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on February 23, 2000
As an award-winning professional event planner who has been in the business for over 15 years, I figured there probably wasn't a whole lot I was going to learn by reading Patty's book, but just in case there was, I thought I'd buy it. I'm so glad I did! There were TONS of ideas that I know will work not only for my clients' parties, but also will be fun to do when I'm planning a party for my own friends.
Most are easy to duplicate and adapt to every situation...and Patty even provided a grid to help the "thematically challenged" find a theme to fit any occasion! :)
The ideas are bulleted and easy to read. And if you need a little more of an explanation or "how-to," Patty's provided that also for many of the projects.
If you are a newbie host, or are like me, and have thrown hundreds...thousands...of parties, BUY THIS BOOK! You'll use it again and again.
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on November 27, 1999
This book is a waste of your money and time if you are looking for creative ideas for entertaining your party guests. Here is a statement for the New Year's Eve party: "New Year's Eve celebration often includes the whole family, with game playing, lively competitions, music, and food." (p.66). Yeah, right - this is extremely helpful to me to know when I am organizing such a party... Besides, this book does not have any concrete examples or suggestions on how to make parties fun. Instead of this book I would recommend one by Andrea Campbell "Great Games for Great Parties" - a lot more mileage for the same price.
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on January 18, 1999
I'm always interested in new ideas for parties because I give at least 4 big (50 people or more) parties a year. This book did have plenty of ideas but very little in the way of concrete details. For example, under the MAGIC idea on page 94, Patty Sachs suggests for activities "the guests perform amazing & amusing feats" and that the host "hire a professional magician to really dazzle & bewilder your guests." This is helpful? This book is filled with truely lame and uninspired suggestions. A big disappointment. If you are looking for a party book, The Penny Whistle series is the way to go.
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on April 20, 1998
SORRY - Posted the rough draft - so I guess the truth is out - I need a proof reader! I have ALL of Patty Sachs Party Books. Each seems to get better and better. Her latest Pick A Party is by far her best!!! She has a sharp eye for things and she seems to have an uncanny ability to know what is going to be really hot next year! Her ideas for invitations, foods, games and all those little details that work together to make your party a real HIT are included . Patty has a rep for giving her readers 110%.

She is the queen of the Party Planning industry.
Maxine M Baird - editor, Balloons N FunTimes
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on February 2, 1999
We track down Patty Sachs materials because they are so brim full of stretching party planning to anyone's best. She has been invited to coordinate the event planning business incubation center in Mobile, Alabama because of this special ability to bring true quality to event planning in a multi-national training setting. She takes you to the brink with the basics and invites your imagination to fly making each event solid, but allowing for individual flair.
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As a professional party planner and hostess for events of up to 700, this book is indespensible when stuck for an idea. I have actually celebrated using Ms. Sach's Surfin' USA, the Makeover/Minispa and the Academy Awards party. I have had very successful events thanks to the hints and ideas in this book. If it weren't for Pick a Party, I would have forgotton to rent port-a-pottys for an outdoor picnic for 350! Whew!
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on February 27, 2000
Because my family loves to party, I'm always looking for ideas that are easy and fun. Patty Sachs delivers again! Whenever I am planning a celebration, I know that her books will help... and this one is the best yet! The book makes finding ideas so simple. It's like having my own personal party planner! (Only less expensive!)
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on April 2, 1999
I purchased this book to get some ideas on a bridal shower. I love it because I can use it for absolutely any occasion imaginable. The ideas in it are great, original and fun. If anyone is looking to throw a party of any type, there is no excuse why you can't find a theme and ideas in this book. I love it!!
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on February 18, 1999
Sach's "Pick A Party" is a wonderful one-stop party planning resource! It's categorical organization makes it so easy to find theme ideas. She is so creative. Using her ideas will certainly make a "BIG" impression. The resource section, itself, makes it worth the price.
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on February 4, 1999
I had my own celebration just reading the party suggestions from this very very funny and creative woman. She knows the party-biz and if you're giving a 'teeny-tiny tea party' or a BIG SPLASH -- you'll find ideas for any kind of celebration in this BIG BOOK! A must for every home.
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