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on January 23, 2010
I was bored listening to Jillian Micheals tell me what to do, so I switched it up and bought this on a whim with a gift card I was gifted and I'm not one bit sorry.
I usually don't buy work out DVDs unless someone has recommended them(so as not to be disappointed)but taking the chance on these girls totally paid off.
This 3 disc set incorporates yoga, Thai chi, and cardio for the perfect workout. Just when you think that you're gonna die, they move onto the next move. Great for beginners and intermediate fitness levels, a bit to easy if you are more advanced. They use your own bodies resistance so you can increase the intensity level with some arm and leg weights if you feel you need to kick it up a notch.
Rory and Kim make it really fun by joking their way through it. It's nice to see real people working out. Kim can't do all the moves and that makes it more realistic for me, which I LOVE!While Rory is Ms stretchy energy girl keeping you motivated to keep going. They mess up some moves, just like those of us at home. I'm so glad the producers opted NOT to edit the mess ups out. Again, it just makes it all more real.
"Booty Bounce" requires coordination and practice as they basically do a dance routine. Once you learn the moves it's a blast. "Body" focuses on each body part in 15 min intervals--abs, legs, arms, butt--there is also a meditation section on this disc. Lastly, "Bootcamp" is a total body, sweat it out-feel the pain hour of fun.This disc also have a 5x5 section showing you easy 5 min workout routines for those days you don't have time to dedicate a whole hour to working out.
You'll have to stick with it to learn the moves well enough to enjoy it without having your eyes glued to the screen and straining your neck!But no fear, after doing the each disc 2-3 times you get the hang of it and can step it up.
I defiantly recommend this for anyone looking to get off their butt and get moving but who don't want to overexert themselves.
Have fun. Stay fit. Live healthy.
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on April 15, 2011
I think this is a great collection, and a great price for three DVD's. The Body Sculpting DVD is my favorite-it's tough and you feel stiff for days--but you know it's working. The authors, who are also the instructors, are very personable and fun. The dance DVD, Booty Bounce, makes you forget you are even working out as you try to learn the dance moves. There is also a Boot Camp DVD which has a regular workout as well as some short 5 minute sessions for those days when you just don't have "time to work out". I like that even the arm or ab exercises in different DVD's are different-so it isn't just rehashing the same workout with different music. The only downside was that it takes a while to get the hang of the moves, especially the dance ones, and they just press on without a lot of instruction. So you have to do this a few times before you start to get the hang of it.
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on October 10, 2012
I have to agree with one part of the other comments, these DVDs are funny, fun, and different from most fitness videos. They get you moving whatever your fitness level is, and they different level alternatives for most exercises.

However, I do NOT recommend this collection if you're looking for a more structured and precise fitness program. They don't explain the moves beforehand, like how your knees should be bent, or how wide your feet should be apart (which is essential because there's more chances of hurting yourself if you're not used to these kinds of exercises). For example, one of the girls was doing squats with her feet close together, which is really bad for your knees!

Also, if you're someone like me, who needs a steady beat to follow the dynamic exercises (like the basic step touch, etc.), you'll be thrown off because it seems the music was added after the recording, so they're doing everything off-tempo. If you don't need to follow the music, good for you! But this is a big downer for me.

Another problem I found, especially if you're a beginner, is that they don't announce the next moves most of the time, nor do they say ahead of time how many reps you'll be doing. In a result, the first time I tried these DVDs, I was trying to catch up most of the time, not being able to follow where they were going next.

If I had to compare these with the Jillian Michaels programs, I'd say the latter is much more worth the time and money. If you don't like Jillian, do something else to get you moving. Skinny Bitch may be interesting to get you moving if you're a couch potato, but I'm not sure these girls are qualified to give training advice, especially not for strength training.

That's my two cents.
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on April 13, 2012
These videos are a permanent part of my exercise video rotation. I love all of the jokes, and it's nice to see that they loose their balance too sometimes. The bootcamp video is intense, the body video is tough, and the booty bounce video is so much fun. I am not sorry I bought these!
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