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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on September 26, 2001
I'll list the pros and cons from my perspective:
1. Very short - Sometimes size does matter. In this case, there was no over-extensive analyzations of the code. Only key portions.
2. Covered some of the essentials of JSP programming. JDBC, Connection pooling, XML, Servlet integration, JavaMail. As short as this book was, it still did a nice job giving examples of the usage which is what most books do anyways.
3. Covers basic tags used in JSP and also usage of JavaBeans.
1. Did anybody else notice that the cover says it covers ASP, HTML, and Servlets? (NOTE: ASP?????)
2. No mention of Tag Libs which are a big part of JSP. It does require a lot of detail but at least a small taste of it would be nice.
3. It would have been nicer if the author moved the setting up of the Tomcat server section to the beginning so that the examples could be tried as you went.
Other than the above mentioned items, this is definitley a good book to purchase. The price is kinda hefty but it does provide a nice overview of the JSP technology and the basics of what you would need to know.
Like a reader mentioned before, pretty much, this book covers all that you will need to know for JSP.
I have already worked with JSP so I was able to fly through the book in 2 hours without typing all of the examples. Just thought I'd throw that out there just in case anyone was wondering on how much time it would consume.
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on July 26, 2000
If you've got about an hour a day for a week or two, pick up this book and work through it. The chapters and very well laid out and provide a focused study for each of the topics covered. Of course you must be pretty familiar with Java already but JSP and the Servlet API are introduced from the ground up and after working through the first two sections you can safely say, "I know all about JSP development." He keeps the best chapter off towards the end with JSP Communication with Servlets. Those 10 pages are worth the price of the book alone. Just try finding this in another book. You can, but you'll pay twice as much and won't get any more information than is presented here. It's also worth mentioning that the book itself is the perfect size for traveling, unlike so many of the "definitive" guide books which take up half the space in your suitcase. It will be accompanying me to my project sites from now on. One word of caution, the chapter on XML and JSPs require more tinkering with the code and the environment than he lets on.
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on October 2, 2000
I consider myself new to JSP, Servlet and JavaBeans. I have searched high and low for a book that teaches beginners to these topics in a clear manner. I had seen several other thick books on these topics and they are extremely difficult to understand. This is the only book that explains it so clearly and I find it so easy to understand. I'm glad to have discover this book which no other book can match in trying to teach beginners. If you are interested as I am in server-side applications, I suggest you go to the book store and get it because there is no other book like it. SAX and JAXP XML parser topic of this book immediately explains and clarify my understanding of the concept and application of it, which even the official tutorial at Sun can't match. This book is very good for beginners to JSP and its relevant areas. The size of the book is quite small and slim which does matter to me as I wish to see a more comprehensive book by the author in future.
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on August 12, 2000
* Not a very long book, so it cuts thru a lot of the excess verbiage and over-explanation you find in books on similar topics.
* If you are an experienced Java programmer and already are a good architect, this is a quick route into learning JSP.
* Omits a major JSP topic: customizable tags. This is the equivalent of an HTML book lacking a section on frames.
* Unclear explanation of options on the <jsp:usebean> tag
* Examples rely too heavily on large scriptlets and major database code in the JSPs, against the advice of most Java architects.
* It's a short book, which is a relief from the 1000-page tomes. Yes, this really is all there is to JSP - almost. Look elsewhere for custom tags and architectural advice.
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on December 7, 2000
Great examples, quick and too the point explanations make this a very good book to hit the ground running learning JSP.
If you are a professional developer like me, and you don't want to deal with a lot of lengthly overwritten explanations and books written by twenty different people (i.e., Wrox publications) this is the book to get. Goodwill knows his stuff when it comes to Java and he is able to convey it to the reader in an understandable way.
Also, check out "JavaServer Pages Application Development" by Ben Forta another very good JSP book.
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on September 26, 2000
This book tries to cover too much, too thinly. The examples covered are well-commented but cover relatively trivial examples. What is needed for those learning these topics are details as to how these would be implemented in the real world.
This book is really a quick reference to the JSP specification, which you can get free from Sun.
If you are looking to really learn JSP, Servlets, or Beans buy another book. You'll be disappointed in this one.
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on April 8, 2001
I only skimmed the book but the impression I was left with was, that the book is all code and no overview explanation. No indepth details just a bit of how to handle forms, how to send a mail with javamail, how to get startet on JDBC - stuff you easily can extract from the Java API.
All the interesting stuff as how to structure taglibs, servlets etc. was by far left out (I can't recollect ever seeing anything about taglibs at all in the "book")
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on August 5, 2000
The book is well written and succinct. Unfortunately, as of August 5th, 2000, neither the publisher nor the author have seen fit to provide the source code that was promised in the preface to the book.
The source code link at the publishers, SAMS, points to the source code for another book by the same author. I emailed them about this about three weeks ago, but they haven't bothered to get back to me or to fix the problem.
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on June 22, 2000
I find this book excellent and it gives an in depth knowledgeof JSP/Servlets/EJB. I have been working in ASP for a couple of yearsand have recently started developing in JSP and this book helped me a lot. I would recommend this book to everyone I know who needs to do web development in JSP.
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on September 18, 2000
Pure JSP is just what I needed--a concise guide to JSP without a lot of fluff. Even if you have one of the monster books, you need to add this to your collection. You'll find yourself reaching for it instead. FWIW, the source code *is* on the publisher's website.
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