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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on September 29, 2014
Paper spine was bent a little bit
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 21, 2016
Description said it was the 4-LP edition in the metal tin, but turned out to be a regular sleeve and 2-LP. Bought it as a gift for a friend and shipped directly to their place, so there's no way to take it back now. Very disappointing...
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on June 4, 2001
MF Doom's Operation Doomsday is a good album and is original and creative, Which is hard to find nowadays in rap/hiphip. MF Doom lyrics are tight and well put together. Their story telling lyrics make you think and analyze. The Production is so differant from other albums. MF Doom uses ill samples from the comicbock series Dr Doom and he mixers it together with 80's sounding beats. Hard to get used to at first, but when you sit and analyze the beats you can apperiate the effort and skill they put in to it. This album came out in 1999 as an import and now got remastered and put in stores everywhere. Go cop this joint up if you want to hear something unique and new to hip hop and have an open mind. If you like underground real hip hop you should like this. Some of may Favorite tracks are Doomsday, Rhymes like Dimes, Tick Tick(which is a hard track to figue out with it's change in tempo slow and fast but is a dope song), Who I Think I Am, which some ill guest camoes, Hey, Dead Bent, ?, and newly added bonus track I hear voices part one. Check it out. Peace
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on January 9, 2004
mf doom...what can i say...he's mentally ill. take that however you want, good or bad. he is underground when it comes to tone, and sound and basically everything. one copy of his cd is probably covered in dust at your local cd store (unless you're lucky enough to live in n.y. where they got local mom & pop record spots). this album goes at possibly the speed of light and if you're not fast enough, it'll leave you blind. you'll be like "MOMMA I CAN'T SEE." because the type of thing doom shoves (literally shoves) in your head is so profound, you would wanna do like oedipus and rip your eyes to not see the evil of your previous ways...and that would be reality. doom says "shut up and listen" with his voice beats and little interludes, which are all very movie-ish. hell, this album is like a movie for the ears. a non-stop thrill ride says the chinese guy hitting the underground...a la me. why a 4, same reason as king geedorah's cd...if you're not in the circle, it'll be TOO underground for you. your ears need to adjust for this stuff man!
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on May 3, 2001
classic material from one of the most influential and innovative emcees ever. the combination of an industry and fans asleep and very bad luck has mf doom only now catching fire.
first seen and heard on the video/single for third bass's "gas face", daniel dumile ,aka zev luv x formed kmd (kausin' much damage) back in the early 90's. kmd has some hits like "mr. hood" and was poised to step into the conscious niche then inhabited by tribe called quest and brand nubian. then the trouble - elektra freaked about his "sambo" cover art for the next release "bl_ck b_st_rds", a fight ensued with kmd dropped from the label. 2 days later, zev's twin brother was killed in a car accident.
emerging from that wreckage as mf doom, the super villian, this amazing body of work, operation: doomsday is created. joints such as "?" and "i hear voices" are intelligent standouts. there is a animated video that is dope for the "voices" cut as well.
definately support this record - it possitive, important, fun, bangin' and might just maybe, reclaim hip-hop from the disease of wackness - big ups to sub verse music for recognizing this.
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on May 27, 2002
Many moons ago, during the time hip hop was just loosing their baby teeth, KMD came out with a revolutionary album, Black Bastards. However, with the backlash from the political correctness movement, the idea of a cartoon black man getting hung on the front of an album was... unacceptable at best. Yikes! Black Bastards, despite a fast-growing popularity, is pulled from the shelves. Members SubRoc was killed in a car accident and associate Grimm Reaper was shot, putting SubRoc in the grave and Grimm Reaper in a wheelchair for life. Zev Love X disappears, seemingly just as dead as his cohorts.
Now, for the comic geeks - compare the story of Dr. Doom, a gypsy that was hunted as a child, his mother and father killed. His genius shines through and he manages to travel to the US to go to Harvard, despite the odds. As he's working on his doctorate, he designs a device that will allow him to contact the dead, but things go horribly wrong and he's terribly scarred by the accident.
