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5.0 out of 5 stars Great TV- Unsolved Mysteries April 3 2005
By Amy Lynn - Published on
Verified Purchase
An excellent series with many interesting stories. Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack.


Disk 1- Lucky School- David and his wife Doris Nearly wipe out a school by setting off a bomb. Miraculously all the children surivived. Some claimed they saw a ( presence )in the classroom right before the explosion.

Miracle of Lourdes- About a girl in Lourdes France who is said to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary. Now Lourdes is a sacred spot.

Fertility Statues- Story of 2 West African Statues that seem to have an affect on the women who touch them. The women magically get pregnant after touching or being in the presance of these statues. They Now have been moved to the Ripleys museum.

Shroud Of Turin- Story of the masterful painting- with no visible brushstrokes- of Christs image that have baffled experts for Centuries. Very interesting story.

Ice Woman- About a woman who was frozen solid- she was fully revived and unscathed- a prayer chain was held.

Lucky Choir- About a church that was destroyed by a gas leak. Unrelated circumstances somehow prevented all the members from getting there that day. They were all spared. Was it an act of god?

Coma Healer- Story of a 3 yr old who lapsed into a coma after drowning. Now in a state called Akinetic Mutism and the religious artifacts in the house are begining to drip oil. Under examination by the Catholic Church.

Angels- Do angels dwell among us? Stories of Celestial Internvention.

Disk 2- Miracle of Fatima- Story of 3 young girls in Portugal who claimed the Virgin Mary visited them and gave prophecies of the future which turned out to be true.

Baby's Breath- Couple who gave birth to a baby with no vital signs. after 33 min declared dead. They went to say their goodbyes, went to morgue to hold him and then he came back to life.

Healing from the Grave- about a 12 yr old who died in 1959 offering to suffer for others. People claim to have prayed for her and been healed.

Powers of Prayer- Woman with breast cancer and boy with terminal case of liver disease cured before medical intervention. Families n friends held prayer vigils.

Candy and Roxy- About 2 sisters, one sister has a vision of her sister urging her to stay alive. Candys cancer went into remission.

Trish's Miracle- Trish suffered from a debilitating nerve disorder that caused her pain. The day before surgery the pain went away. The family attributes her recovery to faith.

Father Solanus Casey- Formerly a humble doorkeeper at a church. After his death many terminally ill people who prayed to him became healed.

Christmas Miracle- about a boy who came down with chicken pox then lapsed into a coma. Family n friends maintained an around the clock prayer vigil- scotch taped picture of st john neuman and within an hour he was healed. Talkin , walking etc..

Disk 3- Medjugorje Miracles- Yugoslavian teenagers saw visions of the Virgin Mary. Since then millions of pilgrims flock to the site.

Police woman savior- Doris Smith, deputy for miller county sheriffs department, lost control of a prisoner. 2 unidentified men in a truck helped her and disapeared.

Healing Touch- Therrapeutic touch and how it benefits where traditional medicine falters.

Miracle Staircase- 1878 unknown carpenter built an amazing freestanding spiral staircase in loretto chapel New Mexico. A enginerring feat for ahead of its time. 2 sisters beleive it was the carpenter Joseph himself.

Miracle Child- Kristina Smith was stricken with a brain ailment . In a coma 5 month before miraculously awakened.

Coma Recovery- About a man who accidentally shot himself while hunting. He was rushed to the hospital in a deep coma. Considered brain dead with no chance of recovery Dan made a miraculous comeback.

Disk 4- Image of Guadalupe- Our Lady Of Guadalupe, many beleive she was created by a miracle. She is examined in this story.

Car Crash Lazarus- man hit by a car , pronounced brain dead but revived through prayer and is considered a modern day Lazarus.

M.S. Miracle- About a lady who suffered from debilitating M.S. for years until struck by lightening and regained use of her legs.

Padre Pio- He had a vision of Jesus and recieved stigmata wounds. Many beleive the vision gave Padre Pio the power to heal the sick.

Christmas Baby Miracle- Baby is struck with a disease- 2 days before Christmas Uncle arrives and places hand on baby's stomach, saying a prayer. Baby is healed.

Miracle Cross- Holy Trinity Church , Ambridge Pa- the parishioners believe the eyes of their statue of Jesus closed during a Good Friday service in March 1989.

Signs From Heaven- Various examples of where signs from Heaven are given. Features Michael Landons daughter, Cheryl.

Money From Heaven- $6500 in twenty dollar bills dropped out of the sky and landed in a family's backyard. It was possibly drug money dropped from an airplane, but ultimately theirs to keep.

