the "crafting" system nearly unusable
16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa148a5b4) out of 5 stars I guess the best comparison would be with something like Fire Emblem Awakening June 4 2015
By azog - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
Since I've seen this asked various places, this is not a Rune Factory game, and it's not even a "spiritual successor". It's a strategy RPG with a bit of harem. I guess the best comparison would be with something like Fire Emblem Awakening.

The game is heavily story driven, and that makes it a slow game. There's tons and tons of dialogues you have to work thru. I vary between just wanting to get on with the game to forcing myself to slow down and read the story. This slow pace is the only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5. I'd actually give 4.5, but since we can't half-star things....

It's also a very linear game. It's not an open-world game where you can go off to explore as you wish. You'll be taken from main event to main event, but there are side-quests to help break the pace. The side quests also take place in fixed locations and seem to be unlocked based on previous events. If you want some mats for crafting or maybe a bit of grinding, I guess the side-quests would be it.

The artwork and music are very nice. There are options within the game to view various heart events and still images of key points. The copy I got has the OST; not sure if there are different editions or if all will come with the OST, but since the music is good, I'd make sure of that if you like to collect those kind of things. The art is kind of mixed what you see in the world-view (chibi style characters) versus when character portraits pop up during dialogue, which are in standard anime styles.

Combat is turn-based but took a bit getting used to, mostly just because it's a different style than I'm normally used to. Not so much the turn-based system, but the AOE (area of effect) style attacks. All your attacks are a type of AOE and you get bonuses based on how many enemies you can knock out in one turn. Even if you have a single enemy targetted, if you knock it back into a group of enemies, it may take out additional units, which also add up. Displays and controls help you aim attacks to get the most hits.

The game throws huge numbers of enemies at you, usually in groups that consist of trash mobs with seemingly one HP and a "generator" that will repeatedly respawn its entourage, so take them out first. There are other bosses and mini-bosses, and they'll vary. I felt emotionally overwhelmed during one particular event due to the number of enemies. Even ended up losing my entire party but I was able to restart without any seeming consequence.

There is a StreetPass function, but since I've had the game less than 24 hours (and have about 6 hours played so far), I haven't really ran into anyone yet. Seems to be mostly some kind of farm where you can harvest stuff.

