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World in Conflict

Platform : Windows Vista, Windows XP
Rated: Teen
3.0 out of 5 stars 2 customer reviews

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2 used from CDN$ 20.00

Game Information

  • Platform:   Windows Vista / XP
  • ESRB Rating: Teen Teen
  • Media: Video Game
  • Item Quantity: 1

Product Details

  • ASIN: B000Q8XK30
  • Item Weight: 141 g
  • Release Date: Sept. 18 2007
  • Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars 2 customer reviews
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #21,530 in Computer and Video Games (See Top 100 in Computer and Video Games)
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Product Description

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On November 9th, 1989 the Cold War was supposed to end…it didn’t.

World in Conflict is the action strategy game where players defend their country, their hometown, and their families in the face of Soviet-led World War III, delivering an epic struggle of courage and retribution. You are a field commander leading the era's most powerful military machines in the heroic effort to turn back the invasion…one city and suburb at a time. This war isn’t on television. It’s on our soil and in our backyards.

Prepare yourself for the most intense strategy game ever created.


  • War is Coming Home
    - Fight in towns, suburbs, and cities based on real-life locations in America, Western Europe, and the USSR.
    - Experience a chillingly plausible single player campaign crafted by Red Storm Rising co-author and Tom Clancy collaborator Larry Bond.
  • Unmatched Visual Payoff
    - The battlefield explodes in a fury of cinematic action with World in Conflict’s ground breaking graphics technology that supports DirectX 10 and DirectX 9.
    - Permanently destroy the environment – beautiful, yet deadly artillery, air, and nuclear strikes lay waste to the landscape.
    - View the conflict from every angle with amazing 360° camera control that can effortlessly get right down in the midst of combat or view the entire battlefield.
  • The Most Intense Strategy Game Ever Created
    - Choose the units you want right away and join the fight in seconds – its all about explosive action.
    - Employ breathtaking super weapons like ground-shaking artillery barrages, napalm strikes, and awesome tactical nukes.
  • Fast Paced Teamplay
    - Battle online with up to 16 players. Coordinate your attacks with VOIP support.
    - You’ll master four different player roles; Air, Armor, Infantry and Support, in the ultimate online teamplay experience.
    - Drop in multiplayer allows you to join on-going games and immediately help your team take control of the map.

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Top Customer Reviews

World in Conflict is a game that has a great concept. In light of the other reviewer for this game, they did make a movie - it was called "Red Dawn". This game was very frustrating and lacked a decent control interface. Some times actions on your stage, to free a hostage, would result in their death as the computer characters, on your team, would blow up the building the hostage was in. The game only gets harder from there. The basic premise is that you only get a few units while constantly purchasing new ones - some levels give you so little resources that you wonder if the game is fun or just something to endure. My case and point is made with the last level in which you have a division that is greatly outnumbered and outmatched by your foes.

I would not recommend this game but perhaps the story is intriguing enough for a first-person shooter.
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Hello, my name is not K. Galan my name is M. Galan. This game just blow my mind because it so intense, Hollywood should make a movie out of this game.
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews on Amazon.com (beta)

Amazon.com: HASH(0xa0241e88) out of 5 stars 88 reviews
92 of 101 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9c42ce70) out of 5 stars Good Single Player...Amazing Multi-player Sept. 23 2007
By Acoma - Published on Amazon.com
I played this on a dual-core 2.13ghz pentium, 2gb ram with a Nvidia 8600 GTS on Vista 32-bit.

First, the Single-Player campaign...

The biggest selling point for me was not having to build 30 straw huts in order to build the Omega Man Destroyer units which dominate everything else on the battlefield. The Single Player campaign is setup in a series of scenarios linked to a story driven Campaign where the actors did a phenomenal job and the animated characters move very life-like. Alec Baldwin narrates a general telling of events that happen where you will use your units to achieve a variety of objectives.

Your units are broken into four main categories: Armor, Infantry, Support and Air. Just like any other tactical war game you need a combined arms approach, so you can look at each category as four legs on a table, if you don't have one of those you are going to fall. Now...above and beyond your units that occupy territory and duke it out with the opposing soviet forces you also have tactical aids which give you the "yippie!" factor. It allows you to call in Air Strikes, Artillery Barrages and a wide variety of support elements to aid you in battle.

Each scenario is very different from all the others with the mission objectives having a big enough variety not to get too tedious. Also, your objectives change around a lot to reflect the chaotic nature of the battlefield. For example, if you are told to hold a bridge and you get all your units setup the way you want to the rough-and-tough commanding officer of yours will inform you an artillery barrage is incoming, and if you don't listen to him (which I did at first!) then blammo you just lost all your units, so in that respect the battlefield is very dynamic.

I would equate the gameplay to a modern total war type of battlefield where you do have some room to manuever and it doesn't feel claustrophobic like in Star Wars: Empire at War. Beyond that as you might have seen in the trailers, the graphics and sound are great..yada yada.

The Single Player was fun to play through giving you about 10-15ish hours of gameplay but, the real gem is in the Multi-Player;

Okay, right off the bat let me just mention I'm not a huge Multi-player fan. I believe the only thing multi-player I ever got into was Call of Duty 2. That being said I really enjoyed the Multi-Player because you don't have to be twitchy or even a stellar connection to play. It's much like the Single Player campaign except you choose your role to play (Armor, Infantry, Support or Air) and work in tandem with your 7 other teammates to fight 8 other folks. More than any other Multi-player you depend on your team quite a bit as you are only one leg of the table. Even as fun as fast as it is to have helos if you run into mobile anti-air units...you are toast. I found myself sticking with other players and working out unspoken tactics like leading helos into anti-air traps...very fun. Of course, your tactical aids are there so your big kill players have some neat toys including tactical nukes which...wow, they are fun. However, you can't hug your children with nuclear arms *tips hat to Family Guy*.

