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on April 27, 2017
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on July 31, 2002
You already have an opinion of this band. If you listen to modern rock radio, you've heard "One Step Closer" and "In The End" ad nauseum. Even if you don't, you've still know who they are. As such, you already know if this remix CD is up your alley or not.
Linkin Park has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They're certainly a style before substance band, which probably explains why so many members of my generation identify with them. The lyrics are somewhat shallow and self-involved and tame and the band members seem to be a little short on Rock Star personality, but the music manages to keep things engaging by offering such a clean, well-produced and balanced mix of several styles: rock, hip hop, and techno. They really do represent the pinnacle of the "nu rock" zeitgeist, for good or ill. Their debut, "Hybrid Theory," was a decent enough (if innocuous) album that was perfectly acceptable so long as you didn't take it seriously.
I've always been quick to sniff out a record company's grab for free money at the expense of a high profile band, but a quick look at some of the contributors and my cynicism wavers a little bit. Chali 2na, Black Thought, members of Styles Of Beyond, Pharoah Monch, Motion Man. It reads like a who's who of underground hip hop. They even throw in some big arena rock names like Jonothan "Yes, I'm Nearly 30 And I'm Still Obsessing Over Getting Beat Up In High School" Davis of KoRn and Aaron "So Am I" Lewis of Staind.
The songs themselves are hit and miss, but with a surprising amount of hits. Chali 2na and The Alchemist turn in the dark, moody "FRGT/10." Jay Gordon tweaks "Points Of Authority" into a more cinematic, epic number but doesn't stray far from the pop/metal original. Kutmasta Kurt and Motion Man do a wonderful remix of "In The End" that sticks in your head like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth. "H! VLTG3" with Evidence and Pharoah Monch is a solid track... but that's no surprise given Pharoah Monch's track record.
Aaron Lewis offers some vocals on Mike Shinoda's unrelentingly bleak "Crawling" remix, but it began to bore me halfway through. There's a couple minutes in the middle of The Humble Brother's "One Step Closer" remix with Jon Davis that were pretty good, but it's waiting for them to come that annoyed me. Mickey Petralia and Kelly Ali's version of the rarity "My December" didn't really do anything for me... but that Kelly Ali sure is hot, eh?
Over the space of twenty tracks, there's bound to be something for everyone. The more rock-oriented fans will gripe about the album being top heavy with rap, but the more open-minded listener will surely find something to like here.
As with "Hybrid Theory," they aren't re-inventing the wheel, just having a good time making it spin.
GRADE: 3.7
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on June 20, 2017
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on July 7, 2003
First of all I'd just like to say I loved the cd; but i'm not writing this review as a review. I've read a lot of the previous reviews written about this and there was something that annoyed me. "H! VLTG3" is the remix of "High Voltage" and "MY<DSMBR" is the remix of "My December"--obviously. But, "High Voltage" and "My December" aren't new, aren't unreleased, or lost tracks, or just made to be made into remixes, or anything like that. They are actual songs off of their very first album: Hybrid Theory EP which tracks include: "Carousel," "Technique," "Step Up," "And One," "High Voltage," "Part Of Me," and "My December." Glad I cleared that up. The band is great. Try to find as much work by them as you can. The fusion of rock, rap, techno, classical, and unforgetably intelegent but dark poetry is amazing, so, uh. . .hmmm. . . .
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on July 30, 2002
This cd is awesome! I got it in the mail today and it was definitely. It isn't just a bunch of remixes. It's a bunch of VERY VERY good remixes! The cd looks nice and the display cover and all look great.
The songs are all awesome and have their own uniqueness about them. The special guests are amazing and it's great how they put the cd together. I highly recommend it for any Linkin Park fan.
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on July 10, 2004
I loved this CD, but bought it with totally different expectations. Half of the CD is absolutely amazing, and the other half is just rap/techno remixes with different artists which I find really annoying. Personally, I prefered the originals, but I love this CD because some of the songs are so unique and different. I hated this CD at first, but it's grown on me so much! My fave remixes are Points of Authority, With You, Crawling (Awesome at 5:40!!) and My December. If you're dissing this CD, remember remixes are always different and always have different beats. You will probably hate this CD if you hate remixes in general. This CD has a more techno and dance beat than the others.
I listen to LP because it's different, and their lyrics are so awesome. If you listen closely, they make a lot of sense. As well as the fact that LP doesn't just fit in one specific category in Alternative (If that makes any sense).
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on July 10, 2004
This album, in my mind, is without a doubt, Linkin Park's best album. They experiment more with a hip-hop/hard rock cross that comes off with a very original style, worthy of recognition. I myself am a hard-core fan of underground hip-hop, not the ridiculous rap you hear more than often on the radio, but the clever, positive messages that intertwine their way through the master wordplay of a talented emcee. Oddly enough, "Reanimation" showcases some of the most talented underground emcees, backed with EXACTLY the potent, emotional production and melodies they need to showcase their talent. This is rap, rock, and music in general at it's very best.
Linkin Park actually doesn't need any help in the production area of things, but even so, just to be absolutely sure they prove that they will not be musically outdone, the sophomore rock group recruits the talented Kutmasta Kurt, Alchemist and Evidence, among others. I suppose this is needed, since this is technically a remix album, though I can see Linkin Park handling this aspect of the album without any help.