Overall excellent collection of Stories, Highly Recomended, Enjoy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars People with hearts and open minds need this collection. Dec 1 2004
By John M Spangler - Published on
Verified Purchase
The shroud of turin, visions of mary, bleeding statues, a lady frozen face down in the snow overnight in sub zero temperatures brought back to life 8 hours later, a baby that died at birth and breathed again 6 hours later, the power of prayer to save a life. This is just a dose of the miracles that you will enjoy that will really touch your soul. You can say that this is "relgious collection" but I think the non-believers and skeptics should take a gander at what these fantastic documentaries offer. It's another view into the "unexplained" that truly defies science in nearly every documentary. The documentaries are excellently produced and many are filmed exactly where the miracles happened with the real people that experienced it. Expect tears to roll for many of these especially if you take them to heart yourself. The narratives of Robert Stack is just the icing on the cake. If you want the ultimate "miracle" collection, look no further, Unsolved Mysteries gave us 13 years of it, now it's all together in a collection with no commercials! A nice tribute to Robert Stack and introduction by the producers of the Miracles Stories is also included.
1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars great Nov. 18 2008
By Karen Reuter - Published on
Verified Purchase
I own many of the unsolved mysteries. i can only highly recommend them. very interesting stories.
3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars a must have March 15 2007
By P. Mendoza - Published on
Verified Purchase
4 all the unsolved mysteries fans thi is the one that will make -u- belive
5 of 27 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars For people who want to think that "God did this", instead of realistically probable unknown natural Science Sept. 29 2005
By Rykre - Published on
Verified Purchase
I loved watching "Unsolved Mysteries" back in its TV heyday. But, this "Miracles" edition is just too uncomfortable to sit through. These stories on "Miracles" are more for the weak-minded, naive, religious-types, than those with reasonable common sense. Don't get me wrong. I do believe in God. Absolutely! God answers my questions because he's granted me the ability to process realities to know what my answers will be. I am fortunate to have things go my way. But, I do work for it, I don't expect anyone to just provide for me. I'm sure God appreciates that I make my own effort to excel positively, as I do.

I really don't believe that there are times when God will choose to intervene a pending tragedy, when so many times, He will not. Remember the Tsunami, just after Christmas, in a heavily Christian environment? Yeah right, God was there for them, wasn't He? Fate is nothing more than the luck of the moment. I'm sure God will say that we did something to our earth and caused this to happen, so it IS our fault.

I don't go around making myself sound ignorant by saying: "God has put his hand into the intervention of this particular tragedy of which we have been spared". Give me a break! I'm sure, in most of these questionable stories on this "Miracles" collection, there is a scientific explanation for what has happened. Or, they are just well crafted hoaxes. I wouldn't doubt that there could be desperate church parishioners trying to create an illusion of a godly presence in their church just to drum up some attention.

If one person said that a "miracle" happened, we'd think he or she was crazy, but if 3 or more people say that a "miracle" happened, that now makes it more possibly true? If 5 or more people say so, then it must be a fact!

I think some people give up their investigations too early, and therefore want to comfort themselves by saying that God did this. God might even say: "Hell, I had nothing to do with that! People are sure quick to give in to the fantasy of the fabricated power of prayer."

These tabloid-worthy stories of the "Miracles" collection somewhat reduces the integrity of the show's appeal to me. I'm glad this religious crap was separated from the others so that I can enjoy some of the more reasonable tangibility of the other stories.

We all have a conscience. This is what controls our decisions to do good or bad. Man invented something as to create an alternative to interpret how we deal with our conscience. And he called it "religion". And man learned how to make money from this cash-cow called religion. God is just another entity of commercialism. I think we really did forget what Christmas is all about. Today, Christmas is about Santa Claus and sales figures to compare to sales of the previous years, and Easter is about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. Good Friday, to some people, is just some great long three hour lunch hour at the bar.

Man learned that he could use religion to take advantage of people. The rich and the poor. Yes, especially the Poor!! People who have next to nothing, who give what they can to a church or religious entity that already has so much more than them. I believe God and I both kick back and laugh at that.

There are many facets of religion, and they all expect you to make a sacrifice (usually your money), to show your faith. Because, man knows that some people are weak and insecure, so they need something to believe in because they don't really believe in themselves. And religious parents instill this insecurity into their children so they'll be messed up for life too (unless they start to learn to process common sense early enough in their life).

The church says that you'll be rewarded in the end. Yeah, the rear end, I'm sure. Get out your wallets, people!

I really doubt that I will be buying "Unsolved Mysteries: Miracles, Volume Two". The "UFO" Collection can seem to be a little too far fetched too, even the "Ghosts" episodes, but they do contribute to what is called an unsolved mystery. I'd definitely like to see more volumes of other themes made available.