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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 5, 2010
As humans, we sometimes tend to personify our gadgets. Having witnessed the phenomenon in others, I'm happy to see I'm not the only one (a psychologist could explain it better, but it probably stems from our post-toddler, invisible friend/stuffed animal days, but no matter). So if this little MP3 player could speak, I reckon it would probably say something like, "Hi there! I know I'm not as full-blooded as an iPod Touch or as sleekly designed as an iPod Nano, but I'll work real hard to make you happy. Honest!"

First, a bit of history: I've owned iPods since late 2003 when I bought a spanking new 15 GB third generation iPod. Back then, smart phones had yet to come of age and if you wanted a high-capacity MP3 player, Apple were just about the only game in town. It helped matters immensely that my iPod was so well constructed since I used it day in, day out for five years until it finally died and I replaced it with a fourth generation iPod Nano. That Nano sure *seemed* solid enough (what with its sleek, anodized aluminum body and all) but a mere year-and-a-half later it fell apart faster than Joan Crawford in a wire hanger factory (see "Mommie Dearest" for an explanation of that analogy). With hopes held high for an amazing sixth generation Nano, I balked at the rather stripped-down feature set and the tiny, nigh-unusable touch screen.

So, off a-shopping I did go.

Since Sony didn't appear to make a Mac-friendly Walkman, I opted to punt, snapping up the newly released Sansa Fuze+ (black, 8BG capacity). I'd known about -- and respected -- Sansa players for years as affordable and worthy iPod competitors, so this seemed the best available option. Whether consciously or not, SanDisk are filling a huge void in the marketplace right now caused by the absence of last year's multi-purpose fifth generation Nano (and as a student, I really, really needed its now long-gone voice recorder feature badly).

To define the negatives of this particular player: as many reviewers have pointed out, the Fuze+'s touch-sensitive interface can be a bit unresponsive at times and over-responsive at others. The GUI isn't anywhere near as intuitive as anything Apple could have designed. Furthermore, the industrial design is rather plain and the plastic is easily scratched (HINT: rub any scratches that appear on plastic with Brasso and a clean, lint-free cloth; after several minutes, it clears them right up -- promise!). That said...

Onto the positives: the sound quality from this thing is amazing -- rich and full! I've run battery tests only to have my jaw hit the floor when power usage on my unit clocked in at a WHOPPING 53 hours for 128 kbps MP3s and 30 hours for 256 kbps AAC files. This in itself is an astonishing discovery, particularly having come from the notoriously power-hungry iPod realm. This little fellow plays video beautifully, although the screen's visual "sweet spot" is at a slightly off-centre angle when watching a movie in Landscape mode. Also, it's got a voice recorder -- a good one -- that uses the unit's incredibly wee, shockingly responsive built-in microphone. While the Fuze+ won't win any beauty contests, it is enough for me to say that it *is* solidly constructed, having already dropped it several times without so much as scratching it (Brasso time!).

I give this player a solid recommendation -- especially (way) over the current iPod Nano -- keeping in mind that it is still quite new and there *are* flaws. However, SanDisk seems to really care about their customers, listening to their concerns and working hard to iron out the kinks. Their Website support forums are a good place to go for advice, especially considering that by buying any new first-generation product, you're essentially signing up to be a Beta tester.

It just comes with the territory, folks.
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on April 23, 2013
As I was getting tired of using my phone as a music player, I decided to look through my beloved site and check things around.
Two reasons made me purchase this artifact. Number one, I used to have the cute first Sansa with the Wheel that lasted for 6 years without any problems. Number two, I read the reviews from here (apparently good).

Guess what? My experience with this electronic device has been nothing but one frustration after another.
The touch-base controls is a poor imitation of whatever can be called a touch screen. Navigating back and forth is atrocious (and I read the manual for instructions).
The top-button to lock, unlock, and turn off the device is ridiculously annoying; press once (nothing), press twice (nothing), press down even harder (turns off). The start up takes longer than my 1999 computer I still have; don't even go there if you have to reboot the player because everything freezes when you try to navigate through the confusing screen.
Three times, while listening to my tunes walking, I had a loud buzzer sound that almost turn me deaf.

In other words, I will leave this tiny project of music player to just listen to radio (no way I can claim a return). I took around four months to be absolutely sure of all this before writing a review.

I don't go for toys called iPods because they seem to be a social stand rather than a toy but, you know what? The iPod is a good player and that's what I will buy. I am tired of looking around for devices that are nothing but a cheap imitation of what an iPod is. Just spend a few more bucks and you won't get frustrated as I am now.

walter (Winnipeg)
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on March 26, 2013
The equipment seems very nice, the sound is very good and brings radio, something that seemed to me essential to a team of little ability. However, despite its 8GB memory, has a Micro SD Bay seems phenomenal, because I have several memories usually I use for photos and music, so you can make collections of songs for memories and go loading it on the computer . I think it's a little slow at first, but it is intuitive, so only load the music and to experiment with the options. It is sensitive when it wants, and stubborn when he can.
The headphones are disgusting. are ugly, uncomfortable, but sound good ... that is something that takes equipment points.

in Spanish... extraño mi ipod... pero el sansa esta bien.
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on January 19, 2013
This is awesome - can't believe what you can do with the Sansa Fuze+
Great for reading books - screen is big enought - sound quality it great and actually watched a movie as well
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on April 30, 2013
This MP3 player is very unstable. I could not set it up either. It kept freezing up. Is too sensitive. Jumps all over the place even in my pocket. I do not recommend this to anyone.
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on December 16, 2012
This 8G Sansa is erratic compared to the 14(16?)G I had before but that has now died after one and a half year daily use. I use it for audiobooks only and use the podcast storage for that (under audiobooks each chapter is treated like a book!!!). There seems to be a problem with keeping the page and once in a while there is a "skip" for no good reason at all. I was looking for another 14(16?)G but it looks like that is no longer available.
Since this is one of the only devices that does library audiobooks reasonableywell, there isn't much choice
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