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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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I love this dvd! Anyone who says it sounds bad, music mix audio etc. Well they must be playing the disc on a cheap system. To me, this is REM's punk/hard rock era, a real rock band! The setlist is awash in a wall of distortion in both amps in guitars! Even older hits are given a heavy guitar make over. The punk attitude of the band during this era is awesome, the this is the way we sound, like it or not! I like the use of a 2nd guitarist in order to get the heavy distorted guitar mix across to the fans in the building and in the mix of Road Movie. Those who think REM are about Shiny Happy People and Losing My Religion well this dvd is not for you! Rock music is about taking chances and that is why I love REM during the Monster/Road Movie era!
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on January 27, 2000
This DVD shows concert footage from the end of REM's "Monster" tour and the performance was very high energy and up-tempo throughout. I've been following the band since their first album, but haven't caught them live since the "Green" tour. I was definitely not disappointed by this loose and raucous performance. Michael Stipe's stage presence is as strong as ever, and Mike Mills looks like he's having the time of his life throughout the performance.
After reading some other reviews of this DVD I was a little hesitant to buy this disc. However, the comments about the low production quality and terrible sound are completely unjustified. Obviously, this concert footage was shot with several different types of film and edited to look "raw". If you're expecting a crystal clear picture with "studio recorded" sound, then you shouldn't be buying this concert disc. However, if you want a great look at what it would have been like to be upfront at the end of REM's "Monster" tour, you'll be immensely satisfied. This is one of the best DVD's I own.
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on March 14, 2004
I have purchased both Tourfilm and Road Movie as my interest in R.E.M. has renewed since seeing them in concert in Detroit last Fall. Road Movie is definitely getting overly criticized, and I believe that this is occurring for one reason: many folks prefer the old R.E.M. and do not like the Monster album, upon which much of Road Movie is concentrated. I, myself, delayed buying Road Movie for several months because of this criticism. The sound on this DVD is NOT bad or distorted. The sound on this DVD reflects the R.E.M. sound of the Monster era. They are a great band because their sound changes with each album. I believe they are the greatest American band ever. They are not the greatest rock and roll band ever because calling them a rock and roll band is way too limiting on them. They are much more than that! I would suggest to anyone with an interest in this DVD that they play Monster ALOT before they watch it. I did not like Monster for a long time, but I finally gave it a chance by listening to it all the way through in the car several times. Eventually, I was hooked by the passion. Listen especially to the song "Let Me In" several times. The song, at first, sounds like a distorted mess, but then the intensity of the thing just blows you away. I also believe the concert footage is very well done. It gave me a sense of the concert experience much more than did Tourfilm, where the cameras seemed more distant from the stage. In summation, do not avoid this DVD. Buy Tourfilm and Road Movie. I also look forward to buying "Perfect Square" when it comes out next week. I only regret that "Driver 8" is not on ANY of their live DVD's. That is a HUGE oversight!
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on September 26, 1999
This is taken from a 3 night stand in Atlanta at the end of the Monster tour in '95. It features a good cross section of R.E.M.s songs. The video has a 'live' feel to it. It's not an overblown production like the Rolling Stones concerts have become (and I'm a big Stones fan). The DVD features sharp images and good sound plus you can skip directly to your favorite songs without having to fast forward thru a tape.
The only faults I find with it is that it's strictly a song-by-song affair with no shots of any type of interaction with the audience (between song banter etc.) and emphasizes a few too many 'singing head' shots. The band seemed to be a little tired after a trying tour (at least on the night I saw them) and it shows at times, but overall it's a good performance. I'd recommend the DVD over the VHS version, I was even able to zoom in on my friend Lace in the 5th row in couple of shots!
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on February 28, 1999
Considering that REM is one of the best bands of our time and considering the time and effort that REM puts into their recordings and how they are such perfectionist in the quality of their music, this DVD is disappointing. The performance may have been good but who could tell with the way the video jumps around. The quality of the picture at times was very poor and not up to DVD's potential quality. Im not sure what the producer of this DVD was trying to achieve but it doesnt show REM at their best (Unlike the recent outstanding MTV broadcast). Maybe I'm spoiled, but after watching Metalica's "Cunning Stunts" DVD and seeing what can be done with a concert on DVD I was expecting more from REM.
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I have all REM's CDs and then some, and consider myself a huge fan. Video-wise and performance- wise, I'm happy with this DVD. However, the sound quality is absouluely the worst of any legitimate concert video I've seen/heard. I'm not sure how anyone can possibly consider this a 4- or 5- (or even 3) star video/DVD (See other reviews). It's possible to make a concert video with clean, strong, soundboard audio and still have that raw, live concert feel. The producer of this DVD did not do that. This should be avoided by all but the REM completist.
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on September 30, 2003
The sound quality of this DVD is inferior to every single music DVD I own. It's very distorted and you can barely make out Michael Stipes voice over all the noise. The camera work is equally as dissappointing. If REM wanted to give their fans a decent product, they should take a look at Springsteen in NY, or John Mayer's DVD. This is a poor effort for a band I love to put their name on. It's wasn't worth the money I spent and you should save yourself the same frustration.
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on November 28, 1998
I love REM live and as for presenting that aspect of the band, it is great. It provides a real "you are there" feeling, especially on the DVD. The video quality is what should be expected from a beta sp recording and the audio quality is great.
What I would like on this DVD is special features, mostly the documentary Rough Cut. I hope REM continues to produce DVD's though. They are due next year for another video compliation from Tongue to the last from Up.
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on May 19, 2002
The monstor tour was REM's first since the Green album tour so it was the first oppurtunity we got to see them as a big time act. Unfortanetely I was unable to see the them live on the monstor tour, but this comes as close as I will ever get. The concert footage is amazing. It gives you an up and close view of the band performing at its best. The sound and picture quality are great. It makes me wish that I had been there.
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on June 21, 2000
i consider my self as huge fan of this band and this is why it is easier for mr to say this. R.E.M. is well known for her hugh gigs and they really dont need another dvd to show for it, but in this product they really outscore themselfs. this dvd show in a very uniqe way how huge this band is and how multi-colored stipe is.In many of this dvd songs u can really feel u are there and u just been pushed in the crowed.
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