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Sona FDA-Cleared Anti-Snore & Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow

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  • Product Dimensions: 66 x 35.6 x 34.9 cm ; 907 g
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 Kg
  • Item model number: SONA
  • ASIN: B002WJID06
  • Date first available at Aug. 5 2014
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Product Description

This pillow is used as an anti-snore pillow and for mild sleep apnea. The pillow is patented and approved by the FDA. The pillow is washable and measures 10" x 27" x 12". How does it work This super comfortable pillow encourages the user to sleep in a natural position on their side, thus eliminating the snoring. The head is cradled to keep the airway open. It really works for most people. Many users like to place an arm under one of the indented sections on the bottom of the pillow. Even side sleepers that don't snore love its firm support, and the fact that they sleep better because they don't "toss and turn". The pillow also has added support in the shoulder blade area of the back for added comfort. You can use your own pillowcase to match your bed linens; king size works best. This is the only patented, clinically tested, and approved pillow for snoring! Full instructions are included.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews on (beta) HASH(0x9a3ca0e4) out of 5 stars 287 reviews
104 of 105 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9a3823a8) out of 5 stars Helps keep you on your side July 13 2010
By J. Whiteside - Published on
Verified Purchase
I bought this a few months ago and am still using it. The pillow does help keep you sleeping on your side. If sleeping on your side eliminates your snoring, this pillow will help you. If you snore like a mack truck pulling a load of gravel up a hill, this probably will not help you too much. I tried this in conjunction with one of the anti-snore mouthpieces on Amazon and was told that it cut the noise to a dull roar but did not stop the snoring to the point where other people could still sleep in the same room. I think it does help me breathe a bit better at nite and am still using it. The only downside is an occasional sore neck if you sleep on it the wrong way. If you are a "light snorer" and have room in the bed for it, I would definitely suggest you try it. If you can overpower a chainsaw with your snore, you should probably head straight to a CPAP machine.
132 of 139 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9ab94648) out of 5 stars Positional Sleep Apnea - This or a C-Pap ... March 31 2011
By Alex S - Published on
This pillow was recommended for me following a medical sleep study. I stop breathing (20 times per hour) when I sleep on my back. That's every 3 minutes. Add to that the fact that my oxygen dropped 12%, and you KNOW I have a problem.

Given the choice between learning to sleep on my side or wearing a cpap machine for the rest of my sleeping life, I came out and found this turtle-like pillow to help me learn how to safely sleep at night, and bought one. That was two weeks ago. When it arrived, I tried different names for it, "the turtle" "the dove," and finally came up with "the Bump." And so the Bump and I had to become friends.

At first, even knowing I had no choice, I "fought" sleeping with the Bump. I mentally pictured it safely holding me in place, but I still kept trying to turn over in my sleep, and waking up when I couldn't. I must have awakened 20 times or more that first night. The second night was a bit better. And, over the course of two weeks, I finally had my first full night's sleep, waking up once or twice and turning over to my other side, then falling quickly back to sleep.

BUT, even before that first full night, I could tell a difference. I began waking up more alert and aware. I no longer have to take a nap during the day to survive (waking up from the nap even more sleepy and tired). Since the sleep study was able to identify my problem, I know that I am breathing better, sleeping deeper, especially since I am waking up more rested. Even my morning blood sugar has significantly improved.

For those buying this to reduce snoring ... it does that too, by forcing you to lay in the correct position where your throat remains open.

But the primary FDA approval is for Sleep Apnea - particularly the kind that I have, positional sleep apnea.

It is designed to train you to sleep on your side, and to help you be comfortable in the correct sleeping position. It takes time to learn to sleep in this position. In my case, it was two weeks to become comfortable all night long, but for some people, it can take up to a full month. So do not purchase this pillow unless you are willing to make that kind of commitment.
123 of 132 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9a029900) out of 5 stars The others don't know how to use it Aug. 6 2007
By Carp Guy - Published on
I got this pillow on a whim as my wife had been talking about my snoring as being really disruptive. I've been feeling really bad about it since I really value being with my wife and it being a good thing. Sleepless nights aren't good for marital bliss.

So walking through the mall, I saw the pillow and took the leap.

The first good thing that happened, which I know the others didn't get, was that the sales girl told me how to use it. When you open the bag with the pillow there aren't any obvious instructions on how to use it so if she didn't tell me I would probably have been really dissatified like the others. You really can sleep on this thing wrong and it's at such an angle that it would definitely hurt your neck.

The pillow simply forces you to sleep on your side and provides the functional set up so that it's comfortable. I've tried side sleeping and it was never good as my neck or shoulders would get all messed up.

This pillow is very firm. You put your lower hand in the little sleeve (not your whole arm or even part of it) and put your head on the side (not middle) closest to your hand.

If you try to put your head in the center, you will certainly get jacked up. The pillow is big so that you can functionally sleep in the correct position on either side. The big lump in the middle forces you to, it's not meant for you to perch your head on it. That would hurt as I can't even watch TV like that on it.