Other than these things, I don't want to write a huge review. The game has the typical RPG elements, such as upgrading skills and the like. There seems to be multiple endings which you can unlock depending on your relationships with the other girls, but like any other harem, you don't really "marry" or "date" one of them (at least not that I've seen so far). I'm enjoying the game so far, and it's been the first game to be able to rip me away from SoS since SoS was released...
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa0d96a80) out of 5 stars Mini Guide July 10 2015
By Tara Ryok - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
If you're into SRPG's, get this game...
Following is a Beginners Guide to Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven
I have found NO Wiki's, Walk throughs, or much of any help whatsoever that has been even slightly helpful...
Do Not get Frustrated from these notes or when you’re playing, it’s a learning experience, and one that I actually enjoy a lot !!!
This is a Strategy/Tactical Role Playing Game (SRPG/TRPG)
First Things First:
As soon as you have the ability to move make a couple option changes.
1. Touch “System” in the bottom screen
2. Touch “Options” in the bottom screen
3. Make the following changes:
a. “Message Speed” to “Fast”
b. “Battle Command” to “Memory Off” - No Idea What This is For or Does ???
c. “Enemy Level” to “Low” - Easy Mode (Can be changed any time in the game)
d. “F. Fwd” to “On” - Allows Skipping Cut Scenes by pressing the Right Bumper
4. Press “B” Button to go back one screen
5. Touch “Save” to save your game
6. Go back to the game
Battles (Free Roaming within a Circle of Movement):
Your team can only move within their Circle.
Unlike any other game of this type your movement within that circle can be blocked by your own team members, enemies, and terrain as well.
• Therefore you must be more careful when choosing character/team placement.
Just like in most turned based games your turn is based on agility/speed which usually increases when leveling up.
• Thus you might move one or more characters, and the enemy does the same. Important to remember this !!!
Bowling for Fun !!! hahaha
• Always “aim” at a target in such a manner as to knock out as many troops in one blow as possible
• Like lining up to throw a bowling ball, when killing one or more troops it will knock them back and when hitting other troops killing or damaging them in the process
• If you kill 10 troops in one hit, you get a “second” move… Totally Great !!!
The game will show “System” in the bottom screen, which allows you to Save your game at that time.
In Battle has a “Quick Save” by pressing the Pause/Start Button.
• The sad news is that there are “no” saves in important places, like before any big battles…
And what is even worse, after a battle the game will often go into “another” battle, and maybe more, with “no” saves at all !!! Very, very bad even in Easy Mode !!!
• The good news is having the ability to Skip Forward by pressing the Right Bumper.
So if you desire to replay the whole thing or die and have to start over this is great !!!
Love !!! hahaha
You will have opportunities to woo your girls…
Essentially talking to them, bringing them to town and to battles, etc.
By doing this you may get a Heart with one of your girls.
You want to try to collect 3 Hearts per Girl, but it can not be done in one Play Through, ergo Multiple Play Throughs, Multiple Endings, and Learning “more” about each Girl.
You also gain special strengths when wooing your babes !!! hahaha
The issue/problem:
Whenever you get “free time”, this would be between story and battles, you walk around and talk to everyone.
• Remember to talk multiple times to the same person, because they will tell you more or ???
I always save after talking to each girl…
• A pain, yes, but in this way you can restart and talk to someone else in case an “event” occurs with one girl or the other !!!
• In this manner you can more easily make your choices as to whom to woo when !!! hahaha
• Of course, you can ignore the whole thing and let things go there merry way !!! hahaha
Easy to do, again between story and story battles.
Like most RPG’s your level will increase in battles based on your current level.
So if you fight a similar battle over and over the amount of experience gained will eventually be reduced to 1.
As the game progresses you get more places to do battles at, which is great !!!
I usually battle in the same spot until the amount of experience gained is pretty low, like 1 !!! hahaha
Important Note:
• You Only gain experience when killing the Leaders, Big Monsters, and other things like Generators.
Leaders and Generators always have the ability to create more enemy of varying types…
So you may wish to concentrate your efforts on the Leader or Generator if at all possible.
Note that if possible I try to always go after Generators before they create more troops or monsters.
• Generators have a set number of “turns” before they create troops or monsters, I think about 5 or 6 turns???
• Whereas Leaders and Monsters will regenerate randomly, but almost every turn or every other turn
Free Battles are done by leaving the Inn, looking at your choices, as to where to go, and having some fun.
• If you do “Not” wish to advance the story, be careful as to where you pick (some times)…
An example of this is when the town is on fire, don’t got to town or the story will take over.
So just be somewhat aware of what’s going on in the story and save often !!!
You never get equipment… Sad but true !!!
You can get Skill Chips, which I have none of and I’m half way through the game already ???
Have not done this because I don’t have many items to create much of anything???
The Poison & Fear Bottles are a must for some Boss fights near the end
• Poison does good damage over time
• Fear removes some skills, like 1 hit kill skill
4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa0873954) out of 5 stars A Good Game, With a Great Story and has a play style similar to a lot of games I've played June 3 2015
By Tim Johnson - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
I received this game yesterday and have enjoyed playing it so far. You take the role of Innkeeper who makes a living selling Crystals to a town which are used as an energy source. He made a promise to his father to always take care of the Inn and treat the guests as they are family. One day an Earthquake happens and he finds a mysterious girl in a crystal who saves him from Monsters and it goes from there with the story which has been great so far as they don't give away too much at a time so it makes you want to keep playing to find out what's going on. The battles are interesting as the monsters each have a "leader" that can summon soldier mobs that fight with them.. only killing the leaders give experience so you can go straight for them and ignore the smaller monsters if you wish. However, a lot of battles have "sub missions" which reward you with extra items in example one battle's sub mission may have you kill all the monsters on the field. Each person takes a turn and can move a limited range and each characters have different attack ranges and also have different skills with different attack ranges (if you have played disgaea the battle is VERY similar to it except that the movement and attack is not grid based). Each turn you gain one AP (action point I believe) and you can attack, guard, use a special skill (sometimes requires more AP like 2 or 3) or you can finish your turn and store the AP to use better skills. The controls work well although I found myself sometimes getting my characters stuck and roadblocking my other characters so you have to be careful how you move on the battlefield especially in smaller areas. When you aren't battling you can enjoy the story and view events with the heroines which unlock more abilities and make your characters stronger. Also you can do free battles by leaving the Inn on your own that aren't a part of the story to practice fighting and also to level up your characters. I try not to go into too many details in a review and just explain why I like the game. Overall, I think it has a great story the battles are easy enough to learn and pick up on so IMO it's a very fun game and I recommend it to anyone that likes RPGs or if you are new to RPGs.
6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xb6cae7a4) out of 5 stars Unique SRPG June 3 2015
By Jay Jay - Published on Amazon.com
First thing that needs to be established is that this is not a Rune Factory game in any way. It's made by the same people but it's a different IP. This is a strategy RPG in the way of Disgaea and Fire Emblem only you have a bit more freedom with your movement.

Story starts as you being an inn owner trying to keep the place afloat. You are by default a male character. There's no gender choice in this. Other members of your party are all female. This game does have a romantic subplot with the main character being able to get involved with any of the multiple female party members but it's not the main focus of the story. While some of the girls will get a bit jealous, most maintain a good friendship with the main character. There are multiple endings (one for each girl) and whose ending you get is based on the heart events you fulfill throughout the story.

Gameplay is very interesting. Instead of taking place on a grid, there's a movement circle that creates a barrier for movement but you can move your character around in it freely and place them at any angle and any direction. In most SRPGs you can only attack one enemy at a time but the goal of this game is to strategically place your party members so they can attack an enemy and send them bowling into others (knock enemies into one another so you can take multiple ones out with one turn) This game can become very difficult as it goes on but you have the option to choose your difficulty and can move it up and down without having to start over. In addition to story missions there are also free battles which can help you gain and craft new skills.

It's on the shorter side of the JRPG genre and takes about 20-25 hours (depending on how you play and if you do extra stuff) but it's doesn't feel too short and of course there's the replay value in the multiple endings. New Game+ allows you to retain skills and heart events so you can go for another ending with a different girl. Voices are English dub only and does have 3D support.

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