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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on November 23, 2001
Ok, I had rated this book a 1 star until my friend let me read the new lifespan book. I am strictly against diets like atkins. I have also been reading peoples bad reviews and 9 out of 10 times they must be eating like pigs at the reward meal. For anyone who wants to try the diet here is the basics. For breakfast you can eat bacon, ham, or steak and eggs just like atkins. And for lunch you can eat 4 oz of meat with 4 grams worth of vegetables only!! So lunch can be a grilled chicken breast with a salad. For the reward meal you MUST balance the meal and make sure it contains ALL the 4 food groups. You MUST eat 2 cups of salad with every reward meal. You should drink a glass of milk at reward meals for calcium. You should take a plate and serve 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbs, and 1/3 veggies. You NEVER want to gorge on sweets. Yes you can HAVE dessert, BUT you cant eat a whole pie, or cake. You MUST finish the reward meal in ONE hour! If you really want use this diet get the new lifespan diet. It contains all the newer information. Here is a normal days meals.
2 eggs
4 oz ham
coffee, or tea
4 oz meat
1 small salad
Reward Meal
2 cups salad
1 cup milk
8 oz steak
1 cup potatoes
1 cup green beans
1 slice of cake
1 dinner roll
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on February 22, 2012
After my boss lost 100lbs on this diet in 6 months and kept it off for over 5 years, I decided to try it. I want to lose 40lbs and so far it's been around 3 weeks and I have lost 12lbs. My boyfriend has lost 17lbs in the same amount of time (he wants to lose 40lbs too).

We have found this diet to be the easiest one we have ever tried (have tried low carb and calorie counting previously). The best part of this diet is that it is teaching both of us to treat food as fuel rather than only a pleasure or a comfort or entertainment. That said, the 'reward' meal each day really keeps us going and at times is the only reason we've stayed on this diet. We just make sure that when we have a craving for junk food, we keep looking forward to having the food at our reward meal. It helps us to have a shorter goal (having it at the end of the day) and we have something new to look forward to each and every day.

For my reward, I usually have a decent sized oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from the farmers market and 2 small scoops of ice cream (along with my protein, good carb and salad). My boyfriend usually has ice cream, a cookie and a square or two of specialty chocolate. Or he'll have 2 cookies or 2 beer sometimes. We have never enjoyed ice cream so much and the cookie tastes like heaven at the end of the day!

That said, we do restrict the portion of 'junk' to equal the same size as the protein we have with the meal. That part was definitely an adjustment in the beginning since I could (and still can) easily eat 6 cookies or more in a sitting (in fact I cheated about a week ago and ate a dozen cookies! but instead of getting depressed I just started the diet again the next day. That is also something new for me. In past, if I 'failed' to keep to past diets for even one meal I would just give up).

Still, having smaller portions of junk food is teaching us balance and we are learning that we won't actually die (even if it feels like it) if we don't give into a craving or if we have a smaller portion of the desired food. With the experience of success on this diet (whether success be a pound or a smaller portion of ice cream) comes knowledge that we can make changes and succeed.

One thing we do on this diet is weigh ourselves every day. If we gain/stay the same too long we take an honest look at our reward food and make sure the reward really is the same portion size as the protein we've eaten. It's easy to delude ourselves sometimes and have 'just a little more' ice cream than protein.

Also, for us it helps to buy really good 'junk food' like specialty chocolate or haagen-dazs ice cream - it's more expensive but you will be eating less of it so it works out in that way. To us, it is so worth it to make our rewards amazingly delicious and savor every bit!! The second and third day of this diet I was literally smelling my cookie before eating it so that I could savor every little sniff! haha. That level of craving has since passed although I do still savor my reward meal each day. The past sugar/junk food cravings have tapered off a lot since the first week of this diet and they are very manageable now -- which feels like a miracle since in past all of my eating habits were dominated by sugar/carb/junk cravings. We both feel this is a diet we can definitely keep doing until we reach our goal weights (After all, on what other diet can I have ice cream every day or a beer each night and still lose weight?)

