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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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Titanic (2D) splashes onto blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 2.35:1 encode. It was the same ratio as in the theatrical run. James Cameron also took great care in restoring this classic to its original glory. There is simply no comparison to all previous releases. In 2D version, the video filling up the entire screen (2.35:1), making the final result much more spectacular and more alive.

This high-def video is richly saturated with a wide range display of colours, from lush, vibrant primaries and warm, full-bodied secondary hues which bring Russell Carpenter's cinematography to life. Facial complexions appear natural with astounding lifelike textures. Contrast is pitch-perfect with crisp, brilliant whites that add for some highly impressive moments of clarity while black levels remain luxurious and sumptuous with deep penetrating shadows. Definition is razor-sharp and highly-detailed, allowing audiences to fully appreciate the tremendous amount of work and time that was put into the film's making. One can tell simply by just watching how sharp the word title Titanic on the screen is. One can also clearly make out the individual stitching and threading of the costumes, practically count each rivet holding the ship together, scrutinize the detailed, ornate woodwork of the grand staircase, and be amazed by the intricate details of the decorations on walls. The whole presentation really gives a completely refreshingly new video presentation on home video. (5+/5)


Titanic 2D comes with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless tracks. I am very familiar with James Horner’s amazing soundtrack. I even bought and enjoyed the recent 4 CD release of the Titanic soundtrack. (my review elsewhere). It starts off very subtle and understated, but it grows with the narrative into something quite spectacular and engaging. It's as if deliberately broken into two parts, much like the story itself, between a guided tour of the ship and its thrilling sinking.

For the first half, the movie is very front-heavy, with voices very detailed and precise in the center, and channel separation is well-balanced. For the second half, the entire sound system suddenly comes alive with thrills and excitement, beginning with some mild directionality soon after the ship crashes with the iceberg. When the ship starts to take in lots of water, the rears display the loud cracks of wood and the bending of steel with enthralling discrete clarity. In the final moments, the screams of people, the splashing of watering and the death moans of the "Ship of Dreams" fills the entire room and envelopes the listening area.

This first half of the film is an interestingly restrained design, but the second half offers an engrossing aural experience. Of course, hearing our Celine Dion singing the heart-wrenching My Heart Will Go On is like icing on the cake, bringing this wonderful soundtrack to its conclusion. (5/5)


In 1998, Titanic won 11 Oscars:
01 Best Picture (James Cameron, Jon Landau)
02 Best Director (James Cameron)
03 Best Cinematography (Russell Carpenter)
04 Best Music Score (James Horner)
05 Best Original Song (James Horner and Will Jennings) for My Heart Will Go On
06 Best Art Direction
07 Best Costume Design (Deborah Lynn Scott)
08 Best Sound Effects Editing
09 Best Visual Effects
10 Best Film Editing
11 Best Sound

Titanic was also nominated for 3 Oscars:
01 Best Actress (Kate Winslet)
02 Best Supporting Actress (Gloria Stuart)
03 Best Make-Up


Titanic has an estimated budget of $200 million, and it grossed worldwide $2,185 million, second only to James Cameron’s own Avatar ($2,781 million).


I still remember the first time when Titanic opened in theatres in Toronto, at the time when theatres in Toronto started Big Picture, Big Sound. This is one of the few pictures that I went to the Coloseum in Mississauga to watch this twice, and cried every time. I am so grateful that this high definition transfer is top-notched and did not disappoint at all. James Horner’s soundtrack of course is also fantastic, and with a clear dialogue, bringing us deeper into this Ship of Dreams. Tears will simply be overflowing when Dicaprio finished his heart-warming dialogue to Winslet, and then sank deep into the ocean bottom. The whole story is very simple, but very effective and touching.

I have both the 3D and 2D versions. Although the 3D version is more immersive, the 2D presentation with a wider screen is still my preferred choice. This set also comes with the standard DVD (not available in the 3D set). The above set is definitely very highly recommended, and is a must-own.