Without getting too much more verbose, let me just say it was a decent single-player campaign and at 50 bucks that's not much of a value, but throw in the multi-player and I think it is justified. Bottomline, don't just buy it for the Single-Player, if you have no desire to play multi-player then I'd wait to pick it up for cheaper.

- Great graphics
- Very good tutorial (never even looked at the manual)
- Simplified controls
- Voice acting and Sound
- Fun gameplay!
- No bugs encountered
- Literally, thousands of people to play online with.

- Might be too pricy for someone just looking for a Single-Player game
- Loving multi-player, but wish single-player campaign was longer.
38 of 45 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0xa022b210) out of 5 stars Non-Gamer Review: This is the Ultimate Treat for Tom Clancy/Larry Bond Fans Oct. 5 2007
By S. Wilson - Published on Amazon.com
This title appealed to me because I am fan of Tom Clancy novels, particularly "Red Storm Rising." While not a big gamer, I have enjoyed the classic RTS games like "Age of Empires" and "Starcraft." Two of my favorite games as a kid were M1 Tank Platoon and Red Storm Rising. Nothing in any of these games could have prepared me for World in Conflict. Being able to fly the camera all over the virtual battlefield engaging in fast-paced, exciting skirmishes, with spectacular explosions, beautifully rendered landscapes, and a compelling single-player campaign is a treat.

Any modern military history buff will greatly appreciate the accuracy of the unit functions and graphical details (for example, even the cargo planes drop flares as the fly low to release reinforcements, just as they would in war-time). This game would be the perfect gift for any non-gamer fan of Tom Clancy/Larry Bond novels.

There are a few drawbacks:
- Heavy system requirements: I have a 3 month old XP desktop (DirectX 9) and could only play on "medium" graphic level. Still looked spectacular, though.
- The game is so much fun that the single-player Campaign feels too short. I was hoping for many more missions or to play as the Soviets. Here's hoping for a large Campaign expansion pack.
- It's difficult to find/start the single player skirmish mode (had to go online to figure out how)
- I would prefer if unit attributes were not the same for all three factions and more reality-based (for example, Abrams tanks should be much faster than Pattons or T-62s)

Still, this game is fantastic and deserves a far higher Amazon rating than the current 3-star average. WiC is easily the most fun I've had playing a computer game since the original Starcraft.
14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9c26690c) out of 5 stars RTS for the FPS generation Oct. 6 2007
By speedgraphic - Published on Amazon.com
Ever played Command and Conquer or Company of Heroes and wished that you didn't have the elaborate tech trees to flesh out? Ever wished that you could just go and in kick some [...]? World in Conflict is for you.

True, a level of cerebal strategy is sacrificed. You can flank enemies, separate their forces with different units, and the like, but the strategy as a whole is more limited than in other RTS games. However, this applies mainly to the single player game (which offers fantastic cutscenes, voice work, and general ambience). Multiplayer games offer a greater chance to work your frontal lobes.

WIC could also be known as Company of Heroes Express. It's a great game that really appeals to those of us who want to start playing right away, and it might be somewhat disappointing to those who want their RTS games to be like a protracted game of Risk.
11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
HASH(0x9c73d624) out of 5 stars Try the free demo first Sept. 28 2007
By JG3 - Published on Amazon.com
Try the demo and see if you like the game.

After reading all the reviews, i have to agree with what was said. Whether or not you like this game is going to depend on what you like to do. Some people like base building and some just want the action. I will, however, disagree with the guy who said there was little opportunity for strategy. If all you are doing is moving your tanks onto the command circles and letting them fight then you are missing the point and obviously your difficulty setting is too low. You can set up infantry in building which have to be leveled before the enemy can get through. You can call in airstrikes on targets which is great fun and can get you out of a pinch. There is a lot of stuff to do in the game to keep things interesting. Mainly its just a fun game with wonderful explosions and a wide variety of weapons at your disposal and plenty of troops to use them on. Try the demo and get a taste for the game. It's free.
20 of 26 people found the following review helpful
By foobar - Published on Amazon.com
I've been playing for about 4 hours at this point and so far it's great. This game very much reminds me of Ground Control II (not surprising since Massive did that game as well), except the graphics, gameplay, and cinematic feel is much more polished and up to date. I haven't experienced any problems with installation/running on Vista and performance is fine on my machine (quad core/Nvidia 8800 GTX).

The Good:
The gameplay is frenetic and fun to watch. Battles are full of fancy pants explosion graphics and tend to turn the surrounding environment to ruins. Calling in jet aircraft to perform a variety of tasks is fun and cool to watch. Radio chatter, weather effects (the weather seems to get more brooding as a battle progresses), and stuff happening way off in the distance really helps to suspend disbelief. Resource acquisition takes the form of getting points to spend on fresh units by gaining ground, completing objectives, and eliminating enemy troops (again, similar to GCII). Lastly, fighting a war with the rooskies in Seattle (where I live) is just plain cool.

The Bad:
As is typical with most RTS games, the AI has annoyed me a few times. For example: armored units are the least sensitive to damage in the front - is it that hard for and tank driver to turn his unit toward incoming fire without orders (or at least toward his current target)? A wee bit more autonomy in my units would be nice.

Overall, if you liked GCII, you'll absolutely love this game.

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