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ThermoWorks The Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer

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  • Media: Kitchen

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  • Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.4 x 1.9 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 113 g
  • Item model number: TW362B
  • ASIN: B0019R4HQQ
  • Date first available at Aug. 2 2010
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5.0 out of 5 stars Just buy this work horse July 27 2016
By William A. Warren - Published on
Verified Purchase
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this thermometer and I often recommend it. I've had mine for about 4 years now and I use it for soaping, so it REALLY takes a beating. I've only had to replace the probe once because it was exposed to a hot burner (D'OH!). One of the magnets are missing and I need a new shield, but it still works like a dream and would buy another in a heartbeat. The only thing that would make this perfect for my uses is if the alarm worked both ways. Right now, it lets me know when something reaches a certain temperature (which is great for liquid soap), but I would like the alarm to also alert me to when mixture has COOLED to a certain temperature (great for cold process soap). It works well for roasts and such but that's not how I use it.
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1.0 out of 5 stars NEVER worked! March 23 2014
By Clay E. Beveridge - Published on
Verified Purchase
I read all the low reviews before I buy anything on Amazon and typically the comments are one time issues or people who sound as if they would be dissatisfied by anything. Usually, as long as an item has more positive than negative reviews, I am comfortable with buying something and have rarely been disappointed. That fact and the Cook's Illustrated endorsement made me purchase this despite some plausible negative reviews. I STRENUOUSLY WARN YOU NOT TO FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP.

Simply put, this thing is a VERY expensive digital timer. The temperature probe broke on the first use. Despite the multple warnings from others about making sure the cord doesn't come in contact with hot metal surfaces in your oven, I thought that would be easy. Not so. The damn thing is impossible to use without having it touch metal somewhere. Within the first three minutes of use, it registered HI and the probe was broken. It NEVER gunctioned again. Even after letting it cool completely, when it is reinserted it just registers HI. I get that it's my fault for ketting the cord touch a metal surface but it's practically impossible to avoid that in a hot oven. If it's that easy to break, it need to be redesigned. It would seem to be a simple fix to coat the entire probe wire with heat resistant silicone to insulate it, but the manufacturer doesn't bother.

Save your money and buy a Thermoworks Thermapen instant read thermometer. They are expensive, but they work very reliably and truly instantly. Yes, you'll have to pull your food out to check the temp, but thats a small inconvenience for something that actually works.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Thermometer Jan. 19 2009
By Bolo Jungle - Published on
Verified Purchase
A friend of mine cooks the best steaks I've ever had (no kidding). It is a simple operation, and the secrets are no secrets: the best ingredients (in his case, Lobels in NYC), simple seasoning, the right pans, and the right thermometer. I know everyone has their own opinion about great steaks - and they are all valid - but this is my experience. He left the country for a new job and we were left without my steak source. So I followed his steps, got the same ingredients and bought this thermometer. The results were outstanding. Who needs him!??

The thermometer is rugged, accurate and very easy to use. It stands alone or sticks, with its magnet, to any metal surface near the stove, and provides a clear read-out. Just very simple, well-designed, and easy to use. No opening the oven door to check on the progress, just a steady accurate cooking experience. (I am told that one of the other secrets to a great steak is not to mess with it, so not having to open the oven door is a real plus.)

Haven't tried it with anything else yet, but it is so easy to use and so accurate that I would expect great results with roasts, chicken, etc. etc. Very happy with this simple product.
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4.0 out of 5 stars After a call from ThermoWorks... April 26 2010
By Sandra E. Malkovsky - Published on
Verified Purchase
I really am quite careful with my kitchen equipment so when this unit stopped working after a couple of uses, I assumed I had a defective unit, I returned it for another one. This one too died after a few uses. I read more about it on line, bought new one, and an extra probe because the manufacturer suggested it. I treated it with the most tender kid gloves and again I found after only two or three uses, it did not work. So I have given up, it is going to the electronic recycling. My last probe broke after one use. I am posting this only to help others not waste money!

Then I heard from ThermoWorks!