Linkin Park's emcee is very talented, all by himself, however, he has one of those voices that needs variety to counter-act him. His lyrics are strong and his flow is fluent, he just needs a different sound to break the monotony of his flow on every track. Linkin Park does a superb job of balancing the chemistry of this album. Track 5, "FRGT/10" is one of the best cuts on the whole CD, the original Linkin Park track being remixed by talented Alchemist. Lyrically, however, Chali2Na stands out like a floodlight in the dark. If only his verse was a little longer! Track 5 is nowhere near the only worthy track on this CD. Track 9, although lyrically very odd (seeing as it focuses largely on X-Men type of superpower), is a genius cut. Linkin Park this time calls in the talented rhyme and production masters of Dilated Peoples, Evidence and DJ Babu. That's not the end of it though. The grand finale is easily Pharoah Monch's magic touch on the track, courtesy of my favorite record label, Rawkus.
Finally, we make our way to the BEST track of the CD. 13.) "PPR:KUT", remixed by Cheapshot and Jubacca, featuring the underground master emcees Rasco and Planet Asia. They blow every other song on this record out of the water, adapting their flow to Linkin Park's cryptic, dark, and emotional sound with lines like "Now it feels/like my back's against the wall/I'm taking the fall/Whenver I call/nobody's responding at all/But I don't know who I can trust/they're screaming my name/I need somebody to help me out of the flame." When written down, these rhymes may not be terribly impressive, but the passionate delivery that accompanies them makes them great.
Overall, I recommend this CD to anyone who admires good musicianship, anybody with versatile tastes in music, and any fans of good rock or hip-hop. A very, very solid showcase of Linkin Park's talent, as well as the overlooked skills buried in the underground hip-hop market.
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on August 2, 2002
I have some reservations concerning this album. I have listened to it being a day of release purchaser of it and I am not at all impressed. First of all, where is the creativity? We have been waiting for a new studio album from Linkin Park since October of 2000 and this is what we get, a remix album of songs that we already have heard. I was taken away by the wave of new rock/rap with Hybrid Theory and pulled of the ride with Reanimation. The album features a plethora of artists in my opinion tearing up Linkin Park songs of old. The riffs are heavy bass line with a stronger emphasis on rap rather than a emphasis on rock or even a complete mixture. The album features clips of answering machine messages left on Mike Shinoda's answering machine, for what reason I have yet to conjure up. I know the difficulties of releasing a sophomore album after great success with a debut including a Grammy. This album showed lack of creativity, a walk away from the style and arrangements of Hybrid Theory and an attempt to keep the Linkin Park name around while they go into the studio to record what their web-site says are completed tracks. (I would have rather they waited.) If this is the new sound of Linkin Park and you were taken by the initial sound of their 2000 debut, please do not waste your money or time with this album. I sincerely hope that their next studio album (no release date yet) will feature a new array of songs, a better mix of rap and rock instead of favoring one particular side and a return to mainstream music that we have enjoyed with their initial release.
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on August 21, 2002
For those who haven't had the chance to pick this album up yet, or have yet to decide on purchasing it, or for that matter, have never even truly heard Linkin Park, then I suggest you pick this album up the first chance you get.
The odd-tempo and techno-like rock beats and turntable mixes we have come to expect from Linkin Park have been fed acid, caffeine, uppers and downers, and the talent of some of the industries best mixers, producers, cutters, and mixers. On of the songs that stands out on the track is the deep, dark, and emotional Crawling track now entitled "Krwling," which is mixed by Mike Shinoda and features some vocal from Aaron Lewis. The dark, hard, and sharp feeling are once again delivered in a methodical like beat, with a beautiful twist of violins, and the softly exposed voice of Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis.
"Pts.Of.Athrty" is totally reedited and remixed to bring a new tempo with loud snare and symbol shots, along with an eerie "ghostly like" cut-in, along with echoing vocals and soft to hard, slow to fast like beats. This song dissolves your mind, enhances your senses, and totally embodies you in its sound and vocals.
"ENTH E ND" reminds me of the Method Man/Fred Durst remix of N2Gether Now...Close enough I suppose. With the lyric changes, and voice-ins by Motion Man, this track is definitely improved for the more hip-hop attentive audience. This is one of the tracks that definitely gives truth to the album's name, Reanimation.
"By_myslf" has added lyrics, clarity, and an electric guitar over-lacing that gives the song a Euro-Rock like sound that you would expect to be on the "Swordfish" soundtrack.
"MY-Dsmbr" is a track that was released on the overseas album of the "Hybrid Theory" album. The songs soft and elegant melody and vocals, compliments of Chester, offer up something that most avid Linkin Park fans aren't used to hearing. The songs lyrics and tone send chills down your spine, and emotional thoughts swirling in your head as you capture the song's intent and focus.
Overall, Reanimation is a definite must for Linkin Park fans, and intuitive music lovers of all kinds. For those who are getting restless in hearing the upcoming album by Linkin Park, this one will have to be a must-have, in that it brings you new tracks, new lyrics, and a whole new feeling and sense to how you hear and experience Linkin Park.
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on July 30, 2002
Not really sure how to describe this. If think you are expecting like their last LP then your in for a shock. This LP is more Hip Hop then rock and it has a lot of samples. Its one of those LP you either like it or hate it. I'm on the border line considering i'm a huge Linkin Park fan, so it was impressive but at the sametime dissapointing. I guess I expect more from them like their last LP. I'm not giving this a bad review, i'm just saying do not expect anything like their last LP. I find myself bobbing my head to most of it and sometimes i find it sour. A lot of of different beats and samples. The featured guest do pretty good. So again if your are more into the rock version of linkin park then you will probally wont like this. If you like Hip Hop then i guess you could pick it up or just borrow it from somebody. not something to rush to the stores and pick up. I still need to listen to it over and over. Hopefully their new LP that should be comming out later this year would be as good or better than the Hybrid Theory.
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