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on November 17, 2002
As a long time student of the so-called paranormal, I wish I could give it TEN stars. The book is indeed riveting - both because of the fascinating subject matter, and the author's incisive, highly intelligent yet crystal clear, writing style.
When boiled down to the essence, it's the story of one honest, self-aware man's sad disillusionment, on both a personal level and a more universal one. Not only does the author's own "guide" (supposedly the spirit of a woman with whom he had a relationship in a previous life and to whom he has become very attached over the course of three years of channeled communications) prove to be a fraud, but so does every single "guide" (some "attached" to members of the author's own channeling group, others "belonging to" mediums he meets in the course of his research) he investigates.
And yet, each of these so-called guides is clearly possessed of personal information about his or her "charge," as well as a wealth of background information that would substantiate the life each claims to have led - IF only the author could have located the associated birth, death, marriage, and/or military records for any of these entities. This exposure of these "guides" as hoaxers truly raises a lot of troubling questions, which the author is ultimately not afraid to face and then closely examine for readers' illumination and, perhaps, own disillusionment.
This book sheds a bright, clear, unbiased light on the channeling phenomenon and, in my opinion, presents strong evidence for its rejection as a genuine means of communication from the type of highly evolved and humankind-loving spiritual guides their channelers claim to be in contact with. As such, I believe it's simply invaluable.
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on July 25, 2004
With all our 'advances', and history to learn from, why are we still imprisoned on planet Earth ravaged by poverty, disease, and wars, and looking Armaggedon in the face every day, instead of 'Star Trek' exploring the universe in space ships ? Read Joe Fisher's book about Hungry Ghosts, and realize why his book is more important to humanity than the Bible, Koran, Talmud, and Hindu Vedic Texts combined, THE most important book ever written. (Thank you Joe Fisher, Be at Peace).
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on October 25, 2007
I bought this book, because I'm fascinate with mediumship and I was blown away by the revelations of Joe Fisher's experience with spirit guides.
From all the mediums and channelers books that I have read, He is the first one to revealed his misfortune with such so-called highter beings. Which brings us to think twice before calling entities and to trusting them at 100%.
This wonderful book brings us back to reality when being caught on the divine magic of communicating with the spiritworld that we all think is and makes us to doubt the safety of connecting with the otherside. We learn that practicing channeling and mediumship is not a game for unexperienced curious who wants to try calling their dead relatives and It should not be practice by anyone . On my part, I think that Joe Fisher' misadventure is only a side of the coin and that we should always have to questioning with who we are receiving messages from and be sure if the spirit is really hight evolute guide. Like here on earth, their is bad and good on the astral plane and it is like inviting a stranger to your home without knowing nothing about them.
If you are fascinated like me for psychics and mediums, I highly recommend this book. It will make you think and take caution on cunning earthbound spirits who are waiting to get you on their web.
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on February 14, 2014
The writing is good and hold your attention. Its the content that presented a bit of the problem for me. How much of this "true story" is believable is up to the reader to ascertain. I leave it to the believers who I am certain will find this book "riveting " as advertised. I will concede, I agree with his conclusion.
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on December 10, 2002
I want to confess up front that I haven't read this book-regardless of that, I would like to point out that Fisher wound up jumping off of a cliff in 2001, in spite of his convictions that suicide was never justifiable. You have to wonder how much the dealings with "spirits" had to do with his suicide. The moral of his book seems to be that people are better off not communicating with "spirits", and I would imagine that his suicide makes point more profoundly than anything that he wrote would. Having said that, I'm ordering this book and I plan to read it immediately.
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