This thing works exactly as it should. I certainly stopped snoring and I could easily feel why. My breathing is very open. Last night, I slept without it and my wife got irked, thinking the pillow must not be working. She wandered to the bathroom and noticed the pillow was on the floor. She handed it to me, not really nicely, and the snoring stopped.

I have to say that while the sleeping position is comfortable, it takes some getting used to for me at least. I've never slept on my side, so doing it is strange. Two things that I'm doing that make it better is 1) put your regular pillow between your thighs (stops the crushing of the jewels) and 2) I have a memory pillow that I put between my torso and upper arm. It stops my top arm from lying limp and at an angle that is too sharp and would mess up my shoulder. We elite athletes are very sensitive you know......

Lower hand in sleeve, head on pillow arm same side as my hand and facing away from center of pillow, pillow between legs and thin pillow between my upper arm and torso. Seems like a lot when I write it, but it's really nothing but just making sure everything is perfect for me.

My wife loves the results. I feel like sleeping on my side won't be painfully in lots of ways and I'm sure there are lots of other uses for all these pillows :) Enjoy.

8/10/07 Wanted to provide an update since I've been able to use the pillow for a while. Firstly, my wife (who was the sole reason for me trying this pillow) loves it. She says it's amazing and that she gets a good nights sleep. That alone is worth it.

I've gotten used to the position somewhat. I say that because some nights, maybe when I'm really tired, I just fall into it. Get set up and wham I'm gone. Last night, I was restless and so was my wife by the way. Mabye because it was pretty warm or whatever, but I just couldn't get comfortable, so I threw the pillow on the ground and used my regular for that night. Was out cold quick and slept more on my side. Apparently it went well, because my wife didn't say or throw anything.

All in all, it was worth it. Worst case, it taught me how to sleep in a better position. Best case, it's a pillow that I'll use 80-95% of the time with certain great results and great sleep. Bon soir
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HASH(0x99fdeb40) out of 5 stars Hurt my neck and Brookstone wouldn't accept returns. July 13 2007
By Jeff Marcovitch - Published on
Verified Purchase
I tried this for one night. It hurt my neck and I decided to return it. To return it I was instructed on Amazon's return page to call Brookstone. I called them and they refused. They said that they have a new policy that pillows are considered personal items and can't be returned. I informed them that this information was nowhere to be found on the web page. They still refused. I called amazon and explained the situation. They immediately refunded my money under their A-Z guarantee. They told me they would reprimand Brookstone. Hurray Amazon. Boo Brookstone.
104 of 117 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9a063d20) out of 5 stars Bulky, uncomfortable, impractical, noisy, made my neck sore, and didn't stop my snoring July 11 2007
By Gary Weaver - Published on
The Sona Pillow was bulky, uncomfortable, impractical, noisy, made my neck sore, and didn't stop my snoring at all according to my wife. Brookstone has no-refund policy for the Sona pillow, even if you are TOTALLY dissatisfied.

The pillow itself a funky shape that seemed king-sized (it was really pushing the limits for a queen-sized bed). The pillowcase is custom fitted to the pillow. You can't use regular pillowcases. It comes with a pillowcase on it, but additional pillowcases cost $20 a piece. There are two sewn "sleeves" (small square of fabric sewn on both sides of the square) under the pillowcase so you can put whichever arm you want under the pillow while you "train" yourself to sleep on your side. If you have a really big arm, it probably won't fit. When you put your arm through it, it has to go somewhere and mine was uncomfortably pushed up against the headboard and hanging off in such a way that I was a little worried I might knock something off of my nightstand. I also noticed that the pillow sqeaked when it rubbed against my headboard (my old pillow never squeaked). When I woke up in the morning, my neck ached and I learned that I had been snoring as loudly as usual all night.

I boxed up the pillow in its original packaging and less than a week later I decided I'd call up Brookstone to request a refund (you need an RMA number from them to send it back). The first rep I spoke with just gave me the company line over and over that it was a "personal product" and Brookstone doesn't take returns or make refunds if they have been used at all. I said I was extremely dissatisfied with the pillow and I wanted to speak to his supervisor. He said he would have to leave her a voicemail because she was on another call. I said I'd hold, but then he said I couldn't do that and she didn't have the ability to have me on "hold", which was a lie. I told him I had a friend that was a lawyer, so he put me on hold so I could speak with her. When I spoke with his supervisor, she eventually said a lot of people that have called into Brookstone were similarly displeased with the Sona pillow. She also said that some people called in with praise. But she said though that no matter how displeased a customer is with the pillow (or any other personal product), you cannot get a refund. I asked for her supervisor, got his voice mail, and left a message.

I would suggest staying far away from this pillow unless you have money to burn. It's great if it helps some people, but it didn't help me, and I'm thoroughly displeased with both the product and with Brookstone's refusal to refund the $100 I spent on it.