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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 5, 2004
I got this to help fill a few days of just my own company - I haven't tried it couples-style. At least, not yet.
These stories are the kind I like: reasonably literate, very explicit, and basically about people being happy with each other. The stories don't rush into the physical coupling - they always give a few pages to set their scenes end engage the imagination. There's no [almost] sub/dom theme here. Almost all of the stories are affectionate and mutual. That suits my tastes just fine, and doesn't interfere a bit with a juicy story. Quite the opposite, it encourages unhurried, detailed descriptions of the players and their play.
These stories really are what erotica should be. The stories are brief but fulfilling, come across without the dark edge that puts people off. By yourself or in company, Enjoy!
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on May 11, 2004
This book came highly recommended from a woman-owned adult retail store and I'm so glad I listened to the ladies there. The writing is top-notch and the stories are unexpectedly untypical of pornographic erotica. While the stories are very explicit they are incredibly tasteful and it is nice to have adult erotica about couples that are in love. My wife and I read them to each other and even tried a few of the fantasies here. Some of the stories are very racy and might not be for everyone as they have taboo subjects and sex acts but it is overall one of the best collections we have ever read.
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on September 8, 2003
This is the ultimate book of fantasies for couples. I have looked for many years for something "interesting" for my wife and me, but this is one of the first successes (others were way too tame). It seems every common fantasy is covered in a story, including women taking their men, women encouraging transvestitism, the traditional rape fantasy, hookers, public exposure, lesbianism, groups, and even man-man couplings involving women in some way. To truly enjoy this book one must have an open mind and be willing to escape into the stories. Anyone who is even the slightest bit uptight or prudish would be immediately embarrassed or even offended.
Golly.... I must be awfully kinky myself to enjoy it so much.
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on October 12, 2003
Although this book was interesting, and at times very sexy, it really seemed to rotate around a lot of butt themes. :-) Which would be good except I'm not into butts, spankings, and really several people getting into it. If that is your thing, you'll love this book!
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on May 9, 2002
WOW what a surprise. Generally I'm not much a of a fan of compiled erotic anthologies due to either substandard or inconsistent writing, but this book was wonderfull and very gentle for the erotic novice .....
Although I was only familiar with the writings of a couple of the contributors the stroies were well chosen to provide the reader with a smorgesbourg of fantasies. Erotic Massages, rape fantasies, having sex in public, erotic spankings, daddy fantasies, bad student fantasy, multiple parters stories are all included.
If it's everyman's dream to watch two girls getting it on this book has a sizzling little story for the girls watching two guys getting it on. When you see the title of Erotic Fantaies for 'Couples' one should easliy read that to mean 'Women' since I think the book is defintely geared towards the gentler sex getting their husband or boyfriend in the sack rather than the other way around.....
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on October 31, 2002
Add me to the list of very satisfied readers. This fantastic anthology made its way into my hands about a week ago, and I'm already re-reading my favorite stories. And sharing them with my long-distance girlfriend has been highly arousing and a real spark for both of us. The stories are really well written and are a serious source for fantasy material. In "Playing Doctor" a man plays a therapist who compels his wife to confess, then act out her fantasies. "The Last Train" is an amazing exhibition story where a man watches his girlfriend with another man. And there are several hot threesome stories, of every combination. It's an outstanding erotic anthology, and my girlfriend and I are looking forward to trying out some of these in person, hopefully soon!
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on December 30, 2003
A little too many stories focusing on the "back door" for me.
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on March 19, 2002
This book was more than I expected. I thought it would simply be a bunch of short stories about fantasies (it is), but the fantasies are realistic and very sweet, even though they're sexually graphic and sometimes intense. My favorite was "Please" where a woman confesses to her man how she wants to be spanked. I shared the story with my husband and we have put the book to good use. The writing is consistiently better than other erotic anthologies I've read, and the stories in general are excellent. What a nice, exciting surprise!
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on April 20, 2004
This book is great if you are into overly stereotyped gender roles, and female (...) sex.
If you are into female dominance...there is only one story in here for you, & it's pretty basic. Lots of multiple partner stories if you're into that.
most of the stories were on the boring side. lots of sentimental tidbits. If you like only reading about sexual fantasies this book could be fun. If you are looking for new ideas to spice up your love life...don't waist your time or money.
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on February 20, 2002
most of these 'five star' reviews read like they were penned by the editor herself--overwritten, overenthusiastic and overstated. this book just simply isn't good. the erotica itself, though tackling interesting scenarios, is mind-numbing and disappointing. yes, there is new ground to be covered in erotic anthologies. and no, this isn't it. try reading the collection from 'nerve: literate smut,' if you want something truly interesting.
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