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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 3, 2012
Nice flash light.

I'll pick up a couple more for my sons for Christmas next year.

3 settings - high bright, low bright and flash.

The high bright setting and flash are both extremely dazzling.

I didn't think I would bother with the Low setting, but as the High is so intense, the Low is nice to just get around. And it'll save on battery power as well.

Ordered, shipped and received in short order. I recommend this product and the seller.
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on October 30, 2012
Smaller than I anticipated [probably didn't check dimensions], which is actually a plus. I haven't yet used it in full darkness, but in a dim room it appears to have plenty of light output. The three light functions work as advertised. Included belt holster seems redundant since it has a good integral belt/pocket clip. Good for midnight hikes in bear country, what with the strobe, provided you can get it to work while climbing a tree. Recommend flashlight & seller.
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on October 5, 2014
Excellent flashlight. Before I get into specifics, I must make some corrections to the product description on this page as some of it is incorrect (Not a bad thing, as the actual specs are even better than the ones on Amazon). Here are the proper specs:

260 Lumens

13 Lumens

Now on to the flashlight itself. It's default mode has three settings (High, high strobe, and low) which one can switch between by gently pressing (not clicking) on the flashlight's button (When gently pressing, the desired mode only stays on as long the button is being pressed), and can select by transitioning from gently pressing to clicking the button when the desired setting is seen (This leaves the desired setting on without the need of a button press to keep it on).

The modes can be changed however. The other 2 pre-programmed modes are:
- High setting only
- Low and high settings only (no strobe)

You can change modes by pressing (not clicking) the button 9 times and holding the button down on the 10th time (not a click) until the light turns off, then release.

Onto my opinion. My only gripes with this flashlight is that there is no SOS mode, and no ability to program the order of the light settings and which ones I want outside of the pre programmed modes. Other than that, this is a superb light with a sturdy and waterproof build (Up to 1 meter underwater) as well as the cheapest flashlight with this high a lumen output (Other brands often have false lumens advertised, so double check before you buy).

The reason why I bought this flashlight is because I live in Canada where it's illegal to carry anything that is purely for the purpose of self-defence or use as a weapon. Canada, namely Ontario, is relatively safe but I always like to be prepared, especially when I walk in areas I consider "ghetto", or places where wildlife is less than friendly. This powerful flashlight fills the role of being a good self defence EDC (every day carry) because it has the lumens required to temporarily blind someone (120 lumens and over) in low light situations as well as being made of anodized aluminium and having a bezel which makes it effective enough for striking if an assailant managed to get that close without breaking the lens. One can easily use it to to fill a large area in front of oneself with light in order to survey one's surroundings in low light environments. It is also useful in day to day life like when messing with wires behind a tv, or in power outages.

Overall, I would recommend everyone to have a tactical flashlight as part of their daily kit for both self defence and general utility. I've owned it for just about 2 months and I still haven't had to change the already included batteries. It also comes with a Velcro holster for those who don't have a backpack with a holster or don't want to carry it in their pocket.

I would also recommend everyone to immediately buy a 12 pack of streamlight's CR123A Lithium batteries from Amazon, as you will inevitably use up the ones that come with the flashlight, and all stores sell those batteries for higher prices that are sometimes as ridiculous as 10 dollars a battery if not more, so save your money and buy them along with this flashlight ahead of time because I haven't found them this cheap anywhere else.
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on June 12, 2012
I am extremely pleased with the performance and value of this product, upon conducting extensive research and reading many online reviews. I would not hesitate to purchase another product from this company, and eagerly await the availability of their new Protac HL.........
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on November 22, 2012
I picked one of these up when they were half price. What an incredible deal. This is my most powerful light to date. At 190'ish lumens it pierces the night like a hot knife thru butter ! Smaller than I thought it would be, smaller than a AA Maglite, which pales in comparison to this incredible light. A very high quality light for those who want something a little better.
After becoming more versed in led technology since I bought this light I will say the look and construction of this light is above par BUT for this price and for a 2xcr123 light you can do much better for practically the same money. How much better ? Between 2x and 4x brighter !! Nitecore or Jetbeam here in Amazon.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 14, 2013
Bright enough to light up a small dark room. Its small and compact, fits in my pocket and at times I forget its even there. I bought one for myself, my friend had an interest so I bought him one too.

* Updated - June 2016 *

I purchased this flashlight back in January l2013 and I had broken the lens during that time. Dust gets into the head/LED housing, and I was careful not to get it wet. After these years I finally decided to have it repaired or replaced.

I registered my information on Streamlight's website, and regarding my purchase and how it got damaged. I then was entered into their system, and then printed the label and sent it to Pennsylvania. I paid about $20.00 with Canada Post for tracking.

Please be advised their lifetime warranty has caveats, but it appears they are understanding on accidental damages. Repair or replacement is their ultimately their decision.

