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4.7 out of 5 stars
My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising
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on March 3, 2018
Many may dismiss this book simply because it was written nearly 100 years ago, but believe it or not - basic human nature has not changed in that 100 years.
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on January 21, 2002
The advertising profession of late has fallen off the shoulders of its giants Hopkins, Caples, Bernbach, Burnett, Rubicam, Ogilvy and others. Even direct marketing, the profession that most closely adheres to Hopkins' crystal clear, succinct approach, is often in danger of taking the road most travelled and following its advertising brethren into the heart of the woods to wander aimlessly.
I'm a direct marketer and adjunct professor at a nearby university. I not only see the value in what Claude Hopkins wrote nearly 80 years ago...I also see what happens when his simple formula for success is ignored, forgotten or never learned. We get Got Milk? ads (a waste of hundreds of millions of dollars that didn't sell one single drop more of the lactose-laden beverage)...ladybugs on rose petals and singing coyotes to sell a once-proud line of cars...and print ads that contain no copy and bewlidering images. We're not only not selling; we're no longer even communicating.
Hopkins to the rescue.
If you're a copywriter in the profession of marketing or advertising, or if you're a student wishing to gain the best education possible, Claude Hopkins' Scientific Advertising should be in your hands daily. Underline it. Quote it. Memorize it. Pledge allegience to it. Defend it at all costs.
This book will help you write more clearly, sell more powerfully and make more money for your clients than ever before.
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on January 8, 2004
Hopkins is the father of modern advertisng. Arguably, his work, togther with John Caples's "Tested Advertising Methods," form the Bible of modern advertising. Both understood that advertising is salesmanship and understood how to apply sales principles to advertising.
All the modern giants of advertising still swear by this book. Ogilvy even claimed it changed his life (in advertising anyway, but who knows, advertising was Ogilvy's life). Despite the fact that Hopkins wrote with a focus on what we now consider to be direct marketing, his principles are applicable to all forms of advertising. Hopkins essentially invented many of the concepts that so many advertisers take for granted today, yet oddly, many advertisers fail to follow his advice.
Whether you are a copywriter or involved in advertising in some other way, you must read this book if you want to be a success.
All advertising before "Scientific Advertising" flows into it; and all advertising after "Scientific Advertising" flows out of it.
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on February 4, 2008
Two marketing classics by Claude Hopkins - My life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising. These are both marketing classics. Any student of marketing should read them.

They were written in 1927 and 1923 respectively so many of the vignettes were very dated but quite entertaining and almost historic.

One concept that makes him a kindred spirit is his belief that work can be as fun as any play. He was also a great believer in change and adaptability. He knew that historic success does not ensure future success. They both inspired me to rethink our marketing. I loved both books tremendously and highly recommend them(I am a marketer at heart).
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on March 29, 2004
The great Claude Hopkins does not need my endorsement. But I will give it to him anyways.
He was one of the greatest copywriters of all time. His works are timeless classics. If you are interested in improving your ad copy, I highly recommend that you read all of his books.
Zev Saftlas, Author of Motivation That Works: How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated
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on December 5, 1998
Advertising man Claude Hopkins (1866- 1932) was one of the true pioneering masters of direct response marketing.
How much of a master was he? Hopkins routinely earned close to $200,000 per year (this was in the 1920's when $200,000 was a lot of money. Come to think of it - it's not exactly pocket change today!)
Hopkins invented many of the direct response techniques that my firm teaches our clients. He was a master at testing headlines for the best response. Heck, he invented the test marketing of ad campaigns doing small, controlled tests with a limited budget to make sure a campaign worked before spending large sums of money.
Hopkins was a master (and major proponent) of writing, clear, simple copy that anyone could read. He feared that too-clever copywriting would detract from the only function of advertising - selling!
(How many of today's ad pro's on Madison Ave. remember that advertising is supposed to sell a product, not build an image, not "get a company's name out"?)
Hopkins wrote two books. The first was 1923's "Scientific Advertising", where he lays out his theories on copy writing, headlines, test marketing, the appearance of direct mail and space ads, the importance of mastering mail-order advertising as a precursor to advertising anything else, and other key strategies.
In 1927 he wrote "My Life In Advertising", which is (obviously) his autobiography. While this book isn't as important a work as "Scientific Advertising", both have been out of print for years. In 1995, they have been reissued as a two for one book by NTC Business Books of Lincolnwood (Chicago), Il.
What's amazing is how undated the books are, especially "Scientific Advertising". If you want a quick primer on direct response marketing, you could do far worse than reading Hopkins, and employing as many of his strategies as possible in your marketing efforts.
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on July 5, 2002
The thing I find most amazing about Scientific Advertising is how few people seem to have read it. I came across it when I was a teenager, and it changed the way I look at the world. Hopkins was a true business pioneer, inventing (or substantially forming) so much that we take for granted today: the coupon, the "valuable free gift with purchase", direct mail, using style to sell mundane products (like exotic wooden handles for carpet sweepers), and so much more. Just as we live in a world made by Henry Ford, we also live in a world made by Claude Hopkins. For ten bucks, with such an easy writing style, everyone should read this book.
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on July 11, 2001
This is the best direct mail book ever, I've worn out two copies and I just ordered another 3. One for my press agent, one for my Sales Manager, and another one for me.
Mr. Hopkins tells it like it is, if you do direct mail order, buy this book now. You will not regret it.
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on December 22, 1998
I wish this guy was my mentor!
I'm like most 25year olds. We want change fast.
Here is a timeless book that shows how sucessful change really comes about. Patience, Patience, Patience!
A great read and dog-ear book.
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