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on August 12, 2000
Millitary Small Arms is an excellent reference work on the topic, perhaps among the best I have seen. However, it does have several significant flaws. The first is that many widely distributed guns are left out while some not so well known and well used guns are here (such as the single shot breach-loading 9mm Deer gun). Examples of these are the M40 and M24 sniping rifles, and the M4 carbine (although its picture is prominantly displayed on the cover). The other significant flaw is that Ian Hogg or John Weeks evidently did not write or even closely examin the photo credits. This is obvious when you read the text, which is near perfect, and when you then read the photo captions, which have numerous mistakes. It talks of the SVS when it means the SKS, the "Walther" MP5 when HK made that gun, the "G77" when it means the G11, the "NK36" when it is a picture of the "HK36", the "Colt M733" when it means the XM177E3, "ArmaLite" instead of Armalite, and a half dozen more mistakes. However, returning to my original statement, this book is an excellent reference, IF you could overlook the photo captions.
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on January 18, 2003
For those with a passing interest or an obsession with guns, it may be wise to buy other books before this one. It contains well written write up that includes the history of the weapon, firearms efficiently cataloged by categories according to their countries with a well designed table of contents of an easier time of searching for the firearm and several photographs to entertain the passive reader. I'd also like to add that the index at the back was a very effective way of finding a particular gun and the introductory articles were well turned-out. Although it could have been better with more detailed cutaway photographs of the weapons and the articles could have used some additions beyond the weapons history. It also could have included weapons manufactured by up and coming manufacturers like Arms Corporation of the Philippines that imports well made firearms to the States and other countries. Not a top priority buy in the long list of firearm reference but a must nonetheless.
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on April 15, 2001
I've always enjoyed Mr. Hogg's books. His writing is informative and I find myself refering back to his books time and time again. Though I have a few small quibbles with this edition, some models are left out etc. , for the most part I found it to be a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated reference book. But what I especially like about Ian Hogg is that he's actually rather witty. Hardly what one would expect from a technical reference work, such as this. I've been wanting a copy of this book for many years and I don't regret having spent the money to buy this , the last edition of this series.Hopefully everyone agrees with me.
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on April 12, 2000
This book contains some very useful and interesting information. However, it falls far short of being comprehensive. Although the title is "Miltary Small Arms..." the work contains entries for firearms never adopted by any military, and omits significant military-issue firearms (e.g., the Canadian and British Inglis High Power, the US M4 and M4A1 Carbines, the Colt Model M General Officer's Pistols in .32 & .380, etc.).
The book is still a worthwhile purchase, though one is left wondering why certain obscure firearms were included while too many standard issue firearms were omitted.
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on July 20, 2003
When I purchased this book abut a year ago, I didnt know anything about firearms. I read the whole book and really enjoyed it. The reason i gave this book only 4 stars was because it does miss some firearms (Ian Hogg's health was deterioationg at the time of its writing). With the purchase of Jane's gun Recongnition Guide, written also by Hogg, I found that I was missing very little in my knowledge of military firearms.
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