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on January 17, 2003
First note: The missing star is soley because the writing style could be more professional; it does not reflect on the content, which is varied in scope, consistant in tone (unlike, say, Joseph Newman who has good points in his book on this subject that are completely inundated with some of the most childish attitudes esposed by a "writer"), and generous in delivery.
Second note: You gentlemen who wrote negative reviews... if you believe what you wrote, why on earth would you read past the first few pages? I smell an agenda, or at best, insincerity.
And as to the book, buy it, read it. It's worth the read if only to open your mind to the fact that someone might stand up and say what William says. I highly recommend for those who are interested in solid scientific support for W. Lyle's ideas, any of the books or the website of Tom Bearden. There's many others to be considered too; do a search, or follow links found in Bearden's website.
Having criticized Lyle's writing style, I would have to add that I love his offhand and occasional flippant style, and I quote, "Ha! These facts on hydrogen show that E equals MUCH MORE THAN MC2." ...a conclusion I reached independently 20 years ago, along with many of his pronouncements. This does, admittedly, bias my review; though in defense, I tend to enjoy less than 10% of fringe scietific books, correct or not.
Overall William sounds like an ideal person to chat with over a few beers. So William, if you read this please note that you have free beer and a guest room if you happen by Pennsylvania : )
Mark Vedder
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on September 27, 2008
Excellent inspirational book, based on a reality few dare consider.

In "Occult Ether Physics", Bill Lyne provokes us with facts from his life that, if we are to accept them as true, make us confront the very basis of science and society.

Facts such as seeing a saucer, (through the eyes of a smart observant person with aerodynamic design background) accelerate to speed so quickly that anyone would be crushed by the G forces. Which indicates an entirely different local gravitational or inertia condition in the craft. And an entirely different propulsion system than the chemical fireworks rockets that brave astro-nuts risk their lives on top of for the last 40 years.

Frogs and strawberries were recently levitated in a strong magnetic field. It is documented that Tesla was levitating bismuth metal plates more than 100 years ago.
Lynn's work regarding electrostatics, Tesla Technology, tubes of force and ether theory related to the saucers seems right on the money.

