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on April 26, 2003
Wired for Good is a wonderful resource that is long overdue and a very welcome addition to the nonprofit community. Too many nonprofits focus on operational technology planning - what computer to buy and what software to put on it. Those nonprofits who take the next step and plan strategically for technology are the ones who reap the organizational benefits technology can bring, while the others only tread water.
This book is not just an overview of planning, but gets into the nuts and bolts of the process. Using real life experiences and examples it provides applicable techniques and tips, not just theories. There are many examples of how nonprofits have executed the various parts of the planning process and the results of their actions. Too often guides like these go deep into theories without any practical advice or real-life examples, but not here. The examples here draw on the experience of a wide range of technical and non-technical nonprofit staff, making it widely understandable and accessible.
Using this guide, organizations can make solid, lasting improvements to the way they conduct their business, allowing them to make better use of their resources and provide better products and services.
I hope everyone who wishes to improve their organization will make use of Wired for Good to improve their organizations, and thereby our world as a whole.
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on June 12, 2003
This is a superb guide to technology planning that will be a valuable addition to any nonprofit's management toolkit. I work in the nonprofit technology field (full disclosure--I know Joni personally), and I'm recommending this to everyone I know. I'm even buying copies for friends who work at other nonprofits. Based on Joni's experience leading dozens of nonprofits through the Silicon Valley program of the same name, "Wired for Good" covers every topic a nonprofit should consider in the course of developing a technology plan, and it's filled with real-world examples and worksheets readers can use themselves. It's written in an engaging, conversational style that won't intimidate non-techies, but it also tackles complex topics in a way that experienced users will find rewarding. Despite the rapid pace of technological change, the book's insightful and comprehensive approach to tech planning guarantees it a long shelf life.
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on September 22, 2003
This book has helped me tremendously in my strategy on how to create a solid technology plan. Joni confirms the idea that technology is more than just a tool, it is a way to acheive your mission as a nonprofit. Technology is a necessary part of life now and instead of just buying it and making it work, you should first sit back and think it through. This book will help you do that.
The book is easy to read and gives straight forward advice on how to create and complete a technology plan for a nonprofit. I would highly recommend it for any nonprofit, whether or not you are buying technology soon, this book can help
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