After reaching my goal, I feel that I will add a moderate amount of balanced carbs into my diet (for example: a slice of toast with protein for breakfast or cereal as well as protein -- in addition to a reward meal) but will keep with the balanced approach to eating and the reward meal. My boyfriend feels like he could do this diet forever and calls it a lifestyle choice rather than a diet.

This is really an awesome diet worth trying. Any change is different than what you are used to, and will probably be a challenge/adjustment at first but this diet does become easier to stick to and there is daily motivation (aka-daily rewards) to keep you going.

Best of luck to anyone trying this! It does get easier! You can do it!

PS - I just reread this review before posting and laughed (and cringed a bit) because I sound like an advertisement or something. Sorry the review is so long too. I am just so glad to have found this diet/lifestyle change and feel so in control of my eating habits, it feels wonderful. I hope others can find the same success I have and know I will continue to have.
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on May 4, 2004
I found this book while browsing the diet section of the bookstore last summer (2003). I read the whole book in about two days and immediately started the diet. I was about 35lbs over my ideal weight at the time and on the diet I ended up losing about 15 in a month's time. Then I slipped off the diet and gained it all back and then another 10 on top of that. I've have tried Weight Watchers and counting calories but it just doesn't work as well and leaves me hungry all the freaking time. I have started to the Carb Addicts diet again and I have already seen a lb come off in less than a week. I am concerned that I will have a difficult time losing during this endeavor because I've gone on and off it several times since the first time I did it. I have found it really hard not to snack at night but if I must have something salty, Tsuami miso soup is easy to make and only has 3 carbs in a bowl. This diet really does control cravings for sweets and bread and you will lose weight on it if you just consistently follow the plan.
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on June 20, 2004
Carbs aren't the enemy, it's just the TYPE of carbs you eat that can shoot your glycemic index way up, causing a huge insulin rush. Once your body becomes used to those high amounts of insulin, the "excess" gets stored just like excess calories do- in the form of fat. Dr.'s Heller help us to understand that there are good carb choices and bad carb choices. For example, most fruits and vegetables are good carbs, while bread, rice, corn, bananas, table and other forms of sugar, sweets, etc are all bad forms of carbs. Carb Addicts is simply about making good choices. The "reward meal" allows you one meal a day where you can eat some bad carbs, provided you eat a small side salad first, and eat equal portions of protein and good carbs along with the bad. You can go back for more "bad" carbs as long as you also take more and equal amounts of protein and good carbs. Eventually, you insulins levels even out, and you lose the cravings for the "bad" carbs. The book gives you the list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, plus a few recipes to help you create low-carb meals. Also included is a test to find out how sensitive you are to carbs.
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I've been on the program for 3 years. It's wonderful. To the people that are just starting, I'd encourage you to be patient. My weight loss was very sporatic. I'd feel as though I was losing but the scales didn't tell me that. I'd wait a couple more days and be down 5-6 pounds. It's the only way for me to eat for my life. I've been rid of 35-40 pounds for 2 full years. Thank you.
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on November 17, 2002
I weighed "a little more than I should" when I came across this book as a result of reading the Carbohydrate Addicted Kids' book. I began this the weekend of Easter, and slowly, over months, lost 25 pounds. I DO NOT eat protein all day. I follow the guidelines in the book and eat low-carb veggies as well as meats. The only problems I ever have are when I decide that I don't need to follow the way of eating anymore, and then I begin to gain again. The "restrictions" are not oppressive, and make sense.
Always remember, though, that NO ONE DIET is right for everyone. There are many kinds of diets out there, and many people succeeding on each one. The goal is to find the one that works for YOU. This one may or may not be the right one for you. Read the book, try the diet, then decide for yourself if this is working for you, and if it is something you can live with long-term.
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on January 1, 1999
