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on March 4, 2012
I'm writing this about 3 weeks before release. At this time Amazon's page is not very helpful and there are no reviews. The info below is from Warner's site. Personally, I'm disappointed, because I've already bought all the parts of this collection long ago. They're all brilliant, but there's nothing new.

Studio: BBC
Screen Aspect: 16 X 9 LETTERBOX
Run Time: 2022 minutes
Episodes Info :

Planet Earth: Special Edition
Blue Planet: Seas of Life: Special Edition
The Life of Mammals
The Life of Birds

Media Quantity: Multi D
Packaging Type: Slipcase
Subtitle Languages: English
Genre: British Programming


The BBC Natural History Collection now includes the 6-Disc Planet Earth Special Edition! This is the ultimate Natural History DVD collection, featuring the truly remarkable Planet Earth Special Edition, now with over 7 hours of extras, plus an additional three landmark series. In all, the collection features over 33 hours of programming on 18 discs, introducing thousands of species of plants and animals and including hours of special features that take you behind the scenes. Each critically acclaimed series is narrated by renowned naturalist David Attenborough and reveals elements of the Earth and its unique creatures through stunning imagery and insightful commentary. Journey with the BBC and explore our vast and diverse world.
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on May 23, 2009
BBC makes you smarter - everybody knows that. The Natural History Collection is like a talking encyclopedia - and a pretty one, what's more.

These are documentary films, of course, but they're also high in entertainment-value, keeping interest throughout. My children (5 and 7) love them and often ask me to put one on.

Better than cartoons, certainly.

One of my favourite things about the films are the extras - the 'making ofs'. Not only is there lots of additional information, but you get a good perspective on just how amazing the footage actually is, when you hear that a photographer spent nine months in the Himalayas trying to capture images of a snow leopard.

As a homeschooling mother, I can't recommend these movies highly enough for other educators. There is a huge volume of subjects and most are presented as short sections: seven minutes on the polar bear, for example, or five on the blue whale. A lot of information is packed into these minutes, making them great resources for comp questions and unit studies. I searched online for lesson plans and found quite a few good ones that I printed out and used for my children.

BBC has done an incredible job on these films. You won't be sorry you have them, even at the given price.
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WOW, is this set ever a bargain! You get around TWENTY DVDs packed with fantastic footage and amazing narratives.

The Life of Birds - is a four volume set that is probably the most detailed "Life Of" series from the BBC. It does briefly examine the major kinds of birds, but it largely focuses on explaining how birds live. How they feed, fly, fight, mate, lay eggs, and parent. The examples are just amazing, and are sure to give you a real appreciation for the amazing solutions nature has come up with to solve various problems. The DVD features a bonus five minutes for each episode that expands on the existent show. The only problem is that these are generally VHS-quality programs, so they don't look that great on a big TV. That said, again, the content is just amazing.

The Life of Mammals - unlike the Life of Birds, the Life of Mammals focuses on a different group of mammals in each episode. The film quality, being filmed much more recently, is much better than the Life of Birds. You get a little less in-depth coverage of how all mammals live, but you do get more depth on some individual mammals. Overall, it's a very good series.

The Blue Planet - is amazing. From the opening scenes featuring the largest animal to have ever lived on Earth, to probing the mysterious depths of the deep, this is an excellent series. If focuses on exploring the different marine habitats, what makes them unique, and how this affects the life in each of them.

Planet Earth - picks up from Blue Planet and just gets better. Both have amazing footage, both have spectacular examples of animals (and sometimes plants) doing the most amazing things/living the most amazing lives. Again, the focus is on the different habitats/ecosystems on Earth, primarily terrestrial ecosystems.

So there you have it. For the price I paid (40% off on a DVD sale), this just can't be beat. You have hours upon hours of quality, intelligent, rare and exciting nature footage. Throughout the series Sir David Attenborough does a delightful job of highlighting and explaining the nature we see. For the money and for the content, I have a hard time seeing how you could do better than this set, other than the Blue Ray versions of Blue Planet and Planet Earth (Life of Mammals, and especially Life of Birds, would be wasted on Blue Ray). 100% recommended!
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on April 23, 2015
The review said the Planet Earth featured a sixth disc of seven hours of bonus features. I only got 5 discs in my order. How do I get the disc # 6?
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on June 20, 2009
I originally saw most of this series on PBS. It is one of the best made films on natural history going.
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on February 4, 2015
It is great to get this set of DVD again, kids like them very much, and finding fun a lot.
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on May 9, 2010
I gave this 5 stars for what it is - a collection of 4 beautiful Attenborough-BBC nature documentaries that are so well-filmed and edited, with some amazing locations and unique sequences of their subjects. I have found them very enjoyable to watch and have been really quite excited by some of the events captured (some for the first time and after great effort and time spent waiting). This is what they are: great entertainment that should make you marvel at the beautiful and complex eco-system that is our planet; however, that is all they are - they are not going to serve as a biology or ecology university course and, thus, I now have questions provoked by the films that I will need to research. But, for all that, I recommend them, for people of all ages - your eyes will be opened in wonder and your mind will start to think of your place in, and your responsibility for, this great planet, Earth.
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on August 7, 2009
This set is fabulous! Every moment is such a great learning experience and the photography is exceptional. I would highly recommend this collection to everyone (and have)!
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on October 13, 2009
I ordered a DVD set on a Sunday and it arrived at a friend's house (near Toronto) on the following Friday. The package was in good condition; there was a bit of a damage to the box, but it's excusable since the product was listed as "like new" not "new." The DVDs themselves were not affected.
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on January 22, 2016
4 very good documentaries and good price love
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