Zev Love X = Dr. Doom. If this album and MF (Metal Face) Doom was just a good concept, though, I certainly wouldn't be writing this review. It's like a Who's Who of underground rappers from New York, like Kurious, MF Grimm (Grimm Reaper returns!), Rodan from the Monster Island Czars and Pebbles the Invisible. If you're a fan of Fondle 'Em or Definite Jux, this is a real treat. If you're not, you're missing out.
Intelligent songwriting, incredible samples and music with messages other than 'bling bling,' yet not disconnected from the street scene. Goofy, underproduced, sometimes angry - but quite possibly the last great hip hop album of last millenium.
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on June 19, 2004
You most likely know this already, this is MF Doom's (formerly Zev Love X of KMD)(now, AKA King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn) first album.
Also, you probably know that MF Doom assumed his character from the comic book character and the Fantastic Four archvillain - Victor von Doom (or Dr. Doom.)
This is a classic hiphop album.
(Probably a 4 3/4 star album, but I had to give it 5 b/c my copy has a cartoon video for "I Hear Voices" on it.)
It comes at you with its grimey production and beats from MF Doom and companion MF Grimm (now GM Grimm/Jet Jaguar), and it's rough in-your-face lyrics.
The album uses samples from the old Fantastic Four cartoon to tell Doom's story.
It also has samples from the classic B-Boy movie - WILD STYLE. (Kick @ss)
This album also has collaborations with the other members of the Monsta Island Czars.
Too bad this album is out of print.
I think it may be b/c of a another lawsuit by the Fantastic Four's artist and creator Stan Lee for copyright infringements for Doom's unathorized use old Lee artwork and audio samples (from the cartoons.)
That was why it was out of print before.
It will also be interesting to see if the re-release will be the same, b/c my album is enhanced and has a awesome cartoon video for "I Hear Voices".
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on November 28, 2001
All I have to say is that is great to see MF Doom (formerly know as Zev Love X of KMD) back and rhyming again. This album is straight up UNDERGROUND!!! Underground at it's best. I bought the LP on wax earlier before the CD came out. I saw the CD and I had to buy it again!!! The songs that standout the most to me, is "Rhymes like Dimes", "Hey"(with the hot Scooby Doo theme sample!!),"Tick, Tick...w/MF Grimm", and "I Hear Voices" which if you get the CD, it's enhanced. So put it in your CD Rom and you'll see a hot animated video of "I Hear Voices"!!! MF Doom didn't lose a step when it comes to lyrics. With his clever wordplay, and metaphors. His use throughout the CD, with the Fantastic Four cartoon sound bites which mentions Doom. So if you love underground hip-hop, and one third of one of the most underrated groups in Hip-hop (early 90's) KMD, then Operation: Doomsday is for you!!!
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on May 27, 2004
this is the best album to come out in hip hop since its release in 1999.
it's the best album since BLACKSTAR and AQUEMINI.
the production is spectacular, doom doesn't take himself seriously, and his style is fresher than fresh.
if you claim to be a hip hop fan, you need this album.
i'm just going to go through the highlights of the album, as it's 19 tracks long.
"doomsday" has a sade sample for the hook that sounds perfect, dooms voice sounds perfect over his jazzy low-fi production, and the song is complete fun.
"rhymes like dimes" has another great jazzy beat that mf spits goofy lyrics over.
"red and gold" is my favorite doom song. the sample is brilliant, the cut is brilliant, and doom's lyrics are as fun as ever.
this is a must have for hip hop fans, and it's doom's best solo work.
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on October 18, 2001
Operation: Doomsday is an album that could have been botched by many artists, but MF Doom (formerly Zev Luv X of the sickeningly underrated KMD) is able to pull off the album with brilliance. The production uses incredibly cheesy, corny samples, but Doom is able to make them work to great effect. For example, the use of a Sade sample and the bassline to BDP's "Poetry" on "Doomsday" is amazing. Doom does not sound like he did on the mic back in the KMD days, but his lyrics and flow hit hard. Check out the Scooby-Doo sampled "Hey," "Go With The Flow," "Rhyme Like Dimes," and "The M.I.C." Some KMD fans may be scratching their heads wondering what happened to the old Zev, but fans with a yearning for something different and an open mind should find Operation: Doomsday incredibly satisfying.
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