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on July 19, 2004
Spongebob Squarepants, a media icon established only a couple years prior that has captured the hearts of millions. Nickelodeon has seemingly closed production of the series, but what once was in not lost with the wonder known as DVD. Now, after a long period of wait, Spongebob has returned in the second seasons complete onslaught of episodes that left incredible imprints of improved quality and comedy from the beloved character and his comrades (Patrick, Sandy, and technically Squidward -- though it may not be considered a friendship if one side pushes away). But I digress. With a movie in developement, its probably best that either an avid fan refresh their memories with this wonderful batch of goodies or a newbie to the franchise to catch wind of an icon of an era that lived down under the sea in a place called Bikini Bottom.
For those without recollection of the series, interested in purchasing the dvd:
It's about the wonderful adventures of Spongebob Squarepants, a fry cook at the Krusty Krab (owned by Mr. Krab, of course). In the middle of it all is an annoyed-neighbor and aspiring-but-awful musician named Squidward, a pink star who's intellect is questionable but fabulously amusing, and a rough-with-fluff squirrel who has ambition with heart, and survives via an oxygen system that resembles something an astronaut would sport.
There are other notable characters, such as the evil protozoan (?) known as Plankton who tries to ruin everything that is The Krusty Krab for his own self-profit and, yes, happiness. This is only a taste of what the show offers, and this collection is right in the middle of it all.
In the end, its a general assumption that any true fan will purpose this and my words are only heresay, but if only for those without the knowledge of the shows quality, if you are to purchase any DVD, seasonally is best for the collectors and those in search of substance for their buck. Substance being a key word, you get it physically but also internally in this package. I appreciate you reading this and I hope its helpful to anyone curious about the product at hand.
*DVD was not released at time of reviews documentation. Review was solely based on what the DVD offers, bonus features aside.*
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on July 6, 2004
just in time for the movie and also it will be a year since season one came out and it's about time for season 2. it will be a great dvd set like the 1st one. i hope the include the help wanted episode and the christmas episode in this one. i know the christmas episode is in 2nd season but i wonder how they are working that out with the intro and everyhting being a xmas episode and help wanted wasn't on the 1st season and i hope being part of the show and the pilot episode lets all hope it's on there. if not they might put it on season 3. if not that either they might have to redo the 1st one to put it on there. if not they they thought it was copy right or something i dont know but i like spongebob a lot and i stoppped buying the single dvds aftert just 4 or 5 then i bought season one. now i can enjoy season 2. then 3 next year. unless sooner next year not being close to the end of the year again. only 3 baby and 2 more left then one after this one. yippee. can't wait.
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on August 13, 2016
The first 3 seasons of Spongebob are definitely my favourite, so I was so excited to receive my purchase of season 2 in the mail! My personal favourite episodes on this season include "Bubble Buddy," "Shanghaied," and "Frankendoodle." This is a great buy if you or your kids enjoy Spongebob!
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on July 8, 2004
Yes! Finaly! Season 2 is coming! And just 2 days after my birthday! This is perfect! Spongebob totally rocks! I am going to get each season no matter what it takes! And you bet I'm going to see the movie on opening day(November 19)!
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on November 18, 2014
box corners were damaged
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on February 9, 2016
I love Spongebob.
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on February 17, 2015
Fun for kids
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on July 8, 2004
First off i would like to say spongebob squarepants is a great show and that i have nothing against it. However if you have already bought all the other dvds like i have you will only get 2 new episodes. doesnt that suck?
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