After posting the review above, I received an email, followed by a phone call from the company. The person who contacted me was very sincere and seemed to really believe in his product and wanted to help me figure out what I was doing to cause it to fail. He offered me a new unit for free if I would give it another try. I said no, I didn't have time to be testing it.
But he asked me some questions about how I used it and suggested what might be the problem. It seems that you have to be careful not to let the wire from the probe to the unit touch the oven rack or the roasting pan. He asked me if I had been careful to keep the wire taught to avoid this contact. I had to admit I had not, I do not remember this being part of the written instructions that came with the unit I bought, because as I said in my original post, I read and follow instructions carefully. (I wonder if such instructions now come with the unit!)

So I agreed to try again and he quickly sent me another unit with an extra probe. It was months before I finally tested it. I kept expecting a phone call to ask if I had tried it (and to ask me to revise my criticism of it) but I never heard from the company again, which really impressed me.

I have used it, about five times now, and following the new precautions about the wire, I have been successful. I still double check the temp with a second thermometer because I'm still nervous from all my previous raw roasts, but the unit does work as stated.
I have changed my rating to 4 stars. I can't give 5 since it is too touchy and it is expensive to replace the probe. But I would give the company 5 stars for their honest concern about their product and customer satisfaction.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Product is better than its average suggests! March 26 2010
By Busy Mom - Published on
I've been using this product for over 2 years and love it. I give it as wedding shower gifts, because it's one of my most useful kitchen tools. (Mine was marketed under the Sunbeam name, but it's absolutely IDENTICAL to this model TW362B, except mine has white buttons.) I've been researching these thermometers again, because I'm getting ready to buy a second one as a backup: I don't want to be without this item for even one day.

Before buying this model, I went through 2 other brands / models, and this one is best. I generally use it several times a week. For example, I insert it in my whole-wheat bread loaves after they've baked for 15 minutes; the alarm enables me to remove them from my baking stone at the perfect time, when the interior temp is 194. Keeping the probe in the loaf for a few minutes after removing the latter from the oven has enabled me to determine that residual heat causes the interior temp to rise to the desired 200 degrees. People compliment me on these loaves all the time, and I've never had a failure since I started using this tool.

My probe has been dropped numerous times, but I've never had to replace any parts and it's still working great.

I suspect the negative reviews are due to one of the following:

1) Some people appear to have been writing about the OLDER model, not the new and improved Model TW362B.

2) Maybe people have been using it at temps that are too high. Like ALL other probe-and-cable type thermometers that I've seen, this one can't be used in ovens that have been heated to high temps, and I wouldn't think it could tolerate the high heat of a grill, for instance. That may explain many of the failures people have written about!

The instructions say not to put it inside an oven that is hotter than 392 degrees (presumably because the oven heat would damage the cable and/or sensor). For a while, I was setting my oven to that temp. Then I learned elsewhere that when you set your oven to 350, it can actually spike up to 400 while it's heating. So now I try to avoid using this thermometer in any oven hotter than about 360, which is the temp I use for my bread. (I leave the probe sticking in the bread for 20 minutes at a time in a 360 oven, and so far it's worked fine.)

Having said that, I must admit that several times I've forgotten and put it in a 375 to 400-degree oven for maybe 10 minutes at a time, and no harm has come of it. Now that I've heard you can risk higher temps if you wrap the probe cord in foil, I may go up to 400 deliberately, but only after I get my back-up.

Thermoworks, are you listening? How about upgrading this model so that it can tolerate higher temps? Except for that detail, it's just about perfect, and I hope you keep carrying it!

3) Maybe people have been getting sensitive parts WET. Somewhere I read that for probe-and-cable thermometers of this type, the place where the cable attaches to the curved steel of the probe can't be made truly waterproof, so it shouldn't be submerged. I hand-wash my probe, of course, and I've been careful to keep that spot dry (as well as the other end--the part that inserts into the main body of the thermometer).

If I need to soak my probe (which rarely happens, but sometimes I leave it overnight and bread crumbs are stuck to it the next day), I stand it in a small glass of soapy warm water, which makes it easy to keep the cable-joining part high and dry. That works well; the stuck-on stuff then wipes off very easily and quickly.

4) Regarding alarms that don't go off: at one point I thought my unit had gone bad because its alarm inexplicably stopped working. Then when I finally looked at it carefully, I discovered that my daughter had turned the alarm OFF without telling me! A simple flip of the switch cured that problem. (My previous models had lacked that switch, so I hadn't paid any attention to the switch.)

I haven't ever used the magnet, because magnets on ANY product never seem to hold as they claim.

In summary, I've found this to be a great product with MANY uses.