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on June 17, 2017
best buy for the dollar Very pleased with the product. customer satisfaction is amazing they are the best I love them thank you so much. So far so good. These are really nice.
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on November 5, 2003
Most series go out like the roach in those old Raid commericals on their backs with legs sticking up in the air. DS9 was an exception to the rule. Pedigree is sometimes telling and, in the case of DS9, it was the grandson of a science fiction film classic; Roddenberry clearly based his characters and the situation of the original Star Trek on Forbidden Planet. Next Generation took that formula to the next level. DS9 was the first major departure from the formula--while it's set in Roddenberry's universe creators Michael Pillar and Rick Berman brought in a much darker element. It fit well.
Season 7 tied up most of the loose ends from the previous six years. As Executive Producer and writer Ira Steve Behr noted, DS9 evolved without any clear cut plan in mind beyond the current season. In many respects, that was the to the series' advantage. Jadzia Daz, Worf's wife and fellow officer, is murdered at the conclusion of season six and it appears that the evil spirits of the Pah-wraith have taken control. The Dominion looks like they will actually win the war and Gul Dukat, Sisko's doppleganger and foe,has over the course of seasons 6 and 7 gone completely insane.
Worf must deal with the loss of his mate and his world continues to crumble as the Daz symbiot returns as Ezri Daz (played by the marvelous and beautiful Nicole deBoer) bring back ghosts he'd thought he had put behind him. Sisko has returned to Earth taking a leave of absence from the Federation to work at his father's restaurant. Image In The Sand opens with Sisko trying to uncover the mystery of his mother's death and his visions. An attempt on his life makes him rethink his isolation from the world. Other strong episodes include After Image where Garak has massive anxiety attacks related to his role in helping the Federation overturn the Cardassian Empire. He feels like a traitor even though Cardassia is now just a pawn of the Dominion. Chrysalis focuses on Julian Bashir's love affair with another genetically enhanced individual who, until recently, was in something of a catatonic state. The best episode for me is Treachery, Faith and The Great River. Weyoun one of the genetically engineered overseers of the Jem H'adar betrays the Dominion. He gives information to the Federation in return for asylum. Evidently he's been judged defective and the Dominion has elected to terminate him and replace him with yet another clone.
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges and Extreme Measures reintroduces Section 31 the secret cell that operates within the Federation. This secret organization will do anything, regardless of ethics or morality, to insure the Federation wins the war against the Dominion. Willian Sadler is superb as Sloan who tries to recruit Bashir in the former. In the latter episode, Bashir must enter the dying man's mind to find a cure for the wasting disease that was introduced to destroy the Founders (the leaders of the Dominion) by Section 31. It threatens the Founders and Odo who was used to introduce the disease to his people.
The grand finale is a marvelous two parter that doesn't provide complete resolution but, like the best novels, leaves enough loose ends to make the series interesting. I don't want to spoil it as there are a number of powerful surprises.
While season 7 didn't quite live up to seasons 4, 5 & 6 it was a strong send off for the series. Unlike The Next Generation (which I still love despite its flaws), on DS9 not everyone got along and the conflicts made the show that much more interesting. Oh, and if you purchase seasons 6 & 7 you'll get $20.00 back from Paramount (a similar promotion was used for Next Gen). A great series (not just a great Star Trek series)rode off into the sunset without ever looking back.
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on August 5, 2003
It's a good thing that The Next Generation's Q is in this episode, because he single-handedly saves it from sinking. Which is not to say that it's wonderful, or that it would have been utterly awful without him. It's just that the whole story manages to balance out completely, making this what I would describe as a completely average episode.
In any case, the plot revolves around the omnipotent and all-powerful Q getting dumped by his human girlfriend because she's fed up with him. In my (albeit limited) experience, there are only two kinds of Q episodes, and from the description, you can already see that this is a Goofy Q episode rather than a Q Threatens To Destroy All Of Humankind On An Idle Whim episode. Once the crew realize that Q is on board, they prepare themselves for the worst, and although trouble does arrive, it isn't from the direction they were expecting.
