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on March 29, 2001
I have been studying the Pathwork lectures for the past two years in Grace Training facilitated by Gayle Straub. The suggested reading list contains all of Eva Pierrakos books. There are 34 of us studying the lectures and Pathwork of Self-Transformation is one of the main texts for understanding the shadow and lower self. There are very few books that delve as deeply into the inner workings of the unconscious. The masks we have acquired out of self protection are described in great detail. It is like reading the book of life and all we need to know and don't know how to ask. This book describes in a readable format very complex image distortions. These distortions and illusions appear very real to us. You can "see" yourself very clearly in each chapter. You will find yourself saying,"That's me. So that is why I do that." Uncovering and facing the self is very difficult without an unbiased third party as a sounding board. This book is the sounding board.
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on May 9, 2000
Of all the books on the subject, this is the only one that successfully deals with the process of integrating the shadow and the lower aspects of the personality. The writing is very clear and filled with Love. The path, although not always an easy process, is nonetheless the only one that seems to work! I know that there really is no other way to bridge the "gap" between our normal, everyday consciousness and the awareness of our Higher Selves, than to face and walk through all the parts of ourselves that feel far removed from our Higher Selves. The way to heal oureslves is to face those parts, and let ourselves have a clean, full experience of them, instead of using various avoidance strategies to not confront ourselves in a disciplined and conscious way. This is just a small part of what's in this book, but for me that was a huge revelation, a major piece of the puzzle.
If you are at all serious about Spiritual growth, if you feel stuck in any way, if you find conventional methods of therapy are not quite doing it for you, you have to get this book! Get several copies and give them to your friends!
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on March 27, 1999
The book was given to me by a beautiful friend of mine. This friend led a chequred life, full of varied extreme experiences ranging from a vicious childhood to a wrongly diagnosed terminal illness. She adequately qualifies to be one who could be heard. Pathwork was lent to me for sometime and I felt a strong need to refer to it time and again. Somehow I could not lay my hands on a copy in India. I had to resort to copying the book and find it comforting and spiritually helpful in dealing with my perceieved inadequacies in the correct perspective of positivity. I am thankful to my wonderful friend Kiran to have put me on the track of Pathwork.She also sends me pathwork lectures every now and then. God bless.
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on November 1, 2001
I find that this book and mainly the "Lectures" that I purchased additionally (listed in the back of the book) helped to transform my life to what is true freedom and our purpose for existence. The material is truly profound and rich with guidance and insight that will last for life and cannot be replaced. This is my favorite spiritual literature and is such a gift left by a very courageous and talented woman. The book and the Lectures are channeled material by a "Guide" who comes through Eva. The Lectures begin around the 1950s with material that will always be timely. If you discover this book with the Lectures you are blessed and if you can manage to stay with the Lectures this Pathwork is for you.
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on October 20, 2003
I bought this book 20 years ago and even now when I read it I come to new realizations about myself. The material present in the lectures goes so deep that you can read the lectures again and again and continue to get insight from them. It is the best guidebook for life and for understanding our shadow selves that I have ever seen. If you want a true change of self and freedom from your compulsions this is the best place to start. Mind you, it is a slow process but the book is just the thing to turn to when you feel stuck and hopeless. It has the keys that will lead you to just the understanding you need to free your mind.
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on September 5, 2001
This book totally answered almost all of my questions about life. It CHANGED my life. I introduced it to my roommate, and we kept stealing it back and forth from each other. It is the single most important book I've ever read. It seriously changed my life- how I saw things, how I lived. It's background may make people a little skeptical, but I swear, if you read it, you will know... I don't care what the circumstances were for it's being written, it combed my soul and lifted me PERMANENTLY from the depression that was always lurking somewhere in my life.
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on October 8, 1997
This book I found descriptions of my own favorite ways of avoiding reality that I thought were unique to myself. The book shows a depth of understanding of how my human mind turns in circles which was surprising. It describes many ways of dealing with personal issues from a refreshingly new perspective. I particularly like the approach on how to deal with the negative destructive side of myself.
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on October 13, 2014
This book was part of my reading list and was I glad to have bought the book. My spiritual growth bloomed.
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on March 21, 1999
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