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on March 10, 2002
I read the book for the first time last summer and implemented its customer service methods this fall and winter at the school where I work. The results were immediate and outstanding. I have just re-read the book and am more convinced than ever that the Disney methods and philosophy for creating "practical magic" as outlined in this book are the fastest, easiest way to WOWING those we serve. Through careful, thoughtful management of the "cast" (people), setting, and processes, a seamless and deeply impressive service experience will be enjoyed by our customers. Yes, the book is a big "ad" for the Disney Institute (and now I want to train there!), but it is also a simple, brief, easy to implement framework for delighting our customers. I am grateful to the Disney Institute for sharing these tried and true ideas with me!
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on October 15, 2002
I highly recommend this easy-reading book for three reasons. First, it helped me understand and appreciate how Disney continues to deliver the highest quality products and services year-in and year-out. Secondly, it clearly described many proven ways and concepts to improve my organization's customer service. Lastly, this book gave me a lot of practical lessons that can and should be adapted to fit into most management or leadership situations.
I read a couple of outstanding books by Disney-outsiders ("Built to Last" by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, and "The Disney Way" by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson) about how and why they were so impressed with Disney. I wanted to read a book about a Disney-insider's perspectives on what Disney does to impress everyone and exceed all expectations. This book showed me the "what" of Disney's practical magic of customer service: a full-time business of shared values, enforced standards, focused work, self-discipline, and attention to detail that is virtually transparent to all Disney guests. I got all that I wanted and more from this outstanding book.
After I finished reading this book, I read through my highlights and realized that the following paragraph from the introduction perfectly previewed the book:
"In this book, we take you behind the scenes to discover Disney best practices and philosophies in action. We provide you with an insider's glimpse of quality service principles in action both at Walt Disney World, as told from the perspectives of cast members [Disney-speak for "employees"], and in other organizations, as told by executives who have participated in Disney Institute programs. Walt Disney's fundamentals for success still ring true. You build the best product you can. You give people effective training to support the delivery of exceptional service. You learn from your experiences. And you celebrate success. You never stop growing. You never stop believing."
Sharing the secrets behind Disney's 'practical magic' in this book is yet another example of Disney's commitment to exceptional guest [Disney-speak for "customer"] service. Read this book and enjoy being Disney's guest.
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on June 28, 2001
If you have ever wondered how Disney World keeps its customers happy, this book has all the answers. It details the Disney "Quality Service Cycle," an operational methodology that brings employees, setting, and processes together under a common service theme to deliver what Disney calls "practical magic." Examples from Disney and the Institute's clients back up the material. My only complaint is that the company waited this long to offer an inside look at how it keeps millions of guests spending billions of dollars each year.
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on June 10, 2002
As the Director of an Entrepreneurship Program at a private University, I have found this book to be a valuable teaching tool. Students at all levels of learning enjoy the book because it connects practical stories that students can understand to important aspects of customer service as well as employee management. As recent visitors with our two young children, my wife and I enjoyed the book purely from a "guest" perspective. You can really appreciate all that goes into the magic of the Disney parks by reading this book.
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on July 5, 2001
Being in the backyard of the Mouse I thought I knew all there was to know about delivering good customer service. This book has certainly shared the process components I never gave a thought to and has as much value for a small business as it does one of Disney's size. It's good to see, too, that Disney Institute has found a successful that makes much more sense than the original concept.
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on October 5, 2001
If Mike Eisner and the gang at Disney can't hit a nerve of giving great Customer Service, then you do not belong in that business. This is a great tool, not just a book. Read it and learn and notice what you've been missing all this time. Another great classic from Eisner and Disney. Kudos!
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on March 29, 2014
easy read, and so much great information.
if you have customers, i encourage you to read this and adapt your business to the Disney way!
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on June 23, 2016
This is an amazing book...
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on June 24, 2001
When I ordered this book, I was expecting to learn a lot about Customer Service. What I did learn a lot about was the Disney Institute. It seemed like the entire book was an ad for Disney World and the Disney Institute. While there are some great nuggest of wisdom, for a book from Disney, you would think this wouldn't mickey mouse around. If you want to Learn about Customer Service, there are much better books out there.
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on October 9, 2002
My wife and I have been to Walt Disney World 3 times in the last 4 years and it's getting tough to explain to our friends and family just why it is we spend money and valuable vacation time at the same place. In a word, it's: MAGIC. Walt Disney World is so much more than an collection of amusement parks filled with thematic attractions interspersed with gift shops and restaurants. Walt Disney World is a study in customer service excellence. It is one man's dream come true. We go as much to be inspired as we do to relax and have fun. This book was an excellent companion to our visit providing insight into just how Disney consistently delivers a quality experience.
So why is Disney flat-lining? Well, this is off the book, but if Michael and the gang are listening- in a word it is "Saturation". In Disney's effort to "be everywhere" the magic wears off. Disney stores in the mall, all over radio and TV, and in many ways becoming omnipresent, they are going to pull a "Planet Hollywood". They need to keep a healthy distance- not chasing people everywhere for fear the competition vying for their time and attention will somehow win out. Just keep doing the basics well and let the customers come and find you.
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