I hope the above review is helpful to you.
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on December 12, 2008
Titanic is the fictional story of a poor artist who, by chance, meets a distraught rich girl on the ill-fated ship and teaches her how to live and to love. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the happy-go-lucky Jack Dawson, while the luminous Kate Winslet is the object of his affection, Rose DeWitt Bukater. Both are captivating to watch, bringing sympathy and conviction to their roles. Inspired by Shakespeare's timeless "Romeo and Juliet", this epic historical drama grabs you from the start.

Opening with sepia-toned footage of the Titanic setting out on its first and final voyage, it then cuts to two Russian submersibles descending into the murky abyss. When the salvagers find a mysterious drawing of a girl wearing an exotic diamond necklace, an old woman claims she is the girl and thus begins her tragic tale.

Director (and co-producer) James Cameron has created an enduring and spectacular masterpiece. Every single shot is well-planned and works to propel the characters toward their final destiny. Cameron also wrote the screenplay, and the film's only flaw is his choppy dialogue throughout the romantic first act. Nevertheless, the visuals more than make up for it, as perfectionist Cameron has faithfully recreated the Titanic's magnificent interiors.

As the most expensive film ever made, every penny is evident on screen. Cameron himself even visited the legendary wreck to collect his own footage. The shots never cease to amaze, each one more breathtaking than the one before. And most of the computer-generated effects are blended so seamlessly into the narrative that they are often not evident. Composer James Horner's stirring score is occasionally dramatic but, for the most part, is hauntingly subdued and will linger in your mind.

The entire cast is first-rate. Bill Paxton appears as cocksure treasure hunter Brock Lovett, with veteran actress Gloria Stuart playing the elderly Rose who narrates most of the story. Other notables include Frances Fisher as Rose's insensitive and conniving mother, Billy Zane as Rose's snide fiancee Caledon Hockley, David Warner as Cal's creepy manservant, Danny Nucci as Jack's friend Fabrizio, Kathy Bates as the "unsinkable" Molly Brown, and Victor Garber as the Titanic's kind-hearted architect Thomas Andrews.