There are too many parts of this episode where Important People spout Important Technobabble. So, it's quite amusing to see Q blatantly taking the mickey out of this Star Trek cliché (in fact, many of Q's jokes are meta-textual; presumably an omnipotent entity would realize that he's just a fictional character on a late twentieth century TV show). The station is put in danger, and there's a race against time to save everyone's life. There's even a countdown at the end, although it isn't terribly exciting. There are some good jokes and sharp dialog in this one, which do make it more interesting than the average Stop The Station From Exploding episode.
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on July 5, 2000
The omnipotent Q and Captain Picard's former (?) lover Vash take a trip to DS9. Q is as good as he always is and Vash is sarcastic and brash -- a good foil to Q's sassiness and irreverence. They had been partners as Q helped Vash search the galaxy for valuable artifacts and such. But, as Picard and crew already know, Q can be annoying and Vash quickly tired of him and his antics. So, to make this synopsis succinct, Vash is trying to rid herself of Q and Q is trying to woo Vash. And the crew of DS9 are the victims in this intergalactic spat.
Good episode and Q even lends a hand in saving the station from a mysterious threat (gee, another one of those). But what I want to know is this: Why didn't Q ever return to DS9? I guess Picard's Enterprise and Janeway's Voyager are more fun to visit. Who knew?
I'm giving this episode five stars even though I think it only warrants four. Why? Because the other person who reviewed this episode clearly meant to give "Q-less" more than one star (read it and you'll see what I mean) so I'm giving my fellow reviewer a star. Ain't I nice?
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on December 5, 2003
Spoiler Alert: for those of you who don't know the ending!
This one ties up all the character arcs. Nog applying to Starfleet, O'Brien and family going to earth, Sisko becoming a god and all the rest. There are many more threads that were left unresolved. If any show deserves to come back to TV; it's this one. There are too many rich characters to simply ignore.
Of all the DVD's I own; my complete set of seven seasons will get a lot of play on my DVD machine. Why? Because like the original series you can watch them over again. The layers of running storylines and twists keep you interested.
The book series by Pocket has carried the series in what I call sesons 8 and 9. If you are not a Trek fan; try Deep Space Nine. After the first episode it's like no other Trek series. There are no perfect starfleet officers in this one!
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on October 2, 2000
This is a typical first season DS9 plot. The series is in its infancy, so they need to tie it back to some other Trek-ism or Trek characters to build some plot. Try again. And next time keep Vash out of it...
Vash, the evil archaeologist chick from Picard's (TNG) past, shows up on DS9 with Q. Which of course means mayhem and mischief. Yes yes. We've seen it all before. Yes yes. We know you are omnipotent and everywhere, Q, but enough of the cameos... You were cute up until your 50th appearance.
So, Vash and Q come aboard. Vash has a whole bunch of artifacts plundered from the Gamma quadrant. Great. The artifacts become the object of Quark's desires. One of the artifacts is dangerous and going to destroy the station. How original. You know, it's funny. I don't understand how, in the Trek universe, artifacts never seem to corrode or rust. Like Data, they always seem to be fully functional...
Then, when the Daystrom institute invites Vash to give a lecture about the artifacts, I threw something at the tv screen. Honestly! I always thought the most important scientists in the Federation would know the difference between a scientific archaeological survey and looting. I guess not.
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on August 19, 2000
In a desperate attempt to draw audiences similar to that of The Next Generation Q was drafted into this poor episode that does nothing for the series, or the ratings. The intelligent, witty and irritating Q of Next Gen fame is no where to be seen, instead we have a guy who can appear and re-appear at will each time giving some clues to help the failing plot move along. Terrible. A wonderful scene takes place with Sisko and Q boxing, but is it worth the 43 minutes of rubbish? Q works in the Next Gen and Voyager, but not on DS9.
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on July 10, 2017
great value for the buck I hope it could be as well as the product I used before, and it is, even better than the former one I used. My daughter will love it! I would recommend these to anyone! A satisfying product I bought this time. They look good.
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on June 19, 2017
does exactly as hoped These were made for me. I am so glad I got these. try it ,you'll like it Good quality for the price Works well enough.  I'm now thinking of all the ways to use these awesome products
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on June 10, 2001
The thing about Deep Space Nine is that the characters and direction carries the series. Even when the story line is not the greatest, it is still interesting and never boring. One of the best science fictions lines ever.
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