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on February 12, 2002
Dr. Messonier has written a comprehensive and concise guide to a number of animal ailments and choices for their treatment.
He does an admirable job of presenting current conventional and alternative treatments in a very attractive format.
The book also gives great information for making good choices on feeding dogs and cats, emphasizing the importance of nutrition in good health.
It is a good reference source for a veterinarian to have on her desk, and a useful, enjoyable read for animal owners to keep in their home.
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on August 14, 2003
very thorough. organized well. i found out a lot of things that i wish i had known earlier. i especially liked the section on diets. it details what types of diets are available out there for your dog, from everything from commercial to homecooked, to raw. gives honest answers and opinions that make sense pertaining to the diet section. other areas of the handbook are scientific and are organized very well. nice book to add to your library.
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on October 10, 2001
Dr. Messonnier's aproach to natural health for dogs and cats is neither too complicated for the average person to follow nor too far-out to work in conjunction with a traditional family vet's advice. Good, practical information is presented in "real person" language, making this book an excellent guide for anyone concerned about their dog or cat's health.
In addition to information that will help you keep your pet healthy, Dr. Messonnier introduces various types of complimentary and alternative therapies for sick or injured pets. He instructs readers on how to use these treatments alone, or in conjunction with traditional medicine, to ensure a holistic approach to pet health. Readers can choose the best path to their pet's wellness by using the more familiar route, or by combining techniques to meet their dog or cat's need.
This book is a must for any pet owner who thinks outside the box of traditional pet health care.
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on July 25, 2001
I was very impressed with this book. It discusses many disease in dogs and cats and it provides natural as well as conventional therapies as well as diets for different medical conditions. It discusses the pros and cons of both therapies and suggests different herbs, again listing the pros and cons as well as scientific evidence and dosages. I found it a good overall book because it also discussed diets and instead of just saying certain brands are bad, it lists what different ingredients are used for and teaches you how to read labels. It also discusses Raw food diets and lists pros and cons of them as well as meal planning. Although I personally feed raw, he did a very good job explaining precautions and backed up his information with sound reasoning and scientific data. Very good easy to read reference book for the concerned pet owner. I plan to get this book as a gift for some of my friends.
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on October 9, 2002
One of the Most Comprehensive Books I have ever read, Its more than a BIBLE, for not only Veterinarians but Pet Owners as well. Its a Must Have! Dr. Messonnier's information is very extensive and obviously he must be rewarded for the knowledge that he is willing to share with the public. Besides medical advice he also gives one alternative suggestions for healing their pet.Writing in layman's terms its easy to understand and you don't have to have a medical degree or be a rocket scientist.
Besides ailments, & conditions he also give you a full compliment on herbs, vitamins and supplements Diets & therapies & alot more...Don't miss your opportunity to help your pet even if you have no problems...Learn to avoid some of the unfortunate problems that pet owners have with theirs...This book is more than a God Send! Thank you Dr. Messonnier for your knowledge.
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on January 26, 2002
This book is a "must buy" for all pet lovers who demand the highest quality of care for their animals. Since I have been both a librarian and a proud owner of a large menagerie for over twenty years, I have evaluated and used hundreds of books dealing with the care of companion animals. Dr. Messonnier's work is certainly the most superior.
It is extremely comprehensive, unbiased in presentation and easily understood by a lay person. Each section is clearly written, deals with both alternative and traditional veterinary medicine and is cross-referenced for easy access.
I refer to my copy daily and find that I am constantly talking to friends, quoting information, and recommending that they purchase copies of their own.
As I stated earlier, this guide is a "must have" for all who treasure their animals.
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on December 31, 2002
I loved this book. Even though it's written as an encylopedia, I read it from cover to cover. It's deals with a technical subject but it's written in an untechnical, albeit dry manner. It helps de-mythologize all of those sometimes ominous-sounding supplements out there that are touted as cures or treatments for various ailments. It's also an informative reference book for humans, because many of the supplements he talks about are available for human use also. Dr. Messonier presents conventional as well as "alternative" treatments and their pros and cons to give the reader a balanced view of available treatment protocols.
This book is an excellent resource. I highly recommend it.
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on August 8, 2002
This book is a great, concise review of what is currently known about many natural remedies, and also of many of the currently used natural remedies for specific conditions. Information is organized in tow ways: First, a list of conditions and their natural remedies, from herbs to diet, and other modalities; second, a list of herbs, supplements and diets, and their common uses, therapeutoic uses, dosages, scientific evidence, sources and safety issues. A great book for both veterinarians and the lay person. Full of up to date information, presented in language which is easilky understood by anyone.
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on January 17, 2002
This book is a must have book for all pet owners. I have owned pets all my life and could not believe the things I learned from this book. There were many things in this book our vet never discussed with me. I use alternative medicine for myself and my family but never knew I could for our family dog. Dr. Messonnier provided traditional treatments along with alternative treatments in a very easy to use book. He provided valuable inforamtion on pet foods and the pets diet that our vet never discussed. I would recommend this book to every pet owner.
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Dr. Messonnier's Natural Health Bible for Dogs and Cats is truly an "A to Z" guide to healthy Natural Supplementation for not only pet owners, but veterinarians and animal health professionals as well.
This comprehensive guide is very easy to read and covers all of the conditions and nutritional possibilities that might be encountered by pet owners and veterinarians alike. Topics, conditions, specific supplements and/or herbs can be located by using the Table of Contents or the Index. Excellent Book!!
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