But the true star of the movie is the Titanic herself, representing an era that is long since gone. While the ship's fate is obvious from the outset, the movie is remarkably suspenseful; its 3-hour and 14-minute running time sails by. With something for everyone, Titanic is pure magic, an emotional experience that will continue to delight generations to come. Rating: 9 out of 10.
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on June 22, 2004
I first saw TITANIC in 1997 when it was released in theaters, and I decided that it was high time I saw the movie again. After all, it did win 11 Academy Awards. (Best Picture, Director, Original Song, Dramatic Score, Costume Design, Art Direction, Sound, Cinematography, Sound Effects Editing, Visual Effects, & Film Editing.)
After watching the film again I was amazed at the story line. The story of the two lovers, Jack and Rose, is fiction, but the facts are spot-on. Some of the theories and mysteries of Titanic are explored, such as the guards holding back 3rd class passengers from getting up to the lifeboats.
The film shows the Titanic in all of its beautiful glory and all of its tragic mystery. After seeing the film for roughly the fourth time in my life, I was left with the same sense of enjoyment at seeing the love blossom, and the same sense of anger at those that avoided the iceberg warnings. It is amazing acted, awesome directed, and spectacularly produced. Titanic is probably the greatest film that I will ever see in my lifetime.
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on February 11, 2003
People said that Titanic would be an enormous flop, destroying 20th Century Fox more than Cleopatra did,35 years ago!!! But, it wasn't, it was a phenomenal hit!!!! Teenagers loved it because they felt like Rose (she was 17 when Titanic sank): she's beautiful, she's rebellious, she's searching for her true love,she hates the man who is destined to her, she's always unhappy, she doesn't like living in the rich world and teens could easily identify themselves to her and teens (girls) loved Jack beavuse he was handsome, brave, courageous,funny,serious, intelligent and full of life!!!And I was a kid when Titanic was released in France, Korea and South Africa, in the school newspapers, people said their favourite movie was Titanic because it talks it was romantic and they loved the characters (Jack and Rose). They loved Leonardo di Caprio especially and that was always annoying me (I don't like him) and in France, it was the most high-grossing movie of all time, beating "La grande vadrouille" (I recommend it to you, it's a very funny French comedy) with 21 000 000 tickets sold against 14 000 000 tickets sold!!!
Ican't forget that movie, its music so beautiful and making me always cry when i listen to it, the characters who are very emotionnal, the costumes, the art direction, the visual effects (impressive!!! Bravo!!), the direction (thanks to James Cameron), the song amazingly sung by Celine Dion which made her also a super duper star!!!!!!!!
Titanic is the movie that nobody will forget even if it was released 6 years ago!!!!!!!!!
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on November 2, 2012
This is one of my all time favorite movies, along with A Walk To Remember. It's a classic, no doubt- and it's so beautiful on blu-ray. There are about six hours of bonus features- with two new documentaries. Thank you James Cameron for this movie!
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on June 9, 2004
James Cameron's "Titanic" became the first film in nearly 50 years to tie the record of 11 Oscars once held exclusively by Ben-Hur (1959); an irony not wasted upon the fact that most of "Titanic's" wins came from the technical categories - not the acting categories. There's good reason for that - the plot, such as it is, is contrived and poorly acted. In a nutshell, penniless artist, Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) wins a third class ticket on the ill-fated liner. He meets Rose (Kate Winslet), a spoiled rich girl engaged to Cal (Billy Zane) but who is about to commit suicide by jumping off the ship's stern because she feels trapped in her pampered existence - oh, please! Jack and Rose become lovers. Then the ship hits an iceberg and its every man for himself.
No one has more admiration for Cameron's attention to detail in sets and costumes and his epic staging of the climactic sinking of the great leviathan into the icy Atlantic, than I do. But it's all for not when the primary diversion during the first two hours of this truncated melodrama is the childish bump and grind of two misfits inside the cargo hold. Truly, "Titanic" had more fascinating real life passengers on board, whose lives could have been more fully explored. Kathy Bates is wasted as Molly Brown, Victor Garber too, as Matthew Andrews.
The DVD transfer is a disappointing effort from Paramount. The letterbox picture has not been enhanced for widescreen televisions. Though colors are fairly represented and clarity and sharpness are amply present, there's a considerable amount of edge enhancement in the vertical paneling of the smoking room, the railing that surrounds the ship and many of the long shots of the ship sailing off into the sunset. Contrast levels are nicely balanced. Blacks are generally solid. Some film grain and digital grain make certain scenes break apart when viewed on a larger format. The audio is 5.1 stereo and provides a very strong and visceral listening experience. There are no extras on this disc except for the film's theatrical trailer.
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on May 27, 2004
O.K. I'll admit it, while I'm usually not much for the sappy romantic films, James Cameron's Oscar winning epic Titanic is a very good movie. And I did see it more than once on the big screen.
