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on June 22, 2009
So this book came out awile ago but I'm still going to review it today.

REVALATION is the best book in the PRIVATE series so far. I love how there is so much mystery and suspicion and discovery of clues that bring you closer to finding out who the murderer is.

While reading REVALATION, I went on the internet and found out who the killer was. It would have totally ruined it for me if I had not have guessed the right killer, which I had. And the killer is my favorite character. Thats all I'm going to say because I know in every sentance I've been saying killer, killer, killer.

I've grown to love Reed more as the original Billings girls have left, I'm not going to say where some of them are. But now that they left, Reed has more incentive to become her own person and form her own ideas and opinions. Also Reed has been through alot so she has more depth as a character. Probably more so than your average rich kids young adult novel. How characters change so much is shocking and wonderful because it keeps the story interesting.

This book was astounding. The only thing about this book that leaves you disapointed is that mystery is solved so Kate Brian better start another mystery in the next installment.

Reviewed by Callie at Handle Like Hendrix
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on October 10, 2008
Life couldn't possibly get any worse for Reed Brennan, could it?

Welcome to book eight of the PRIVATE series by Kate Brian.

When we left the Girls of Billings in AMBITION, Reed had just pulled of the coup of the year with the fundraiser to save the school, only to have her reputation smeared across campus via the technology of cell phones. Someone had caught her 5-minute make-out session with Dash McCafferty, Noelle Lange's on-again/off-again boyfriend.

Reed has just returned to Easton Academy after Thanksgiving break, and her first night back, she receives the shocking news that the Girls of Billing have voted her out. It wasn't a unanimous vote, but still, majority rules, and the only home she's ever wanted at Easton is no longer hers. She now knows how far Noelle will go to get back at anyone that crosses her.

So Reed finds herself in a disgustingly ugly small single in, dare she think it, Pemberly? But Reed packs her stuff and, with the help of her few remaining friends from Billings, moves. But it gets even worse. For her next-door neighbor is none other than her ex-boyfriend Josh Hollis' new girlfriend, Ivy Slade. But Reed isn't beaten yet. She's bound and determined to get back into Billings and clear her name of everything. Granted, she can't undo the error with Dash, but she can find out who is responsible for Cheyenne's death and who's been stalking her.

Yes, even with moving into Pemberly, Reed is still finding mysterious items of Cheyenne's in her room. Things keep appearing but Reed refuses to think she could possibly have anything to do with it. She keeps telling everyone that she had nothing to gain by murdering Cheyenne. Cromwell was already expelling her, so there was no reason to make it worse on Cheyenne.

REVELATION will let the reader finally know the truth of Cheyenne's death. As Reed investigates and gets closer to the truth, people that she thought she couldn't count on come to her aid. And those she thought were the ones she could always count on may turn out to be the ones she should've been watching out for all along.

Readers have to wait until February 2009 to find out the continuation of Reed and the aftereffects of the Easton Academy Holiday Dinner. However, those needing their fix of Easton Academy have the LAST CHRISTMAS: THE PRIVATE PREQUEL to look forward to on October 7, 2008. And the new series with Ariana Osgood (isn't she locked up?) is due out on December 30, 2008.

Reviewed by: Jaglvr
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