If he is right, this technology has been in secret and withheld long enough. As a progressing society, we need release of it now.
Enough of stinky cars and trucks...I want my saucer!
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on August 20, 2000
Hi, folks: I think that Bill Lyne's book "Occult Ether Physics" provides an accurate description and insightful perspective on the mind and ideas of Nikola Tesla as well as the related political issues. Tesla had the unique ability to mentally test his ideas through thought experiments similar to today's computer simulations, then further explore them by field testing. Today, almost all applications of electromagnetism, including the computer that you're using to read this review, use Tesla technology, but he didn't get the credit. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Chemistry, an MBA and 40+ years of experience as a science writer for the pharmaceutical industry in the USA. I think that completion of a course in elementary college physics will be helpful to understand Bill Lyne's book. However, this basic information is also available in excellent textbooks by Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan, and various web sites (use the keyword "physics" on your search engine). For basic information on Tesla and his ideas, visit I enjoyed reading "Occult Ether Physics" and I encourage all people interested in physics o read it and Bill's companion book "Pentagon Aliens." Cheers. Carl Zimmerman
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on May 18, 2002
The most fascinating parts of this book was the information it presented on the government cover up of the UFO phenomenon. It wouldn't be the first time the government has covered up something from its citizens. Another fascinating thing was how far advanced Tesla's mind was over scientists of that time and many of our own time. He was an absolute genius that the government and the "money men" in America kept under wraps out of total fear. Fear of what changes his inventions could bring about in society.
This book is exceptional and has lit my fire to learn more about this incredible man. I remember the UFO craze of my youth and find plausible the explanations offered in this book. I even remember seeing something at my Uncle's Farm as a child (near Dover Air Force Base) that fits right in with the description of the "electropropulsion" power system.
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on July 18, 2003
I found this book a good fun read. It made me think more deeply about things. Who truly understands gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces? No one!!
We base science on theory supported by tests. Each theory supplanted by the next as new tests find exceptions. Technology is built successfully within the confines of the supported tests and progress proves nothing new. A man on the moon is Newtonian physics! The book is full of barely or unsupported sweeping statements and conclusions but I found it thought provoking.
I noticed one major gaff by the author. The claim that gravity should pull astronauts to the floor of an orbiting space station (p53). Clearly the balance between gravitational acceleration and angular acceleration is the same for the astonauts as it is for the space station and there is no relative acceleration between the two.
We have technology to take some advantage of universal forces but we seem far from understanding them and need to keep somewhat open minds. What are mass, space, time, energy, waves or particles? The closer we look the more mysteries appear. Much of what seems impossible today will be possible tomorrow.
The existence of some sort of ether seems almost certain as nothing is nothing! Using it to gain energy may be not far removed from sailing.
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on August 17, 2000
For the intelligent reader, this book traces the thread of discovery of electrical UFO propulsion from the early research (complete with scientific documentation) beginning with such scientists as Michael Faraday, Wm. Thomson (Lord Kelvin), J.J. Thomson, F. Guthrie, G.F. FitzGerald, B. Riemann, J. MacCullagh, E. H. Hall, G.C.F. Searle, C.A. Bjerknes, G.C. Maxwell, O. Heaviside, J.H. Poynting, and finally to its first discovery and earliest laboratory tests by Nikola Tesla in ca. 1894. Here is the documentation, in the international scientific journals of the world and other publications, including those by or about Nikola Tesla, prior to 1900! Tesla tells you in his own words how this technology works, based on his theory of the aether. Yet, according to my analysis, these discoveries have been hidden from the world primarily through Relativism, which began to be promulgated by the media giants in 1919, the same year as the Treaty of Versailles. It is my opinion that Relativism was intended to wipe "ether physics" from the mind of the scientific world, because the media giants, owned and controlled by the industrial giants and international banking interests, feared the consequences of an ether science which would destroy their monolithic control and interests. Hence, I have resurrected this hidden (i.e., "occult") ether science, in "Occult Ether Physics", which is used in the secret UFOs possessed by the interests controlling the national security establishments of the major governments of the world.
Also included is a chapter entitled "Free Energy Massacre; the Atomic Hydrogen Process", which contains information on anomalous energy produced by the (suppresed) athomic hydrogen process, and well as what could be called "The Great Gasoline Fraud", and reference to another book (actually a technical report) by the author, entitled "Free Energy Surprise", describing and containing plans for an experimental device based by the author on Tesla technology, which appear to produce a huge amount of "free" energy, using an iron pipe and high voltage transformer. These discoveries appear to utilize the same technology as that later known in Germany as "Vril", which Nikola Tesla had begun development of before 1894. This device is now the subject of a Japanese patent application by an American, which is the present subject of multi-billion dollar Japanese-American negotiations. The Japanese could have acquired this information for a mere $10.00, had they known that they could order it from me!
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on November 3, 2003
I have read every popular book on Tesla and have his lab and Colorado experiments books. He was truely one of the great minds of all time. I really enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it.
Having read the TOP Four books in the UFO/Alien/ Government Coverup Genre; My FAVORITE is 'Alien Rapture' by Brad Steiger (Great fiction-soon to be a movie); and Alien Agenda by the best selling author of 'Crossfire' Jim Marrs (Best reference on UFOlogy); and Unconventional Flying Objects (NASA UFO Investigator for 30 years) by the scientist Dr. Paul Hill, and the 12th Planet by Sitchin.
If you read this excellent book and the others, you will know that they are indeed true. Two well respected American Astronauts have come forward to proclaim they had seen evidence of the Roswell UFO crash and stated they know the cover-up is real. Many books have been written about the Catholic church's cover-up of ancient manuscripts. Tesla's missing papers is no conspiracy. You be the judge.
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on September 15, 2003
I note that a previous reviewer suspects that we negative reviewers have an agends. Well I do: I wish to promote the critical reading of books like this, that make grand assertions from a position of profound ignorance, with no substantive evidence to back them up.
If you believe this book, you have to believe that every theoretical physicist in the world is either a dupe or complicit in a giant conspiracy. That is both insulting and ridiculous, but what can you expect from a man who thinks that iron is a product of photosynthesis?
And this supposed international conspiracy hasn't managed to stop him selling details of his 'free energy' device for $10 a pop to anyone who wants it? Yeah, right.
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on September 4, 2002
What can I say; this guy needs to take a few grammar classes. This book is filled with sentences that ramble on for nearly a whole page. It reads like a train wreck. Whenever I could not sleep, I broke out this book. Within 3 minutes I would be out like a light, every time. That is the only reason this book remains in my collection.
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on June 21, 2002
Many of Mr. Lyne's points are quite interesting, and I want to believe what he is saying. If I understood more about electricity and magnetism perhaps I could comment further. He presents incredible concepts in a relatively understandable manner. Whether I believe it or not remains to be seen.
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