After three weeks I received my a brand new 88031, and I now use this as my EDC personal flashlight only.

**Here are my opinions after having used this flashlight for three years.**

I had no technical issues with it during this time, but I learned that the lens are not shatter proof. Don't hit it on anything that will directly impact the lens.

It's bright on high it got me through parts of the blackout during the Ice Storm of 2013. I do feel that it gets hot quick though. On low it's not that bright, I use it when I only need a little light or to conserve battery. There is also a strobe option which is good for tactical purposes.

Having only three modes is limited for some people in 2016 when there are other flashlights with more options for the price, some even at a lower cost. I paid $40.00 and couldn't be happier in 2013, but I would not pay its full price now because there are newer flashlight with better specs.

It uses 123 lithium batteries which are generally more expensive and not widely available. I bought a pack of 12 Energizers EL123 from Amazon, definitely worth it for the money.

I also tried using an 18650 battery and it appears to work but doesn't shine as bright. I don't believe it's recommended by Streamlight as it is not indicated.

Overall I am still satisfied wit this purchase, it's definitely my EDC as its compact and light, bright for my uses and something I can use for self defence. I actually brought this with me when I went on vacation in Vietnam and then to a Mexico.

I recommend to get this if it's on sale for about $40.00, however for this price you can also get a Thrunite Archer 2A V3, which has more lumens and uses AA-cell batteries. I'd say it's a personal preference e

Thanks for reading my updated review, and have a great day.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on November 15, 2012
Shipping was free and fast, the flashlight itself is exactly as on the picture. I'm very pleased with it so far. It's small and easily fits in the pocket and it's solidly built. Pocket clip fits good and looks like it's durable. The flashlight is very bright, brighter than I expected from such a little flashlight. By default it always comes at full bright, you can switch for strobe or battery saving mode if you want to. It's a little bit tricky by the way to switch modes - it takes some time to get used to it. Battery saving is good when you need to get more time out of the flashlght and don't need much brightness, in this mode light is considerably dimmer but still produces as much light as my old 2AA pocket flashlght.
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on October 18, 2013
This light is a great value -- great price, uses AA batteries instead of wimpy AAA's or expensive lithiums, selectable between super-bright and power-saving modes, and the strobe. I spend a lot of time camping and hiking and this light easily sits in my backpack or in my pants pocket ready to go at a moment's notice. The included holster case is a nice touch too. People are always surprised and impressed at how bright this little light can get. It's bright enough even to use in broad daylight to illuminate cavities between rocks, under tree branches, and so on. (Yes, I'm a geocacher - can you tell?)

I don't recommend doing this, but I've even used the tactical face of the flashlight to chip away at some ice. (Again - geocaching!)

The only thing that would make this light perfect (in my opinion) would be a variable-dimmer function instead of a 3-mode switch, but at least the switch lets you "half click" to get the mode you want before you fully click to lock it in. No need to click, click, click, click, just to turn the thing on and cycle your way to the mode you want.

There are flashlights with better specs -- brighter, longer run time, longer throw, more modes -- but look at how bulky they are and look at how much they cost. This flashlight is nearly perfect!
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on April 2, 2013
It's such a small little light, but it packs a surprisingly good punch. The body is really well built and damn sturdy. The light output is really good considering it's only 1 AA, and since it's just a AA, you can replace the battery without even thinking about buying a replacement. Super nice product and I'm glad I got it!

Would take this over a maglite any day!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 10, 2014
If you're looking for the brightest flashlight of this guy's size, you're looking at the wrong light. If you're looking for a great, optimal solution for light, continue your read.

To start things off, it uses AA batteries. I don't buy ANYTHING that uses CR123s for a few reasons:
- They're uncommon
- They're expensive
- Not many places sell them
- Not many people know what they are

AA batteries however, are everywhere. Forgot your extra set of batteries at home? No worries, 7-11 will have some. Since buying this thing, I haven't needed to replace the batteries yet. Currently I'm using a set a Duracell batteries (don't use cheap batteries), but I'm planning to use my Eneloop rechargeables once they run out. AA batteries are CHEAP! Here on Amazon, you can buy 24 Duracell AA batteries for around $20. Good CR123 batteries can cost anywhere from $5-$8 PER BATTERY.

The only advantage CR123s have on AA batteries is their output. They're 3V instead of 1.5V, which is what AA batteries are. Meaning, a flashlight that uses 2 CR123 batteries will be a lot brighter than a flashlight that uses 2 AA batteries. However, brighter means more power will be used, which means your batteries will run out quicker.

Cycling through this light's modes is easy:
Hold down, or press once for full brightness.
Tap once, then hold down for a strobe.
Tap twice, then hold down for low brightness.

The little case it comes with is also useful. Optimal for placing on a belt, however, I've placed mine on my backpack's shoulder strap about where the heart would be. It just sits there until I need it.
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