An undersea expedition, led by explorer Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton), is searching for a valuable diamond aboard the wreckage of the Titanic. The team, instead finds a drawing of seventeen-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater, (Kate Winslet) who is on the way to her wedding to wealthy tycoon, Cal Hockley (Billy Zane). Now an old woman (Gloria Stuart) Rose tells her story of the fateful voyage to the team. While the ship races to meet its fate with an iceberg, Rose falls in love with Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) a free-spirited artist and third-class passenger who ignites a passion inside her.
The film itself is a technical marvel. Cameron and his crew recreated the ship and her history with such skill and percision that it's easy to go along for the ride. I liked the way the fictional story of Jack and Rose was interlaced with actual historical figures and facts. For example "The Unsinkable" Molly Brown (Kathy Bates), Captain Edward J. Smith (Bernard Hill), and shipbuilders J. Bruce Ismay (Jonathan Hyde) & Thomas Andrews (Victor Garber), all have a place within the love story. Speaking of which, for me, it's Stuart that sells the romance. Acting as "narrator", she makes it possible to care about these characters more than you would have otherwise. The chemistry between DiCaprio and Winslet is very apparent and Zane is pitch perfect as Cal. The sinking sequence is really something and no disaster film since has matched its scope.
As it stands right now, the DVD doesn't have any bonus material on it, save for the theatrical trailer. Enough time has passed that another edition is warranted. That said, the bare bones DVD is recomended. For some additiional perspective on the history of the disaster, I also suggest, James Cameron's documentary Ghosts Of The Abyss.
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on June 13, 2004
Seriously,i think this is one of the most perfect movie i've ever watched."Perfect",in a way that the story plts fit in,characters were brought to life...and with a stellar cast.
I'm pretty sure that almost everybody'd have probably know the story of Titanic...and the wonderful news of how it was nominated for some 11 Oscars.A wonderful movie...the DVD,however,was not really up to mark.Yes,there is the theatrical trailers...but i yearned for the behind-the-scenes features.
Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed himself really well in his role as Jack Dawson,an aspiring artist who falls for the rich and astoundingly beautiful Rose DeWitt Bukater,played by Kate Winslet.Two young stars,with Leo already featured in Romeo+Juliet,The Man in the Iron Mask...and the already nominated Kate for her role as the young Marianne in Sense and Sensibility,this is a wonderful and the mother of all Titanic films.The story goes on as Rose falls for the gregarious Jack,who also shared her appreciation for art...but has to falls from the preying hands of her fiance (Billy Zane)as well as her mother.A provoking tale was the poignant scene where viewers will be able to identify with when Jack freeze to death,as well as the unforgettable line from the movie "You jump,I jump".
Titanic,with a stellar cast,wonderful background and the nice yet melancholy movie...from the director of true lies and the terminator,truly deserves to be one of the greatest movie of all times.
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on August 26, 1998
Now don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed the movie, but I also like McDonald's. Who would rate Mickey D's as a four star restaurant? It's made more money than Titanic and more people from all over the world have been there. Just because something costs a lot, makes a lot of money and everyone likes it doesn't mean it's the greatest movie evermade.
Titanic was good. I didn't want my money back, but it had several problems--besides the absence of realistic characters, lack of plot, ludicrous dialogue and uninspired direction. (Beyond FX. I will give the devil his due. James Cameron can work the hell out of the blue background.)
The biggest problem was with the character Rose. Kate Winslet was BORING. Gloria Stuart was BORING and UNNECESSARY. I kept wanting to slap both Roses and I was really teed off that Jack died to keep that little twit alive. She was such a self involved idiot. I know her mother was a terrible, cold woman, but don't you think it was a little heartless to let the woman think that her only daughter was dead?! And don't give me that "well she would have pressured Rose in to marrying butthead." So what? Rose had undergone this miraculous metamorphis. Jack's love had made her so stong, she could now follow all the dreams that she didn't have the courage to before. His sacrifice had convinced her to live...She would not let that sacrifice be in vain. So why couldn't she simply stand up to the woman and say, "Mother, I'm going to live." Rose didn't tranform. She simply figured out a new way to avoid being a REAL WOMAN. END
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on December 6, 2003
I thought that Titanic was a meaningful, touching, and powerful story about two young lovers who find each other on the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic. Though very predictable, the script, actors, and made this film rise above it's cliched story and certain ending. The part that touched me the most, was how Jack saved Rose "in every way that someone can be saved", as it says in the movie. He convinces her to not commit suicide when she thought that she'd never break free from her rich and meaningless society. He makes that journey the best three days of her life, and gives her a reason to go on living once he dies in the icey waters; to keep his memory alive. In the end, when she dies as an old lady, warm in her bed, it shows pictures sitting on the table by her bed. They are pictures of Rose going on to live the dream that she and Jack hoped to live together once the ship docked. Then you follow her spirit once she passes. It goes back to the Titanic, where Jack is waiting for her at the top of the grand staircase. It just makes tears spring to your eyes, no matter how hard you try to keep them away.
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