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on August 16, 2010
I used to absolutely love Spongebob. I watched this show religiously as a child, and it had a large part in shaping my sense of humour. To this day I still quote this show constantly, even subconsciously, since it now so far ingrained within my personality.

This is the first 100 episodes of a cartoon I once truly adored. This is a must for any Spongebob fan, spanning from those first few charming episodes all the way to the absolutely hilarious "Chocolate With Nuts" and beyond. This box set is lovingly compiled, a tribute to a truly great cartoon; the whole thing comes in an exterior plexiglass box, the interior box packaged with a 3D image of Spongebob on the front, and then seven character themed containers, each holding two DVDs.

I highly recommend this product! Buy it now while you still have the chance and marathon as many episodes at a time as you can. Watch it with some like-minded friends over some junk food.

You won't regret it!
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on January 25, 2013
Yes, some episodes are edited unfortunately. For example, "just One bite" has about 35 seconds shaved off due to its violent content. So if you've read Shane's review, well, yes his English is terrible but he is right. The individual seasons are also edited. Unedited episodes are aired first then edited for home video. Will this hamper your viewing enjoyment of Mr. Yellow Porous and Absorbent is He? No. Then you can confidently say...I'm Ready!!!
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on April 22, 2015
I'm in my early 20s and I still love watching Spongebob - the classic episodes anyways. You're basically getting the first 5 seasons with this. But I wouldn't recommend buying at full price (I got mine 67% off). Reason being is the resolution. I guess it's because it's DVD quality or something but I couldn't stretch it to fit the screen of my 32" 1080p tv. In retrospect, I would've preferred bluray. Aside from that everything's great and just what you're looking for if you're a fan of the classic Spongebob episodes :)
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on May 19, 2010
To ANYONE who already loves the Yellow Sponge - Or - to soak yourself for the very first time, this DVD Collection is for YOU. I did not know you could put so much insanity in one little box like that.

The BOX outher shell is made out of hard plexiglass, the insert is a "3D" picture of our Yellow Hero, all the DVD's are neatly stored in smaller DVD casing each representing one the cartoon characters of the show! The attention to details is fantastic and makes this item a MUST for all collectors.

The content itself is as could be expected: 4:3 format, SUPERBE image quality et vibrant colors, perfect sound.

Can't stess out enough the fact that THIS IS THE ULTIMATE collection, everything you wish for is in there!

REMEMBER: This is a timeless classic that is as much fun to watch for Children than for Mom & Dad!

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on June 29, 2014
this is great for spongebob fans because you get 100 episodes and a lot of special features including a doucumentry
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on August 29, 2012
this is epic you must say that this is eipcthe sponge is very funny and is nicks best cartoon carther
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on September 10, 2011
I perchest this from amazon a little under a month ago and have resently finished watching all 100 episodes. Like i first thought i loved it. i used to watch spongebob everyday when it first came on tv.

and now that im older i thought that i should buy this to add to my movie collection. unfortunitly as i watched it i reaised that some of the episodes arent as they where when they first aired on tv. they are edited! apparently some companies thought that certain themes in a kids show wass to graphic for kids or it might teach kids something they shouldnt. i dont know what the point was but all it did was take away funny memories for me since i will never be able to watch the parts that where eidted out if i watch this box set.

an example of this is in the episode "just one bite" when squidward tries a kraby patty and reaises that he loves it and wants more, he realises that if he is to get another patty without spongebob knowing hed have to sneak into the krusty krab at night and stale one. but when he arrives he sees that there is a trap (this is the part thats eddited out). he looks up at the top of the door to the entrance of the resturont and sees what he thinks to be a bucket of water and think its not even a good trap and sets it off on perpouse. once he walks into the puddle of "water" that spilt when he opens the door he then realises its not water its gas and a random robot arm comes out of nowhere holding a match and drops it on the oil seting him on fire.

apparenty they thought that showing kids how to make fire is bad even though most kids are exposed to alot of worse things these days. i dont know why theyd even put it in the episode if they where just going to edit it out, like seriously its a kids show, what company in their right mind is going to edit a kids show. but still id understand if it was just on tv that it was edited but did they really have to have it without that scene on a dvd. like most dvds are unedited versions of any show thats edited on tv. im not going to let this ruin my whole experience with this dvd im still going to watch it in the future but im just so dissapointed that i payed almost 100 dollers for edited versions of the episodes. i just dont get what they where thinking putting edited versions of episodes on dvds its really unesessary in my oppinion.

but anyway if you like spongebob and want alot of episodes for a cheaper price then buying all the box sets then this is for you. but if you want the REAL episodes that arent changed for stupid reasons then don't buy this. also not every episode is edited just some of them. but like i said before im not going to let this ruin my viewing enjoyment of this box set in the future.
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on October 4, 2014
nice and good
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