I am back with a second review of this diet. I have lost 28 pounds since the last week of August. In spite of a few lapses in good judgment, this diet has worked very well. I have discovered along the way, if I drink anything between meals, other than water, the weight loss ceases. What this has meant, is that even diet drinks creat havoc with the insulin levels in my body. It took me 4 weeks to discover that for me and maybe for others who are experiencing no weight loss as well, that coffee, tea and diet drinks work best during meals. This includes those little packets of sugar substitute as well. Once I went to water only between meals - the weight began to come off again. Artificial sweetners and caffiene can fool your body and trigger insulin release. It is the best diet I have ever been on. If I never lose another pound, it is wonderful not being hungry all the time. Thank you, Dr.s Heller, thank you for a terrific way of eating for life. I am the true Carbohydrate Addict and this diet does work. By the way, my husband has lost 27 lbs. and he started the diet a week later than me. Oh, one wonderful benefit, no more indigestion. It went away when we began this diet. P.S. I lost one and one-half pounds over the Christmas holidays. Good luck, everyone. This book is terrific!
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on June 14, 2002
I found this diet to be monotonous. This is not even the way Rachael Heller lost her weight! *Her* way is described in the book's introduction. It's a very interesting read. Far different from the much stricter diet described in the book.
I got tired of the same vegetables day after day, and I am a former vegetarian! I love vegetables! Upon further review of what constitutes a "carbohydrate addict", it turns out that *anyone* could be a carbohydrate addict. The questions in the test are so simplistic.
I'm not "addicted" to all carbs. I wasn't wanting to eat more and more and more carrots and squash, and legumes, etc. I got caught up in believing that all carbs are bad, and it was hard.
"No, I can't have that stuffed squash right now, I'll have to save it for my reward meal"...
I found it cramped my lifestyle. To quote the Heller's from their Lifespan Program book (the "updated" CAD): "In order for any program to be successful, it must be personalized to fit YOUR needs, YOUR preferences, YOUR lifestyle, and correct the cause of YOUR weight problems". (Emphasis was not supplied, it's a direct quote). Well, the cause was not as extreme as I had thought. I simply cut out the junk, and the manufactured foods. THAT was the cause.
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on May 27, 2002
It seems to me nowadays, anybody can write a bestseller diet book!!
In short, the content of this book is mainly Dr. Atkins Revolution diet (unlimited proteins & fat) and a little bit of The Zone Diet ( where you should eat at each meal 30% Proteins 30% Vegies 30% carbs & 10% Fat). In brief, you can have three meals a day (without any snacks) two "COMPLIMENTARY" meals where you should only have proteins and one "REWARD" meal.
Beside combining Dr. Atkins & The Zone books, the writers added few extra unhelpful advices which are very contradicting. To make you very happy and think "WOW, THIS BOOK CAME TO MY RESCUE" they will mention in more that half of the book how you can have a REWARD meal every day where you can eat anything you desire(which should be the beauty of this diet).
Then in two pages only of the book the writers will say well it is not exactly what you desire it should be a balanced meal in the ratio of 30% proteins, 30% carbs (including dessert), 30% vegies and 10% fat!!
Well my friends and I did this diet for a week, Unfortunately, we gained extra pounds!!
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on January 29, 1997
Drs. Rachael and Richard Heller are pioneers in the field of weight loss techniques for those who have failed on everything else. This book convincingly explains the connection between excess insulin production and over-consumption of carbohydrates, and how this contributes to food cravings and obesity. Their healthful eating program allows the carbohydrate-addicted person to control their hunger and eating and to lose weight safely. The program even allows for one completely unrestricted meal for one hour each day, allowing the "dieter" the freedom to eat their most pleasurable foods without guilt or deprivation. Drs. Heller and Heller point out that individuals who are not true "carbohydrate addicts" will probably not be able to use the program for weight loss, but for true addicts the success rate is at least 85%. A simple test contained in the book allows the reader to determine if they meet the criteria for a carbohydrate addict.

For those for whom this program works, it is a God-send and a miracle. Anyone who feels they can't control their cravings for carbohydrates or thinks they can't lose weight owes it to him/herself to check out this book. The program really works!
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