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on November 28, 2016
Bought it in Sept 2012 - still use it today (Nov 2016).
I couldn't find any flaw - impressive brightness and solidity, sturdiness for a flashlight that runs on regular AAs.

Decent size, fits well into any pocket, again - extremely powerful - and has a security feature where it blinks like MAD, creates confusion (a bit like in Rear Window) to the attacker.

I've had others, but this is the keeper.
If you need any more power or longevity, then you need to find yourself one that runs on 18650 batteries.
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on December 19, 2017
A co-worker had this light and I had purchased the smaller version (stylus) which I found quite useful, but not quite bright enough for some occasions.

I decided to pick this light up because it provides more light than the Stylus and only uses 2 AA batteries. I also have a Polytac LED but CRA123 batteries are so darn expensive and I can’t seem to find any high-quality rechargeables.

This really is a great flashlight. Considering the size and the fact that it only uses 2 AA batteries, this thing throws an amazing amount of light. Pair this light with Amazon’s high-capacity rechargeable batteries and you have yourself a very reliable tool.

My profession requires me to use flashlights daily and this is going to be my go-to, regular carry without a doubt.

Ten-Tap makes mode selection fast and easy
Hi & Low provide perfect amounts of light
Momentary on by holding down end cap
SILENT when carried - NO battery rattle
Convenient pocket clip - great for vest-carry
Anti-roll face cap
Serial # (good if colleagues use same light)

None, really. Would be nice if there was a more durable finish (similar to the Polytac) for this light.
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on May 20, 2014
Very bright penlight! Typical Streamlight in construction, well built and should last a lifetime. Although on the slightly larger side to keep in your pocket or coveralls it works well for a lot of different uses. I use this for Automotive applications as well as other household use, I also use a Stylus Pro, I find I use my Stylus Pro more because its a perfect size to keep in your pocket or clipped on without getting in the way and it's more than bright enough even though the Protac blows it out of the water in that respect, and I found the batteries last way longer on my Pro. I also don't like how the clip is designed on this light though, it tends to fall off of the light itself fairly easy, and the battery life isn't the best. Overall though it's a nice little light to have around the house or in the toolbox
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on November 15, 2012
Shipping was free and fast, the flashlight itself is exactly as on the picture. I'm very pleased with it so far. It's small and easily fits in the pocket and it's solidly built. Pocket clip fits good and looks like it's durable. The flashlight is very bright, brighter than I expected from such a little flashlight. By default it always comes at full bright, you can switch for strobe or battery saving mode if you want to. It's a little bit tricky by the way to switch modes - it takes some time to get used to it. Battery saving is good when you need to get more time out of the flashlght and don't need much brightness, in this mode light is considerably dimmer but still produces as much light as my old 2AA pocket flashlght.
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on February 25, 2018
Just wish I could turn the default setting to dim - far too bright as a work light around the shop. Hitting it 3 times for dim gets old quickly...

If I was using it always to clear a room/house then maybe I would like the default extra bright setting...
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on April 2, 2013
It's such a small little light, but it packs a surprisingly good punch. The body is really well built and damn sturdy. The light output is really good considering it's only 1 AA, and since it's just a AA, you can replace the battery without even thinking about buying a replacement. Super nice product and I'm glad I got it!

Would take this over a maglite any day!
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on June 1, 2016
Great flashlight, goes through batteries pretty good.. throws a strong beam when fresh.. I would suggest buying a quality brand of rechargeables to use with it.. its my everyday service light and see's a lot of use, very durable and waterproof to a degree so far!
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on December 11, 2013
This flashlight has a solid construction with a very bright LED. It has a click-type operation with a button at the rear. A full click will turn on the light at full power, while two quick taps will toggle to the strobe mode and three quick taps will activate the energy-saving low-power mode. Most of the time this system works fine, but occasionally I just get stuck on the strobe mode. So it does take some practice to get use to the interface.

Another con is that this light doesn't quite tail-stand due to the protruding button and the top-heavy design.

The light has a slight yellow-greenish tint (for people concerned about colour casts).

Overall, this is a well-built flashlight that fits well in the hand. I just hope the rubber button lasts after prolonged quick-tap use.
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on March 26, 2013
Excellent all round well made unit, nice size, AA battery power a plus for me, on/off push button at rear works very well and selecting the different modes was not an issue for me. Flashlight defaults to main power after shutting off but I use that 99% of the time anyway. Would recommend to all.
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on February 18, 2014
Thumbs up:

-- Wow. Wow, wow, wow!!!
-- Double wow!!!

Thumbs down:

-- It's 60 bucks


Tiny, featherweight, takes universally-available AA battery, programmable, lights to 50 metres...get out your wallet!
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