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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on March 26, 2004
I picked up this book out of curiosity, expecting to be disgusted, and I wasn't. It is a book aimed at men who are looking to get laid quickly, but I don't find it disrespectful. The author does not depict women as stupid, unworthy or the "enemy." He is not advising men on how to trick women into [getting physical] with them, and doesn't suggest promising something that won't be delivered.
Rather, he outlines a very specific strategy for finding willing (...) partners that I think would probably be effective. Basically, he advises men who want [to get physical] how to figure out which women are attracted to them, how to approach them, and how to determine if those who welcome the initial approach are interested in them [physically], either immediately or at a later date. He explains (and I think quite accurately) how women view their more superficial interactions with men and how to ingratiate themselves with a woman who already is interested in them.
This isn't going to be as helpful to a man who wants something more than a playmate, but it will certainly give a man more women to evaluate. And many of his suggestions on interacting with women would serve men well in dealing with girlfriends as well as more casual bed partners.
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on June 25, 2004
The book was actually on the mark with how to drive women crazy. Yes, we like to have our way but everyone likes a challenge. He was also right about nightclubs and body language. If you don't get it - you won't get it! Overall, I think this guy knows what he's talking about. I think guys that read this book should be able to go out and get girls from it.
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on May 2, 2004
WOMEN are a headache!!! They drive me nuts. I have tried to figure them out for as long as I remember. People like family members, friends and peers give different advice but none seems to be on point; they just tell you a little bit of the truth but they can't put everything together.

Fortunately, during my quest for the truth about women I have encountered "The System". It is absolutely amazing how this book can tell you everything relevant there is to know about the nature of women.

The book has answered all of the inconsistencies on women that I have thought about over the years:
(1) why are the hot women I am attracted to not interested in me; yet the ugly ones that I refuse are all over me.
(2) why do these really hot women go to clubs yet they don't want to hook up with any guy.
(3) how do you easily identify women that are truly interested in you.
(4) how to avoid being used by women.
(5) how to stop wasting time with women.

After reading "The System" I have a complete understanding of what I am to do when dealing with women; this book ended my frustration with them. I have verified and applied the techniques in this book and they have worked many times; I have also experimented following my old routine with women; after applying my old techniques I have seen how they don't work at all and lead to utlimate failure; yet when I applied "The System" it has always given me rewarding results.

One of the most memorable things this book has taught me is how to be prepared for that one moment of truth. It shows you how Michael Jordan doesn't waste his shots but just waits for that opportunity and takes full advantage of it; Jordan takes advantage b/c he knows what he is doing and teaching you what you are supposed to do through understanding how women interact is what this book prepares you for.

Knowledge is power and I feel that this book has provided me with a lot of power in one of the most important aspects of any man's life.
I hope you find "The System" to be as insightful and useful to you as it has been for me.
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on July 12, 2004
Just got finished reading this book. The best points: how to use eye contact; how to use body language and not get rejected; getting into how girls think - like the Girl game; the 1% rule was pretty unique; dialog for guys to talk to girls. Things that would have been nice: more details on pick up spots; the examples were good but more examples would have been nice as well.
The book is pretty precise in its approach. It's really different in that its not about dating, it's about how to take home girls the same day you meet them. I thought the book delivered on its promise. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to go out and not come back home alone.
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on February 15, 2011
This System is about getting babes into bed in one flowing motion. The 'system' works. 'The System' as a book, is one of those self help books that has had to expand 3 pages of interesting knowlege into 208 pages of saleable book. -sexploitation comes to mind- I went through and highlighted the valuable stuff and memorized it in a day. That part of the book is good. The 25 pages of disjointed examples (with notations) were great. The other 175 pages of 'filler' read like one of those direct marketing pitches with lots of promises (hot air) about what you will gain but little or no meat on what you really want to know. I would have enjoyed the filler better if it had all been examples of success or failures.

p.s. I did like the fact that the 'optics' were not flashy. It almost had a 'brown paper wrapper' effect. I could read the book on the bus or in a crowd without drawing attention to myself.

In summary: I would recommend the book but buy a highligher or rip out the good pages to review.
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on November 18, 2005
Compare the following two scenarios. In the first one you go out somewhere hoping that you will be lucky enough even to start a chat with a girl. Surely you are concerned for being rejected and hurt from this. This antagonistic mixture of hope and fear will definitely reflect in “mixed” signals which girls intuitively detect. Of course, your chances of not being lucky again are great.
Now imagine a second scenario. You know where to go, what to look for AND do with a girl. Only this knowledge will immediately lead to greater confidence and this is definitely a major turn on for most girls. Then as an experienced player Valentine knows how much hurts to be rejected. That’s why his entire “System” is based on a kind of “screening”. You will not waste your time with girl(s) who score low during this screening. Instead you will know when a girl has a favorable attitude towards you without a need to show off with good looks, money, etc. Yes, it takes some time to find an appropriate girl but this is better than trying with every girl out there and be constantly rejected.
As you see Roy Valentine’s book is a valuable and step-by-step presentation of his experience in seducing girls. Additional book which will further boost your knowledge and success with girls is “Scientifically guaranteed male multiple orgasms and ultimate sex” by Alan Ritz.
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on March 28, 2005
I agree with the other reviewers that this book is a DEFINITE BUY. I found myself smiling or even laughing out loud at different times in the book. The System is the book that every single man should read. It actually shows you what women are thinking when you look at them, when you talk to them, when you take them home. It shows you how to get them in bed the same day you meet them.
Frankly I like the book because I recently got single again and wanted to do it right this time. I stumbled around the last time I was single until I got a girlfriend. This time I think I want to have some more fun before getting committed again. I think this book is giving me a pretty good start.
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on March 13, 2004
This book can be summerized in a page at max. Some of the tips are insightful like not approaching girls in groups larger than two in a bar. At least half the pages in the book try to convice you that the ideas in the book really do works. He has a few very good & interesting ideas but he repeats them again and again in the book. I think he is trying make sure that you understand his ideas but this book could really be an article. It may not be a fair comparion but I think The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene is a lot better & a more dangerous book. This book is more of a guide for dummies, but better than many I've read on the market.
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on June 15, 2004
I bought the book after seeing it on the bestseller list a few weeks ago. I can now understand why it's a bestseller.
The book and the insight of the author are brilliant. The System is to the point, interesting, and offers a very direct
approach to picking up girls the same day you meet them. The author uses a combination of body language and other techniques in the book. While reading the book I kept thinking "I wish I knew this years ago". I've read other books on the subject and found that I learned more about women and picking up women from this book than any other. I really recommend this book highly.
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on November 1, 2004
I just got back from a business trip in Paris. It wasn't my first time there but this time was different. I got the System before leaving and read it on the plane. I thought I would just try it to see what would happen. I struck out the first few times. Still not sure what I did wrong. I felt a bit more confident however with each new situation and kept on trying. Towards the end of the week I met a girl on the metro on my way to Saint-Michel. We just caught each other's eyes and I followed the steps in the book. I couldn't believe it but I scored. The System actually works.
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